Tuesday, January 3

Just when I think I am of that age when I think things have become easier. When the most I need to worry over is my parents trying to match-make and marry me off.

The times when we joked that we will likely become a brunch of gossipy old ladies chatting the hours away. That we will push our families one side and still be talking about those things that has happened in 2000. Guess that thinking has passed, not for all of us, but for you. What has changed, I don't know and you don't want to share.

I do not know the emotions that one feel upon knowing that a boy that once loved you no longer does. I feel that this heartache should be stronger, knowing a friend no longer shares your wavelength or wants to.

I need to get over myself. This melodrama, the heartache,the tears...I am too old for them.

I wish you well.


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