Saturday, January 1

start of year two thousand eleven


Was going to find appropriate picture of hot guys for my first post, so I can pretend that it's properly themed. but....HOT GUYS=HOT GUYS. HOT guys are just relevant to my interest, there is no real need for me to think so much about it. hehe

Anyway, I was really sporadic in posting the past year, which likely is going the same for THIS year. two thousand eleven. So, might as well just have some eye candy up.


Not going to do a year-end review. Was pretty much complaining about work all the way. I really was an unhappy angry child. Hopefully, I will be able to stop being a angsty emo child soonish in this year...maybe around april-ish? Hehehe


One thing to look forward to - SUPER JUNIOR IN SINGAPORE. MY EYE-CANDIES~~~ They will be here in January. My year is just starting out just fine.

Second thing - Graduation! The shitty piece of paper that also causing me a bit grief. It will soon be over and done with.

Well, let's just hope everything goes fine. My evergreen resolution = lose some weight. T___T

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