Wednesday, April 30


So pretty, my rainlendar.
All those cute little planes and litte hammers.
And Eunhyuk for more eye-candy.



Monday, April 28

The horror, the shock, the dispair I feel!!!

My weight is now a whopping 53.8KG! Fifty-three point eight kilograms! Oh my god.... It was likely just slightly longer than a year that I first announce/sent out my first wail of alarm about my starting digit is no longer a 4 but a 5! It's just a downwards spiral from then on.

There's just so many scenarios today that where I am unable to hide from the fact that I have horrible weight gain. Firstly, there was that time when I finished showering and was changing into my clothes, my stomach looks so bloated-up in the mirror that I look like I am pregnant. 打击 第一!Then I pulled on my top, I can still see the full roundness of my stomach. Normally, even on the days when I have a really heavy meal, they would be covered/nicely conceal by my clothes. However today! 打击 第二! Oh god...this better just the sign that my period is coming soon.

Secondly, on my walk to the train station, I can physically feel my inner tighs rubbing against each other with each step I take forward.打击 第三! This is really not good. Maybe I should start running. Where do I run? How long should I run? I hate running.

Lastly, I came home, went to my sister's room to talk to her about the pricing of luggage. The first thing that came out of her mouth when she saw me ... "You look fat!!" 冲击!! 打击 第四! I cannot stand it anymore, pulled out her weighing scale... 最后 的打击! The numbers blinking at me. Oh my god. And I was just been damn pleased with myself that my weight is back down under 48KG during the BA interview and during our visit back to SMSS.

I am so going on a diet when I return from Australia. Because it's damn sad to starve yourself on a holiday. And tomorrow is free cone day. Not eating breakfast anymore. If I work morning shift, whatever noodles I buy would be eaten during lunch. No matter how nice it would be to eat piping hot noodles. No more dinner. It's just lunch. One meal a day. My god. 53.8KG.

Once I found out, I went online and asked Angela for her weight. Damn mean, but. I have always been that bit lighter than her. I am still lighter than her. She was all LOL at me on MSN, trying to comfort by saying that she is still heavier than me at 55-56. Still = currently = may not be so in the future! My god. The difference is only TWO KILOGRAMS now. It used to be at least five... Out of Angela,JY, YX and I, was the lightest. 45-48KG. Those good days are gone. I must diet! Damn sad and full of hate for myself for not being able to eat veggie, if not I would like to give Eve's rabbit diet a try... I must bring my weight back down to 48. At most 49 and maintaining it there!

Still have not gotten our luggage yet. How are we going to pack and leave on Wednesday. Guess we will also need to plan out who is bring what communal items. Shower items etc.


Saturday, April 26

Love begins with a FREE cone!


Annual Free Cone Day. Would have forgotten all about this if we have not gone over to Vivo today for lunch/snack. LOL, I'm in luck, on AL that day. Eating all the ice-cream I can on usual days, of course I would not miss out on FREE ice-cream. Now, just need to drag Angela and JY out with me. Since I KNOW that they are free that day, but Angela kind of wants to stay at home the day before the trip.'s free ice-cream.


Picture of the Fan thing from 2007. Don't think I kept the leaflet from 2006. Let's see if they give anything out this year for keepsake.


Irritating, my rash. This seems to be worse than my last round back in 2006. Even when I am on medication, I still have all these awful spots of red. The medicine seems to be only stopping the rash. I do not have this persistent red spots the last time. Why am I even having a relapse? I don't even understand why I have rashes back in 2006, so why a relapse now in 2008? Argh...

Hai...News at work that just drain all the energy away. Heck, not going to be bothered with it. Perth trip, Perth trip. 4 more days to go. I still need to check with Angela when exactly is our flight. Believed she told me it's 3plus in the afternoon. Also would need to tell JY that my dad is driving us there. No need to struggle with luggages. LOL, and need to know when we are coming back too. LOL, my mum cannot believe I do not know all these. -.-

Perth, Perth, Perth!

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It's the weekend! Only that few more days to go!

It's now the weekend! I've been trying to clear all my cases the last two days so that I do not really need to throw anything over to the Runner. Well, at last count, I only have two cases pending.

One for monitoring of C31. waiting for ODD to tag the EBN to customer even though approval has been given to do so more that 3 working days before. Not to worry about as the Runner has to monitor for 2 other such similar cases. I gasp at the cheek of the ODD colleagues. I think it was the beginning/middle of march when many runners has just been sending out LNs to check for updates. "As there is no customer issue, we are treating it as an low-priority case, we are still working on it, we will revert on it in April." WHAT! So come first week of April, I was the Runner, dropped them an LN again. "Dear ODD colleagues, it's now the XX days into Aprils, perhaps you would like to update us on the case?" What rubbish. The case is still pending till now.

Second. To contact Malaysia branch to check if the urgent card and pin are ready for customer and inform him. Simple enough. I really like getting AWB from SOC, and checking on the status of the courier on the DHL website. LOL, Arrived at DHL center, Department from center, Departed from Singapore. LOL

Hopefully, my weekends will be uneventful. So I will not have cases for the Runner, and my LN would not be flooded when I returned. Just realized I was killing my own mailbox on Thursday. Now, we have this habit of copying our OIC in our LNs. Been copying Alan the entire time he was away on Reservist Leave, hence pointless to copy him anyway. Just creating more return receipt for myself. Hai. Dumb.

Going shopping with JY again on Monday for the trip. I can predict now that we are going to be spending lots. Being tempting her to get a jacket in Far East that we have been eyeing the last time we were there. Then, there's the converse shoes to get. Can we get cheap 20dollars converse there in Far East or do we need to go down to Bugis Village? And the lugguage. JY needs long-sleeves as well. I have a few handy, due to bloody cold temperature in the CCTR. Since, I can never have too few shirts. Hahahaha.

Also have booked my appointment for pedicure on Monday 10.30AM, allowing me to come home and letting it dry completely before stepping to meet JY. 5 more days to go!

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Monday, April 21

small update


Getting more and more hyped up about the perth trip. was planning for clothes/bag to bring with angela, and planning itinerary with yenching. Hehehehe, hyper hyper. 5 more days to go to official start of AL!! 9 more days to the day when we board the plane! LOL again, hyper hyper. First trip with JY too. We should really arrange a trip with more people of the fishes group. Well, guess that would be at least one year later when YX returns from Australia studies. Or two, seeing that she cannot/will not be getting AL in her first year of work. The hospital own her, apparently.


TRIO outing on the 17th. KTV and buffer dinner, in celebration of YX's birthday. Hahaha, would say that YX's picture is the biggest as she's the main girl of the event, but I think that's just mainly she looks pretty in that pic. The close-up is just a PLUS point. LOL


Chocolate. Was sms-ing Eve and Angela about me finishing one side of it in an hour during my sunday shift. The last time I had this chocolate was during my midnight shift with Eve. I was pacing myself, or more like controlling myself, eating not more than two per hour of our shift. So, I finished one side in one shift. This time, I was just eating and eating. Not really thinking about it, and finished in less than a hour. GOD, is it any wonder why my weight never come down... Still have one side left. Better eat it on a weekday of next week, should push some to the others. Everyone should share in my pain, EVERYONE.

hyper hyper. My period is coming soon...Hopefully, it would be next week, so I would go to Perth burden-free....


Monday, April 14

australia, aussie, down under, $$

Hahaha, posting quite often these few days, must be my holidaying mood....even taking up to threatening my colleagues with rain dance when they are about to knock off. Hey, don't knock on it, my rain dance do works..


I have always thought these key chains that are so full of the aussie feel is useless. No one would use them. I have finally found a use for these two of mine!! Hahahaha


Chocolate!! Took half-day MC on Friday, went over to HabourFront to visit the Raffles clinic there. Chocolate fair again. Just grabbed those that I want without really calculating out the cost. The cashier was really counting out my purchase, when I only realized it was a rather rash move. Imagine it come up to forty plus dollars, and I need to do the embrassing thing of asking her to remove items. Luckily, it was only $26.90. Still acceptable for me. LOL What I really like is the 28 pieces Meiji milk chocolate. It is packed in two rows, finished one row each during my midnight shift before. LOL So good!! Quite expensive though. I think it's four dollars plus. Oh well, pocky is nice as well. Though the pocky dessert is too creamy for me...


Wednesday, April 9


신화창조, 神话创造


It's been 10 years since these guys have been together, this is their ninth album. It's confirmed we will not see them together for at least 3 years, as 3 of them are going for their compulsory military service. 5 years as the youngest is likely going in for his service as well two years later.

And one would not know if their popularity would sustain the long wait. The fickle minds of fangirls. So, this may also likely be their last album out, seeing that when they are out from their service, they would be mature gentlemen who do not suit the dancing prancing image of a boyband. So, yeah, fangirling all the way. Money flying out of my account like that. I'm damn pleased with my purchase. Fantastic packaging. A hardcover photo book with the CD encased at its back. Gorgeous photos of splendid looking guys.

I'm only a fairly new fan falling for their charm after my voyage into Korean humor back in 2006. Of course, I did listen to that one or two song that Energy did covers of way back before 2006. Bad covers at that. Just remember thinking the original versions are so much better! and that's it. But yeah, 2006, my love/fangirlism knows no bounds. It's really addicting to see them prank each other on shows, teasing at ease.

Though I am quite gaga over another 12 members group right now, I still count myself first and foremost a ShinHwaChangJo member. They just need to appear on more shows for me to tear my attention away from the 12 retards. Oppa(s), Saranghaeyo~

Tuesday, April 8

update update

My leave has been approved!! Oh well, now just need to confirm tickets and all that.

The trio went back to SMSS on April Fools' Day. Was fun walking around, looking into classrooms for those familiar faces. We managed to speak to all the teachers this time. Found out that they took away our button-on/fake tie. Now, the girls would really need to knot a real tie around their neck daily. Mrs.Low said that's because too many girls was caught with unbuttoned ties and unzipped uniforms. Hai....SMSS easy 3-steps uniform is gone like that. It was so damn easy to wear our uniforms before. Pull-up, zip up, button-on and you're done.


Like this photo a lot. Intentionally asked Angela to take one with us being reflected on the plate. Of course, YX has to be a camwhore and have her face in the photo as well. Should have just cropped her face out. LOL

I cut my hair myself again, it's not too terribly short like the last time, but still rather weird. Just hoping it would be better come month-end, if not I would look more gross than usual in the holidays pictures.