Friday, November 28

Whoa, I think I can safely say that today is one of my better day. I am so easily satisfied.

Was up at 5am online because my sister finally finished using it for her page. Spent 5 mins there resisting falling back into dreamland. Quickly found something that interest me, and spent the better part of my morning downloading Prince of Tennis. Yes! I got all the 97 episodes that the net has to offer down. Now all I have to do is to wait for them to keep uploading more.

Write most of them onto disc. There is now space for more! Mhahaha! Then, watched all of them with my sister. Ate Long John Silver Combo 3. Came back into my sister's room to use the net again. I'm now downloading episode 109. The site state that it is raw, whatever that means. Could be that it is not subbed. I just want to see what it is like. Read a couple of spoilers saying Hyotei appears again! Hyotei! Hyotei! Hyotei! Atobe! Atobe! Atobe! Hahaha, I have finally gone mad.

I guessed I finally gave in to my exhaustion. Have a distinct impression my mum came in declaring that I am the best, falling asleep with the laptop on with music on and all. Of course I am the best! I think even my dad came in after he reached home, telling me to take my head off the keys and shutting it down. However, it is really nice, music playing in your ears. I definitely recommend it. It's very nice, you would have interesting dreams. Influenced by the different tunes and melodies.

Will spend the rest of my night lazing away. Still considering if I should go for that thing Angela told me about. Well, let's see if my sister wanted to go. Have to remember to ask my sister to help me reinstall Kazaa again. Screwed it up, tried downloading it again. However I have no idea how to change the folder in which all my downloaded stuff would go into. The sooner all that is fixed, the sooner I can go get all those opening themes and all. Hpmh, should I start watching getBackers now? Or should I watch Prince of Tennis again. Decisions, decisions.

Seriously, my life should be like this always. Surf net at ungodly hours of the morning. Eat. Sleep. Wake up. Surf net again. Bliss. Pure Bliss.

Name: Sandy Tan
Time started: 5:46am
Birthdate: 20/08/86
Home town: Singapore (Jurong)
Siblings: 2
PEts: -

> ~~~~~Your Looks~~~~~
> Hair Colour: copper brown
> Eye Colour: dark brown
> Do you wear contacts or glasses?: glasses
> Do you have any piercings: 8 (ears)
> Do you have any tattoos: none
> Do you wear any rings: 3
> What shoes do you wear: slippers, sandals, sneakers

> How are you today: happy, got my anime fix.

> What does your hair look like at the moment: not pull entirely the hair-tie

with some hanging out

> What song are you listening to right now: Shut Up by Black Eyed Pea

> What was the last thing you ate: Chocolate

> How is the weather right now: How heck do I know?! I don't go wondering

outside at ungodly hours of the morning

> The last person you talked to on the phone: Person manning the Mac's

Delivery Hotline

> ~~~~~More About You~~~~~
> What are the last four digits of your phone?: 3140

> If you were a crayon what color would you be?: black

> Have you ever almost died: don't think so

> Best advice anyone's given to you: wake up, it's important

> What sport do you hate the most: running

> How many phones do you have in your house: 2 in use, at least 3 lying

around spoilt

> Do you have your own phone line: handphone line counts??

> Place for a dream house: anywhere that experience winter

> Have you ever sprained/broken/fracured a bone: don't think so

> Who would you tell your dreams to: my mum

> Who is the loudest friend: all equally bad, me too

> Who is the quietest friend: HuiPing??

> ~~~~~You and Love~~~~~
> Do you believe in love: why not

> Do you believe in love at first sight: think so

> Do you have a girlfriend/boyfriend: nope

> What song do you want played at ur funeral: My Last Breath by Evanescence

> Do you like snow, sun, rain: snow...if I get to experience it at least

once...but rain will do fine

> Summer or winter: winter

> Mud or Jello Wrestling: Mud, I think

> Skiing or boardin: neither
> Day or night: night
> Cake or pie: cake
> Diamond or pearl: diamonds
> Sunset or sunrise: sunset

> ~~~~~~Have You Ever~~~~~
> Loved someone so much it made you cry: nope
> Smoked: Nope
> broke the law: Yup
> Time finished: 5:59am

~~~~~~~~The End~~~~~~~~~~
I am not: what you would expect

I love: the unusual

I hate: fear

I fear: insects

I hope: all things would go the way I wish it to

I hear: myself, music

I crave: food, anime

I regret: something but regretting is a regret itself

I cry: alone

I care: but I don't show it

I always: sleep

I believe: in eccentricity

I feel alone: most of the time

I hide: things

I drive: -

I sing: to annoy

I dance: in front of the mirror

I write: for myself

I play: a recorder badly

I miss: my naivete

I search: fanstuffs

I learn: that life is a bitch

I feel: sleepy

I know: how to irritate

I say: everything that means nothing

I succeed: at doing nothing

I dream: of the other world

I wonder: why am I alive

I want: to sleep my life through

I have: nothing you want

I give: only when I feel like

I fight: only when I lose verbally

I need: to get a life

Wednesday, November 26

Yea! My first vacation job of this holiday have ended. I was so bloody sick of their filing system. Lucky me have to deal with it for the last couple of days there for the better part of my day. It's an credit firm...dealing with accounts of other companies. So therefore, most would think that they treat the financial statements that they got with the utter most care. Like hell they do. blah blah... would have continue to rant about it except I would rather not think about it.

Another thing is, last day of work in a total of seven day, I experience the most problems today. First, they made me sit there for 20 minutes before having something for me to do. Then, the printer the PC I'm using jammed. Ok, I can deal with that, I came across jammed printers before. 10 minutes later, it cannot connect to the server. Bloody piece of shit. Sat there stoning for 5 minutes before a guy came from the IT department came to deal with it and rescue this damsel in distress. Who, by the way, was swearing all the way to herself. Ok, that was dealt with.

Ten minutes later, I was asked to tackle the stupid filing system again. Fine, did it, how else can I get my salary otherwise? Sat down then the supervisor asked me to retrieve financial from the same shitty files again!! Argh!! Okay, did that. Went back to work with the PC... The server is down this time. I was really thinking of strangling to death with my hair then. That is one good thing to do with it.

Would seems like that was the only thing my hair would be good for. My idiotic sister (the elder one who is 19! by the way) came in and disturb me with it. I had it in a ponytail. She came in, started swinging and tugging it from left to right while singing some kind of thing she made up. Why is it that the only time when she seems to have any musical talent is when she is disturbing me? How... ...pleasant. I might really cut my hair short again. Back to the length during my secondary 1 year. Boyish, ugly too or so people tell me but heck, no one will be using my hair as a pendulum.

Monday, November 24

Haha! This is backdated. I saw my primary school Chinese teacher today at Lakeside MRT station. I don't think she recognized me because I was standing right in front of her. She didn't even glanced my way. Oh well, that's good in a way meaning that my Chinese was not that atrocious that I made that strong an impression on here. She looks about the same. Like before she had her pregnancy during my primary 6 year. Got her hair cut so... erm... seems younger than I believe she really is. I think she should be about 30 or 35 now. Not really sure though but she just does not look like a mother of...erm...a 5 years old child. Whatever.

Monday, November 17

You excel at Quidditch. You're either a jock or
just love the game, but then again who
wouldn't. You're a natural on the broom and
there may be prospects of you making it to the
big leagues.

Which Class at Hogwarts Would You Excel at?
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St. Rudolph
Okay so I'm guessing your self image is a little
bit bigger than your actual skill, but that's
okay your school has a nice gym! Also you'll
have to surive the constant dane of good luck!

Which Prince of Tennis team do you belong on?
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Started my first day of work today. Went pretty well, did not do much. Filing, matching of invoices and Excel use. That's why I like Admin. People thinks you don't know anything, explain all to you, do regular checks on you so that you don't fuck up. That's cool. Of course you can read it as them thinking you are not mature and responsible or even possess enough sense to understand what's going on but Hey! It's good. Not too much responsibility. Of course when it's a permanent job then oh boy... ... QUIT!

I must say their filing system sucks. HELLO?! Ever heard of a ring file? The papers are stuffed into one file holder for god's sake! It's the financial statements! I do believe they are important, otherwise why are you guys keeping them?! How many paper cuts I got from it?!

Other than that, I think it's a pretty good assignment for 2 weeks. Then, we will see if I can get any more short period jobs. I need money!! Anime! ANime! ANIme! ANIMe! ANIME! ANIME!

Thursday, November 13

Afflicted heart
Underlined with bitter sweet memories
Shattered under the broken glass
Of yesterday's reminiscences

Winter again
Darted with the falling snowflakes
Melted in the temperate hands
Of those summer dreams

Elapsed memoirs
Hidden between the passing of time
Found again behind the veil
Of the forgotten melody

I sat by my window
Watching the strangers pass by
In the road of life

As the descending snowflakes
Charted my view to
The rest of the world

And for once I, at last, wondered When
You will finally notice...


-Icya, Strawberry Kisses
Went for the bash organized by LSCT today. It sucks big time. There is only about 50 people there. The so-called "professional" deejay is not that fabulous at all. The songs are not in continuation, of sub-standard quality. The mood is not hyped up at all. I so regretted going for it, and having to pay $6 for it as well.

Ending up fooling around. Turning rounds, sleeping all over the floor. I was so bored that I pestered the rest of a game of PEPSI-COLA 1-2-3. They got irritated after a while and finally agreed. Haha! I got my way after all. JY is the winner though. Walked around, before going back in to sit around in chairs. I even fell asleep for a period of time. That was pretty cool, sleeping on chairs. Feeling the beat of the music vibrating up your body.

After a toilet's break, we went out of the Convention Hall as I complained of the chill. Talked for a while before deciding to leave. Couldn't stand it after all. Left for KAP, had a nuggets meal. Tried the Tata sauce Angela had, it's damn sour. I suspect that it's spoilt but Angela said it was just the pickles in them. I still don't think so as I ate before. It was not that sour the first time I tried it. I got the alphabet bear along with the meal.

Now, deciding how to sew a hoop on it to hang on my bag. Plan to search for my other keychain of a bear's head that scream " I love you" to hang too. Even if I don't hang it on later, I still want to know its location. It was my dad's birthday present to me during primary 4 after all. Not to mention it's damn cute.

Tuesday, November 11

I had my flag day today. It is in aid of Assisi Home and Hospice. I really did not feel like doing it in the beginning. I was at Atrium, hoping to get some breakfast and trying to convince JY to ditch the program in favor of something else. Drank the chilled Milo from Four Leaves. Bad idea, vomited as it did not sit well on a empty stomach. Yuck, the taste of soured Milo. Yuck.

I was complaining to JY all the way. Those Student Unions people are so smart. Sat there giving out cans, registering the fools like us. In an air-conditioned room. Then, we went over to SMSS to visit Angela. She is working there at the bookshop. The security made us report to the office to take a visitor's pass. Sian, the girls are still having their papers, the teachers are having a seminar. Thus, we did not get to visit much. Think I would go back to visit again another time when the papers are over. So there would no be any big uproar over us walking around in school.

Then, we made our way over to Bugis MRT station. I don't think I have ever smiled for a long continuous period like today even if it's only 1 hour plus. JY even commented that it was pretty weird seeing me smile like that. I mean after all I cannot expect anyone would want to donate to someone who had a solemn face all the time. Ouch, when we stopped, my jaws are arching away. Never smile too much. Bad idea.

It was pretty quick, it was at least two times faster than when it took to fill up my Red Cross can and this other one with a red bag. The weather was damn humid. JY and I cannot bear to brush up against each other, it was that sticky. Now, I am tired as a dog. Still wondering if I should continue with my anime or read the book I just got today. Perhaps, I should go to sleep after all. Oh yea, after dinner, I still haven't eaten yet.

Monday, November 10

Yesterday around this timing, I was at Angela's house having "girls' talk". Angela and YX were the ones talking, I mainly listened. While JY resisted falling asleep. I think she succeeded for ... half an hour.

All these happened because it was Angela's house-warming party. She invited all 5 of the usual gang and PeiTing. The rest had one thing or another going on, so only YX, JY and me showed up. The plan was to eat, play then sleep. However, we added two games of bowling in. The 4 girls presented played as 3 against the other 3 guys. Not too bad, I must say. In both games, we were never the last. Second last but hey! not last.

I would like to think I didn't drag the scores of the girls down. My play was fluctuating like hell. I could clear quite a few in a few plays yet none in others. YX did the best among the girls. She cleared all 10 pins in 4 plays. They said that was a strike but I was under the impression that a strike is only when you clear all in one go. Oh well. Angela was second. I think she cleared a few times too. 2 or 3, not too sure. Me- once. Pretty surprised myself. Too bad JY didn't cleared any. Oh well, but if we were talking about the score, I would be the worst. All in all, it was very fun.

Then, we returned to play Monopoly. YX was the richest yet she lost. As we set a rule towards the end that whoever step into her, I think it was Park Mall or something, would loss thus ending the game. She built a hotel there but Angela don't have any hotel bits so that space was overpopulated with 5 houses. Slums, did you say? Haha. I was trying to get Shihan to sell me his train station throughout the game. He refused, and we ended up owning 2 stations each. Was also trying to get Angela to sell me one Vine street too but... oh well.

I was very annoying throughout the game. When people was in jail and anyone landed in their land, I would go "Hey, she's in your land! Collect your rent!! Opps! I forget, you are in jail." or " Hey! I'm in your land. Here's your $25. are in jail right? Then I don't need to pay." I would try to not pay my rent by keeping quiet when I know it's someone's land. Sneaky can you say? Get away with the a couple of times. The players were half asleep. Losing interest here and there. I reminded when I know it's other player in their land when that happens. Helpful, bless my heart. After all, rules of the game is to make people go bankrupt, is it not?

Had forgotten how much I enjoyed this game. Feel like buying this game and play it at home now. However I don't think anyone else would be that interested. Oh well.

Sunday, November 9

You're a Victorian-era corset. How refined.

What corset are you?
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Friday, November 7

Mhahaha! Finally finished this semester. Had my last paper today! Microeconomics, well I wouldn't score as well as I hoped for this paper seeing I didn't finish the last question. Lost more than 15 marks but should be able to pass. I hope. Not going to think about it, the day to think about it will come soon enough.

Watched Matrix Revolution today. It's a bloody riot. Two scenes struck in my mind the most. First, there is this commander and Morpheus in front of the councilors.

councilor: Commander, do you think we have any chance?
Commander: councilor, I don't think you should ask me that question.
councilor: Why is that so?
Commander: (Pointing towards Morpheus) Because I am not the one who believe in miracles.

That guy is damn cool! Hateful but cool, they are dying any minute and he still have to bitch at Morpheus. I know they are supposed to be rivals and all that...but...damn funny.

Then the second scene would be that blond young guy that Neo saved. He took this weird de-formed Gundam machine thing to open the Gate 3. All the way to the Gate, he was going "Weight in front, nothing to it" "You are light as a feather" All that prep-talk aside, hey! That guy have style man! Someone play him some music please!

Haha. That was an bloody good show. Well, maybe they could tone down a bit on the flying in the air thing, Smith and Neo. I am definitely going to buy Reloaded and this to complete my set!

Wednesday, November 5

Had my OB exam yesterday and my CIP exam this morning. May fail them, may not. My content is there. Shallow but it's there. Definition of Personality. Describe the technical process from when you enter the URL to when the page is displayed on your screen. Oh well, it's over and done with. No point thinking about it now. I'm already starting to loosen up. I have confidence in my economics. That is the only module that I paid attention to throughout the semester. The only module that I enjoyed.

Erm...Matrix Revolution. Everything that has a beginning has an end. I am going to watch it on Friday, celebrate the end of examinations. Right, like I need an excuse. Feel bloody tired now, yet I do not want to sleep. Slept for 3 hours today before waking up at 7am. Funny how I only feel this tired when I'm screwing my brains out over meanings stuff of CIP. Yet I can surf online till 5am and wake up at 8am. Fresh as a daisy.

Monday, November 3

Ohhh shit. I just took my BSTA paper today. We were supposed to do 4 questions, two compulsory and another 2 questions of our own choice. I was late entering the hall, spent more than 40 mins on the first question. Did only one sub-question of my last choice question. Which means I already have 20 marks thrown out of the window!

Oh hell. I am now trying very hard to convince myself that I will still pass. I already have about 30 marks or more pin down. Participation marks should give me another 5 at the very least. So which means I just need to score another 15 to pass, right? That means I only need to score 30 for my papers. Is that an impossible dream? God, I hope not.

I still need to study for OB later. And research for CIP. My life is so full of shit. Is it any wonder why I hate my life? Is it any wonder I dream of an alternate universe?

Think not.