Saturday, October 30

Right, the week is finally over. I have got through the first week of my attachment with SPH. Finally have the time to post, or should I say have the energy to post.

Well, from the above lines, one would think that I am so swamped with work. People, that is not the case. I am sharing a same job scope with one girl from NYP. She is in her 3rd year. Ok, there are 4 girls attached in the Circulations - Marketing department. 2 NP, 2 NYP.

PeiRu, the other NP girl, was doing very dead stuff all week. Calling up those that have logged complaints, and accepting calls of complaints. The other Indian girl, NYP - can't spell her name, was doing all sorts of stuff. One thing that came to mind was that she wrote minutes for a meeting, she was in charges of taking care of one client's problem and queries. CONTENT!

JingShi, the one with me, and me? I think the only important stuff we did all week was making phone calls for 3 different days to hotels.

First, to enquire about their Front Office Manger's and Maccom's Manger's names. Second, to check what dates their contacts with SPH ends, and if they carry foreign publications. Third, to help our superior get an appointment fixed with related people.

The rest of the time? We were faxing, writing names on envelopes and STICKING SCOTCH TAPES ONTO THE SIDES OF DIVIDERS PAPERS.

That is like so damn shitty. And all these, we need to do it in a corner of the office, sectioned off from clear view. Why? Because the boss can't see what we are doing. We got a very sucky officer-in-charge. Like seriously, words can't express my feelings.

I mean, people have complained. Then, she came over and said. "Don't keep doing all these, people have complained. Come to me for work, if you are free. Only do these when you are really really free. People have complained."

??!! She is so saving her ass. I mean, we report to you for work, of course you would know when we are free. And I asked everytime I finished something for you, what I should do after. And you asked me to return to doing that first. When you call me next, it's still for helping to photocopy one set of documents. Like what the hell?!

And this woman, just plan hates attachments people. I mean, I photocopied 5 sets of notes for her. Stapled one set in the wrong order, she returned all five to me and asked me to fixed it. ?! Like seriously yo, you have a staple on your desk, fix it yourself, less trouble you know?

Asking me to fix it, you need to walk a distance to me, throw the stuff to me, I need to search for staple, which I DO NOT have on my desk, need to borrow it, fix the damn thing then return it to you.

Fixing it yourself, take the staple from your desk, remove the staple, place the front sheet back to the front instead of the bottom, and staple it again. All the time, while on your butt in your seat. And I though we are supposed to be efficient?

I think my attachment is a bloddy waste. I have learned more from other admin work I have done in previous holidays....Too bloody long a post to spellcheck, deal. I am too xian right now.

Sunday, October 24

"I am going to pee. Peeing is good for your health, it gets rid of
unwanted water in your bladder."

Haha, that was random. I was amused by that line so ya, posting it here. That was from me. I have this habit of speaking to myself. Random things mostly. Lets see if I am able to have blog each day with a crack line that I said on that.

Okay, I went Far East Plaza today with Alina and SeeYan. Got clothes for my attachment. Spent $34 more than my budget of $100. Have to claim back from my parents. I have no money now. LOL

It was really fun today. Tiring but fun. Unusually, I did start complaining like I usually do while shopping. Manage to like shop for erm...4 hours before I start asking for food. LOL, accomplishment.

And all these hours, I did not sit outside of any shops waiting for my friends. Went in together and all that. Hahaha, weird. All in all, it was really fun.

Friday, October 22

bloody tired, going to nap in a while. about 10 minutes time. just waiting for my download of bleach 03 to finish so that i can shut off my laptop.

exams are finally over. today was the ec paper. was still hoping i can get an B. don't know how it would turn out as i wrote my answers kind of short. i mean, 5 lines for a 8 marks question? my hand was hurting at the end of the paper, started to hurt after question 1 actually. 3 pages of crap...

anyway, going to have my attachment soon. am going shopping tomorrow with alina, seeyan, jasmine...not sure if there is anyone else. then going to look for the workplace on sunday with my sister. need to go sph (genting lane) then back here in jurong for her workplace.

2 minutes....really tired. why do i have the habit of posting when i am tired? weird. can't be bothered to use spellcheck now. don't think it would be too bad anyway... not much words...


also done. posting now, so that i would not have to wait longer to shut down.

Wednesday, October 20

I seriously do not know how I would fare for my AAA paper today. I did finish the paper, in good timing too. However, there is this kind of feeling that what I wrote is crap, though I am quite certain that my answers are fairly accurate. Paranoid much?

Well, this is quite understandable, when you see the paper. It's an easy paper, I must admit that. Yet when one only spent a morning studying her materials, halfheartedly and kept spending more time rereading her Nora Roberts's books, one is likely to be unsure of her work. So, yep, reap what I sow. Let's see when the results come out, if I would be regretting how I spend my morning today.

However, it's safe for me to say that I DID wrote crap for the last question that worth 20 marks. I do not know how to do that question at ALL. I just did what any primary school kids would do when they encounter a math sum they do not understand.

1. Pick out all numbers present.
2. Pick the numbers that you think looks pretty (or easy to add and give less weird results.)
3. Do magic with them - plus, subtract, times and divide.
4. Yeah, you have your answers. And now apply to format the teacher said to use.

Ya, that's how I did it. Seriously yo, and I am supposed to analyze them for the part B of the question. -.-

"The company seems to be experiencing more of an cash outflow than inflow. XXX And a huge part of these expenses is tied in its operating activities. This is not particularly wise,"

Pen down. LOL I must say I was experiencing a sense of relief there, for I do not know how to continue BSing my way through.

Tuesday, October 19

I am going to be so dead, I have not studied for my AAA yet. Am now printing previous years' papers.

I hate cramps, was having cramps just now. Was sweating and all from the pain for it, had to take pills and sleep it off.

Yeah, hope now that I would not fail my AAA paper. Have the problem of not finishing my accounts papers, just don't have the time. Have decided to jump my questions all over the place. Would complete the simplest question first, followed by the rest. Almost failed my first common test because of that.

Just hoping the tutors would not be just asses this time around to have a question that is worth of the paper. I think I have posted about it before. A paper of 4 questions requiring a Full balance sheet, full statement of change, half a balance sheet and many journal entries. And one question (the one with a full balance sheet and statement of change) was worth 53%. Like what the hell.

Seriously yo, I cannot afford do this kind of paper, I would die from the rest of it. And I cannot afford fail this paper. Again, borderline passing grades for mid-term. Finished printing now, studying. Am bound to need to wake up early tomorrow to finish studying. I guess it's lucky for me that this paper is in the afternoon seeing my situation. Ending post now. Like NOW!

Monday, October 18

Had my OM exam, didn't write a single word for a 10 marks question. Don't have the time.

The test was surprisingly easy though. Of course, that does not mean I would fare well for it or anything. Have to see what the markers think. Just hopefully, I would pass.

Saturday, October 16

buring an mp3 disc takes too much effort. over an hour to choose the songs...especially when i have lots of songs that i did hear before.


Friday, October 15

Had my PMKT paper today. I think I did well enough, but hey who knows. Please don't let me get another borderline pass like in the mid-term. That sucked.

I am going to Changi Airport to study with Angela and YiXian tomorrow. So, more on that tomorrow. Need to crawl out of bed at 6.30am, I think. I don't know how long the train ride will take. So... Studying OM, I guess.

People should watch Bleach. Or read it. I got Alina and IngAnn to watch it, am still sending IngAnn episode 2. It's damn nice. The characters are totally cool and kooky. LOL

People should watch AND read it.

Thursday, October 14


1) Read through all my lectures notes first. They are very brief, easy to read.
2) Read lecture notes again, TOGETHER with my textbook.

Haha, now I'm at first stage, going to start on the third of the five I'm tested on. Really complacent right now, seeing that I seem to know what they are all about.

However, I really must get rid of this mindset. Went into the midterm exam hall like that too, came out with a borderline pass.

Okay okay, getting back to study.

Tuesday, October 12

Am damn bored right now, yet to begin studying. Well, when do I ever have the mood to study.

Told a number of people I will start flipping the pages on Sunday. Seeing that my first Marketing paper is on Friday. I really should start soon.

Did rather badly for my mid-terms. So, it's do or die situation.

Still having my headache, been what? 3 weeks? Accounts for my very random posts, I guess. Keep saying I should see a doctor/want to see a doctor for it, but just couldn't get my ass out of the house to do it. Keep hoping it would go away by itself. No idea what is causing it, could be lack of sleep.

However, it hurts ever when I slept a full day away. So now, I keep thinking there's ants in there, eating away at what little amount of cells and keeping the rests for a nest. My house is full of ants. Eww...

That's unlikely, but after being forwarded all those weird pictures, I would of course think this way. Bugs in a girl's nipples, causing it to look like a budding lotus flower. Maggots in a guy's brain. I would be the third. Ants in brain.

Friday, October 8

WTF? Jerry is safe and the AhBeng's out?!

I mean seriously, who the heck voted for him? He has no talent, and no looks to speak of? Why the heck would someone vote for him?!

I mean, come on! If he has that tad bit of looks to speak of, I would understand if the fangirls keep him in simply for the eye candy. However he does not even has THAT!!

...Seriously yo, I have no idea what to say. Jessea and AhBeng deserved the competition a thousand more times than that talentless guy...
Bored bored. Not enough time for me to surf through my usual sites, yet it is too early for me start preparing for school. Thus, I am here posting.

Going back to NgeeAnn later for the briefing on my attachment. Must remember to bring money to return Alina, think I'm going to pack later after this. Haha, we ate Swensons on Wednesday. Me, SeeYan, KaiYun, Jasmine and Alina.

Shared an Earthquake, Fish & Chips and the Chicken Cutlet. Ate too much, threw up at the Orchard MRT. It was damn wasted, I should really do something about my stomach. Food keep going in and coming back up. Am almost always hungry because of it. -.-

Got 2 volumes of manga, completing a series. Got the <>. Hahah, that is a really belated birthday present from Angela and YiXian. Paying like $8 for it too. LOL Too expensive.

Now, I think I'll go buy one sketchbook or something. At least try to improve, if not what is the point of buying that book. Just hope this motivation would last...

Tuesday, October 5

I finally have something meaningful to post about. Jasmine just sent me all those photos taken during the formal ECD presentation. Those photos are like damn big. Bigger than wallpaper size. Resized all down to 400 X 300. So ya, I'll start with those from another presentation. Marketing.

This one is just here to show people I know how to focus a camera. Haha. So obviously, I'm not in it.

Then, the class photos. Some of those guys at the back are not from TB01. They just join us in marketing. Not in the last one as I don't see the point of taking so many when I don't photograph well. I pretended to help Alina focus the camera. She tilted it to the side in the end. -.-

Okay, now those from ECD. I'm in all these, as it's just our group photos. First up, the partners of Pizza Connection.

I feel the one above was a perfectly fine picture. Only Salbiah complained I ruined it by not smiling. I look like an bloody idiot when I smile, so point in case.

I took this one when SeeYan was practicing her slides. Alina was off playing somewhere. Ya, so it was only the 3 of them.

Me holding the camera again, taking another before we stepped into the class. It's an excuse for me to be out of the picture, really.

These ones were SeeYan being a vainpot and wanting to be shot. The last one is Alina and Liana. Our new classmate who joined us this semester. I need to ask Alina for the correct spelling on her name. No surprise there. -.-

Haha, last one: ME! Laying on the table in the ECD Room after the class. They asked if I wanted a photo. So yeah, why not. I already had one last year of me sleeping in the corridor. Why not continue on the tradition. Might just ask someone to shot me one in third year again. ~_^

Damn xian....

I have not get to studying yet...Well, I've managed to copy the marketing text for SeeYan, but that was all...

Should start soon... Am still pondering if I should go for my OM tutorial on Wednesday. Xian...

Start tomorrow bah...

This is a really pointless post.

Friday, October 1

YES! We have finally finished all our projects! Next week, I would just be going to school on Wednesday and Friday. Maybe not even on Wednesday, depending on my mood.

Well, for ECD presentation, I did a screwed up job as usual. In fact, I think the only well done presentation I had so far was for EC. And it didn't even have a high percentage, maybe even no percentage at all.... I was not really rushing through but there was no fluency in my delivery.

Anyway, yah that's the end of it. Now I'll need to study for exams. Sit for the exams and it's attachment time. I'm going to work at Singapore Press Holdings. Hope it's no just filing again...

All the part-time admin work I did before are just basically filing... I hate filing, seems like people just cluck all the papers there unsorted and I am supposed to sort them out. Yes, it may be part of my work scope. BUT it was 10 years worth of paper, I need to sort them by year AND name....

I could just cry at the memory of it...