Wednesday, June 30

Thanks you so very much. Freaking blackout. The entire neighborhood.

Found it funny in the first few seconds. Talking with my sister, asking if she wanted to cosplay for Cosfest. Then, freaking realize that mean I have no internet connection too. %*#@?!

Was bloody hot. My sister was apparently very happy putting up candles all over the place. My father farting, like he usually do. BUT we have no fan this time! Next time, you want a blackout, can you please do it when I don't need the internet and it's rainy. So, then it'll be fun instead of irritating. %*#@!

Now, I need to requeued two of my download in mIRC. Don't dare to on my bittorent at the same time because the connection is acting up. Likely my sister is going off the switch soon as she's going to sleep.

Then, I'll have to crawl up at 4.30am or 5am to switch everything back on. Thanks a lot. Freaking blackout.

Monday, June 28

Went back to school today. Had a lecture, and went to watch a movie in Westmall. 4 hours break, would be too boring to stay in school. Watched Windstruck (Ye Man Shi Jie), was pretty good. Funny and sad all at the same time. The group are now wondering if this could be counted as an prelude to My Sassy Girl.

Found Blk 45. Actually, the others found it, I just walked with them. Lucky for me, that's not the first class for me on Monday, if not...I would not be in the lecture hall next week. Was pretty bored the entire day. Hope the rest of the week would not be like that.

Note: Angela, I called out to you today in school. Think you didn't hear me or I was too far away. Then, saw Pamela. Actually, she saw me. Blind, I must be.

Sunday, June 27

I watched Round the World in 80 Days today with my entire family. Don't think that have ever happened before. The show itself was quite funny, Mr Fogg kept saying the strangest things. Specially when in danger. And his dreams are of an woman, a married woman apparently, when he wear female clothing. LOL

Then, we went to Queenstown for dinner. Was planning on eating Chicken Rice, but they sold out. We can actually go somewhere else for dinner, but we have bought the drinks. The auntie kept going on and on about self brewed barley. In the end, we had Claypot Chicken.

Which sucked. Keep smelling the burnt coal smell off the pot. The dish itself, I found it quite oily. Had less than a bowl of it, was hungry still but I really don't like it. In the end, I still vomited out whatever I ate. Think it was the oil. Normally, if I vomit after meals, it's because I ate too much.

So, I conclude it's the oil. I do not like claypot. Claypot of anything.

Saturday, June 26

Now, I have an weird FMA's chibi Edo and PMK's chibi Tetsu as my handphone's accessories. Total, they cost $23. That's not counting an cross I hang there too. I know it's expensive and it looks crowded. But they are so cute, I could not resist it.

My younger sister has the matching FMA's chibi Al on hers. We saw a keyboard that cost $20 in Popular, wondering if all keyboards are that cheap.

Owww, stomachache. After five days, I finished downloading the first half of Whistle!, my laptop was on forever during these days. I only switched off everything for an hour a day during the three days. Then, it was left on for all of 2 and half days. It's finished. I switched off just now, when I went out for three hours. Now, downloading the second half. I want to finish the download as soon as possible. I never know when they might stop seeding it, or even take down the link.

Again, owww stomachache. Want to sleep too, eyes are killing me. Yo Angela, after you planned everything, tell me ok?

Friday, June 25

I just check MeL. Freak it. I have no one I know in my PQS IS Class. For ROCK IS class, there are at least Ing Ann and Chin Fat in that class. Think I'm going to be one ASB in that class. Hope if there are putting us in groups, I would not end up in a group where everyone know each other and fail to inform me of whatever shit that will be happening.

Well, the bA orientation camp has ended. We used Jasmine's digicam to take a couple of shots. Yo Jasmine, your cam ran out of battery towards the end, so we did not manage to take a group photo. But PeiShan said she would be sending some to us.

It was fun during the Pageant's Q&A. Pirates of the Caribbean kept shouting out "World Peace" Even when the question was not revealed yet. The MCs told them to shut it, and that they would not be allowed to say World Peace. LOL They went from "World Peace!" to "We Are Peace/Pissed!". I could not tell the difference. Sounded the same to me. Then, it changed again to ...... "No Peace!"

LOL I forgot which group's Mr Male was it, he got the question "If you can have one wish, what would you wish for?" Everyone was shouting out World Peace. He did said that in the end, but he sounded so uncertain. LOL

All in all, it was fun. We won the third-prize group in the end. I really feel that the XMEN SC prize should not go to Terrone. Or however she spells her name. I feel there are more deserving people in XMEN. There are even people in our group, meaning SCs too, who don't know who she is. I only know of her as I'm supposed to be part of the same preparation group. NOTE: supposed to be. Ok, maybe she helped out lots for the preparation but she do not really interact with others. Except for Lesmine. There are others who help out too, are really hyper and friendly. Whatever, their choice.

I would not mind joining next year again. However, the group has to be fun. COMMUNICATION IS THE KEY. I sound like some stupid campy person with an low IQ that everyone hates. LOL Well, we'll see then.

Thursday, June 24

Well, at least you can say today was eventful.

Today, we had the Sports Day of the orientation. Basically, we run around the school playing tag games against other groups. Our group's number is actually quite pathetic, a ratio of 9:7, that's the number of year2s to freshies. Exact number...but I have to say that these 7 freshies are all pretty outgoing and cooperative. They worked together, chatted, and have bonded quite well. In fact, they probably have already interacted more than MY CLASS had for the past year.

Games we played, at least games that I remembered playing. Passing water in cups held in mouth. Joined in on this, and got water on the person-that-I-was-passing-to's face. Water got into my mouth and shirt. Was fun though.

People on two sides, they need to use the chairs shattered in the distance between the two ends to get to the other side. This is a very violent game. Damaging too, to the chairs. Was watching from the side. Scary.

There's a groundsheet, on the opposite side there's letters on it. You have to form a word with the letters given. But first, you have to flip it over with your people standing on it. Jasmine was on freshie's back for part of the duration. I have picture *coughsofbackmailcoughs*.

Then, the game of communication. People standing of an narrow plank. Would alternate the positions to what the game master want as a criteria. This game master, PeiShan - SC of XMEN, was evil. She would supposedly make the people on one end move to the other. Well, not to say I was not amused. I would not be, if I was playing. However, I did not, was fun.

The last one I remember, is a game of protecting the egg. You would try to save an egg by using straws and masking tape. The egg would be dropped from an height. If it don't crack, you score. Two different height. Ours BOUNCED during the first drop. It would have survived the second if it landed on the base. Well, too bad.

There's other games, just that I don't remember. When we got to the parade of the mascots, they wanted a relay match. Which got an freshie injured. SERIOUSLY INJURED, the paramedic were called in, placed an neck brace on, put on stretcher and carried off. Like woah, serious shit. It's not even clear to most of us how he was injured. The parade was called off. Unfortunate really, it would have been the most fun of the entire orientation. We would see the mascots tomorrow but it would be more fun today. Music blasting, and they would parade around...

We'll see how things goes tomorrow, as I did not attend my own Convention Day last year.

Wednesday, June 23

I left the orientation today early for nothing. It was cancelled due to poor attendance. Luckily, I MSN the organizer first wanting to know some details. Was thinking of going back to the camp, yet think it would be a waste of time.

One hour of traveling, and I would be there at the end for likely only an hour. So, stayed at home. Got my ears blast off as the XMEN ushers were standing just in front of the speakers. Am one for the ushers. Like oww....

Tuesday, June 22

Finally, I did something productive at the orientation group today. Was pasting up trash bags the better part of the day. Alina and I agreed that it was really a shame that Jasmine had to work. The only day when we were productive, and able to feel that "hectic orientation preparation" atmosphere, she could not make it. Then, messed around with spray paint. Made a good half of my palm and arm a glossy silver. Gave my watch a new look too.

Was crapping away with Alina. Playing with the trash bags. At the end, we were saying that when we see the multiple trash bags the rest were using, we feel the need to cut them up and stick them all over. Hope that the next three days would be fun, at least not being totally boring, as IT IS the actual orientation itself.

Monday, June 21

Today I went for the BA camp preparation. Was there at 10.45am, I saw the rest of the girls in my group painting these boxes silver. So I asked if I could help, they asked me to help the people inside. WTH. I do not know what they are doing inside, how can I help. I'm supposed to be in the painting group anyway. So, I just took my phone and went to hide at level 1. Was messaging Alina left and right. Was hiding at the open space next to the lecture hall of 73. People walked passed and stared.

So, went to wait at the bus-stop outside the school. Alina messaged me to tell me that she and Jasmine had gotten bored and sicked of the camp. Were thinking of quitting but as they thought I was pretty ra-ra about it. Felt bad about telling me. Do I seem ra-ra? I hardly think so. Just that since I know the NCO of the group, asking to quit would be awkward.

Was bored and sick of the camp just as they are. Wished they told me, then we three would not suffer through the entire holiday. Alina and I were talking about how we hardly enjoyed this holiday. The group do not communicate at all. There's no interaction to speak of. Most people joined this thing to socialize. Where is the socializing? I do not know. We were doing our own stuff all along. I think this have put my mind off on joining camps for a while.

Yo, Jasmine, next time if you guys want to quit, tell me. I might be of like mind, no matter how "ra-ra" or "enthu" I may seems. LOL, that's if we ever join this kind of things again.

Sunday, June 20

because you asked.

LOL. Does this counts??

Friday, June 18

Got my new phone. Five minutes after I got home, my dad came in to say that Angela called me. Well, he told Candy, my sister, Angela called her. Seeing how she don't have a friend called Angela, obviously was intended for me. Till this moment, I'm still wondering is there really a point in giving us such familiar names?

Well, Angela called to tell me her brother can help me get an second-hand E700A for about $400. Mint condition. Don't really know how I should react. Anyway, thanks dude. Having too much fun playing with the phone to feel much pain over it. Remember to help me ask about the cable ok? Thanks!

As I said, playing around with it. Took many shots of pictures from my laptop. Need to find some free sites for polyphonic ringtone downloads. Anime at that. I want my FF8 ringtone back. Still think that is the nicest ringtone.

Monday, June 14

Sometimes, the things my mother says plain irritates me.

I lost my phone today. Was on my way to meet Angela and YiXian when I lost it. Founded out at City Hall Station. Was in total panic. Have forgotten to switch train again, was looking for my phone to call Angela when I realize.

Was very lost, as I hurried out to look for a payphone. I think I was really on the verge of crying. Called my own number, the system kept telling me the user was unavailable. Didn't know her number, wanted to call someone else too for help. Anyone one, when I realized I really have no one's number memorized. Took a gamble and called home. Luckily, my younger sister was home. Asked her to search for any organizer of mine, see if Angela's number is on it. Thankfully it was.

Talked to Angela. Realized I'm still at City Hall when I told them I'm at Orchard 5 minutes later. Went in again to take train again. Tried calling my number again, there's dial tone now. Only no one is picking up. Tried using Angela's phone to call again. Still, no one picks up. Finally, my sister told me to call the Singtel Company to disconnect the line. Actually, she said just stop outgoing calls, so that the person would not abuse the use of the line. However, I was only allowed to terminate the line. I'll need to connect back with a new SIM card within four weeks, or I need to pay a penalty of $250. As the contact has not ended.

Anyway, the entire point is I was lost without my phone. Angela told me later I sounded really upset and bad-tempered when I called her. YiXian said I almost started crying or she thought I was going to cry anytime when I told them I lost my phone. My younger sister thought I was crying too when I called her for Angela's number. I was that upset.

However, my mother questioned me about the loss rather irritably. Harsh tone, so I got upset again. I said not as if I wanted to lose my phone purposely. Then, she said if really wanted to keep my phone "yo xin", I would be really careful about it.

WTF. Yes, I have been pestering about upgrading my phone for a while. But I would not do something like this. The phone itself is still worth an $150. My accessories on it cost another $16 itself. It's POT merchandise. I don't think I can get another like it without paying high price. I have my entire phonebook in it. I kept a note on how much both my sisters owns me on it. Elder - at least an $18. Younger - Should be $3. Now, I do not know the exact amount. I have an list of books on it that I keep for further reads. I have my friends details on it. Birthdates and all that crap. And god knows what else I have on my phone.

If I wanted to play a trick like this. Which is stupid as I now need to pay anther $150 for a new phone. I would copy down all details in my phone first. TAKE DOWN MY DAMN EXPENSIVE AND PRECIOUS KEYCHAIN. How can she say that I wanted to drop my phone on purpose. Seriously, WTF.

Saturday, June 12

That, if nothing else. I have signed up for my IS classes. Taking "How Rock Music Developed" and the required. "Productivity & Quality Studies" Haha, I had to checked for the name of this. It's required, thus I don't pay much attention to it, just made sure I enrolled for it. And it sounds boring too.

A moment of panic there. I signed up for the required first. At 8am, then went for the other module. Realized they only have ROCK at 8am, so I thought I'll enroll in that being swapping my required. Haha, they don't let me. And they made me click on a link to find out why. Thought I would not have a place in that class.

Well, no harm done. I now have ROCK at 8am, then PQS at 10am. It will all end by noon, so I'll be free! If I don't have work then, I can go wander or watch movie. Goody. Even if I have work, it will likely starts at 4pm or 5pm. Still works out fine. Good.

Though the rest of my time-table sucks. End at 4 or 5 most other days. I wish I have something like my first semester's time-table again. Most would end at 2, latest by 4. I want that back~~~

Thursday, June 10

I haven't touch my Chinese dictionary in a long long while. And I still do not understand some of the lines....Sad. Just sad.

But hey! I rediscover my love for the Chinese dictionary. Always love playing with dictionaries. English and Chinese both. Going to sleep now....trying again tomorrow.

Saturday, June 5

Haha! Finally, after more than 6 hours of downloading, I have Remember Me by Josh Groban in my laptop! It's the ending track of Troy. Having been searching for it for so long~

Hehe, I realize I really like that woman's voice. She's "ah"-ing in this track. Hey, Angela, give me SH's number. I want to borrow LoTR soundtracks from him. You said he has them right? And that anime also. I confirmed with my sister, she knows how to convert them into mp3 files. Hahaha.
Is this troublesome or what? I asked my CATS tutor for the pictures he took of our CATS skit a while back. Now, he said he had lost details of our class students. I now have to go take a look at the pictures themselves to identify those belonging to our class and mail to them the rest of them.

I'm now thinking this could be more tedious than what's worth. Hopefully, he will be in school on Monday, then I would not have to make another trip. I'm also going to school that day for our orientation preparation. And I could not tell my tutor I don't want the pictures anymore for I am the one that bugged him about it in the first place.

Seeking work for myself only. T_T

Thursday, June 3

Yesterday I went to watch Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban with my younger sister, Angela and YiXian. Was pretty disappointed by it. They skipped lots of parts, added stuff to it. Yes, a good adaptation of the book but fell short from my expectation. It was far shorter than the first two parts. I think Lupin and Black was strange. Strange as in not what I have imagined of them. Lupin would have been more regal. Black would have been more intense and angry.

All that aside, I had a great time yesterday. Spent close to $80 yesterday. Got a POT Oiishi hand puppet and a small Atobe keychain now. That's $37 gone. Then, got 7 comics books at Kinokuniya. That's another $44.70. Returned money that I owned Angela. That's the end of my pay.

Haha whatever. Happy now!

Tuesday, June 1

I sound like a duck now. Even worse, a duck with broken vocal cords. Throat is dry, making swallowing painful. Everything is fine otherwise.

Yesterday, my voice was not this bad. Yes, painful to listen to. I delighted in singing out loud. Very scratchy, trailing off notes that are not even high. My sister could not stand it. She was alternating between rollings of eyes and talking to God. Along the lines of "Why me?"

Today, I tried to repeat the same lame trick. Couldn't. Same two songs. Santa Monica, To The Moon And Back. Couldn't even croak out one note. Now, I even have trouble speaking.

This is retribution for what I did last nigh? Hehe, well I must say that I am not regretful at all. Not one bit. For faces she made last nigh. Nope, not one bit.