Wednesday, September 26

random rubbish from my secondary school days

I found this piece of writing that I think was done in lower secondary. Never knew I was this passive aggressive. I think I must have written it to get some comments out of the teacher, or to get myself thrown out from enrichment. Posting it here for keepsake, since I am bound to lose the original piece of paper one of these days....


Great legs, flat stomach, big boobs and nice butt. This is obviously NOT the picture of me, I am a total lamer, and I rejoice in that. I don’t tell great jokes. I say the wrong things at the wrong time. I have no goals in my life, I eat weird food, dress funny. Basically a loser in every way. I do what the teachers want, even if I find it lame. I complain a lot, drink coke, hate myself.

To be a bimbo, great legs and all, I rather not. My writings make no sense. I write just because the teacher asks me to. I hate enrichment. Would do what I can to get out of it. Obviously, I did not succeed. Hate homework, try not to do them if I can. Hate school. Wasting my strength to write something that I don’t even understand. I’m going to repeat this line till the teacher asks me to stop. I want to go home, and sleep, eat, surf the net, read and just basically get out of school. Two minutes and decreasing. I seriously do not know why I’m doing this. Fine, I’m just going to stop here.


Tuesday, January 3

Just when I think I am of that age when I think things have become easier. When the most I need to worry over is my parents trying to match-make and marry me off.

The times when we joked that we will likely become a brunch of gossipy old ladies chatting the hours away. That we will push our families one side and still be talking about those things that has happened in 2000. Guess that thinking has passed, not for all of us, but for you. What has changed, I don't know and you don't want to share.

I do not know the emotions that one feel upon knowing that a boy that once loved you no longer does. I feel that this heartache should be stronger, knowing a friend no longer shares your wavelength or wants to.

I need to get over myself. This melodrama, the heartache,the tears...I am too old for them.

I wish you well.

Sunday, January 1

Onwards with 2012~

... I did a total of 2 entries last year. One in January and the other in February. Oh well, don't really have the urge anymore to document much of life anymore in writing.

I have finally changed job in July 2011, left the world's local bank after 5 long years. I've met many people there, got to know lots of people who have helped me a lot, a good part of them who I think I will stay keep in touch with. Still, glad that part is over. Starting over afresh, and trusting that I will be happier than before. Got a new job, just over my probation period in December 2011, so looking ahead with the new year!

One of my best friend got married. Hehehe, was very much involved in that wedding, from the initial selection of grown to till the celebratory breakfast buffet the morning after the BIG DAY. Was so happy that I play a part in that. ^_^

Also finally graduated in 2011, got all my transcripts and all. Hahaha, one burden off my back. No more last minute studying, no more procrastinating over project stuff, now I just need to worry about remaining employed and enjoying my off time. Hahaha

For 2012, I am going to keep things simple. Keeping up with my fangirling way, losing that few kilograms, and spending less money on cab fares!


Thursday, February 17

Lohei~ Wants more bonus~


Hahahah. First time the brunch of us went out to celebrate Lunar New Year, and Lo-Hei~ Hahahaha, then our usual of crapping till Sakae close. ^^


Saturday, January 1

start of year two thousand eleven


Was going to find appropriate picture of hot guys for my first post, so I can pretend that it's properly themed. but....HOT GUYS=HOT GUYS. HOT guys are just relevant to my interest, there is no real need for me to think so much about it. hehe

Anyway, I was really sporadic in posting the past year, which likely is going the same for THIS year. two thousand eleven. So, might as well just have some eye candy up.


Not going to do a year-end review. Was pretty much complaining about work all the way. I really was an unhappy angry child. Hopefully, I will be able to stop being a angsty emo child soonish in this year...maybe around april-ish? Hehehe


One thing to look forward to - SUPER JUNIOR IN SINGAPORE. MY EYE-CANDIES~~~ They will be here in January. My year is just starting out just fine.

Second thing - Graduation! The shitty piece of paper that also causing me a bit grief. It will soon be over and done with.

Well, let's just hope everything goes fine. My evergreen resolution = lose some weight. T___T

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Thursday, December 2

i am a high-maintenance sort of girl last post was back in june....hahaha, i might as well hold till 31 Dec where i do a usual year review post. hahaha but i missed posting and keeping track of crappy msn conversation:

sandy says (8:53 PM): oh...speaking for travelling
sandy says (8:53 PM): do u know my dad told me i shld not travel so much
Queenie Angie says (8:53 PM): oh..
sandy says (8:53 PM): must save is one thing...
Queenie Angie says (8:53 PM): y so
sandy says (8:54 PM): but i will also be giving guys the impression i am high maintenance
sandy says (8:53 PM): must bring me go travel
sandy says (8:53 PM): !!!
Queenie Angie says (8:53 PM): erm..
Queenie Angie says (8:53 PM): but..
Queenie Angie says (8:53 PM): it's really common now
sandy says (8:54 PM): lol
Queenie Angie says (8:53 PM): somemore the places we go to are nt as ATAS as our ex classmates
sandy says (8:55 PM): lol
sandy says (8:53 PM): i guess world experience means shit to guys
Queenie Angie says (8:53 PM): cute
Queenie Angie says (8:53 PM): hee
Queenie Angie says (8:53 PM): hmmmm
sandy says (8:55 PM): they still wants someone who handknits at home only
sandy says (8:53 PM): hahahahaha
Queenie Angie says (8:53 PM): no lar.. ur dad's not so accustomed to the trendy guys' thinking
Queenie Angie says (8:53 PM): hee
sandy says (8:55 PM): ya...but i dunno wanna say more to him...will just get lengthy lecture
Queenie Angie says (8:53 PM): hee
sandy says (8:56 PM): so shld i go bkk or hk with u guys
Queenie Angie says (8:53 PM): ROFL
sandy says (8:56 PM): i am destroying my own chances of getting it onz with guys
sandy says (8:57 PM): hmph...
Queenie Angie says (8:53 PM): hmmmmm
sandy says (8:57 PM): oh well, since i am the club chairman, guess i need to uphold our club rep..
sandy says (8:57 PM): I WILL GO
Queenie Angie says (8:53 PM): lol
sandy says (8:57 PM): sacrifice myself to go
Queenie Angie says (8:58 PM): wth
sandy says (8:57 PM): hahahahaha
Queenie Angie says (8:58 PM): nonsense
Queenie Angie says (8:58 PM): oh man

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Saturday, June 5

[Lyrics] Yesung - Neo Animyeon Andwae

Even today, I wander after my memory
And I'm staying around the end of this road
Even though I can't see you anymore, I'm holding you tightly
I'm losing my way again

I miss you
I want to embrace you again
I pray as I look to the sky

It has to be you
I can't do it without you
Like this, one day, one month or one more year
It's ok even if it hurts
It's ok even if my heart hurts
Because I love only you

I can't send you away a second time
I can't forget you and live on

It has to be you
I can't do it without you
Like this, one day, one month or one more year
It's ok even if it hurts
It's ok even if my heart hurts
Because I love only you

My injured heart is telling me to find you
Shouting, Where are you
Don't you hear my voice, To Me

Even if I live again
Even if I was reborn a thousand times
I can't live without you even for one day

I will protect this love
I will love this love
It's enough if I only love you