Sunday, January 1

Onwards with 2012~

... I did a total of 2 entries last year. One in January and the other in February. Oh well, don't really have the urge anymore to document much of life anymore in writing.

I have finally changed job in July 2011, left the world's local bank after 5 long years. I've met many people there, got to know lots of people who have helped me a lot, a good part of them who I think I will stay keep in touch with. Still, glad that part is over. Starting over afresh, and trusting that I will be happier than before. Got a new job, just over my probation period in December 2011, so looking ahead with the new year!

One of my best friend got married. Hehehe, was very much involved in that wedding, from the initial selection of grown to till the celebratory breakfast buffet the morning after the BIG DAY. Was so happy that I play a part in that. ^_^

Also finally graduated in 2011, got all my transcripts and all. Hahaha, one burden off my back. No more last minute studying, no more procrastinating over project stuff, now I just need to worry about remaining employed and enjoying my off time. Hahaha

For 2012, I am going to keep things simple. Keeping up with my fangirling way, losing that few kilograms, and spending less money on cab fares!



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