Wednesday, April 28

Hehe, Ms Elaine Pang (Person-in-Charge) just called. I don't need to turn up today, they have no papers to mark. Changed to Tuesday, after my second paper.

Hehe, now I can gladly re-read my Hikaru no Go. I'm free for 3 hours later, can study then. Well, if I can set my heart down to it! Hehe.
Can you tell I'm in no mood to study?

I have nothing to do now, except for two episodes of HunterXHunter GI Final OVA to watch. I don't feel like watching that now. I have no fanfics to read. I have my BMGT notes opened in front of me.

Obviously, I'm not reading that. Read a few lines, and would raise my head to check on the progress of my download on Peace Maker. Read a few more, Oh yeah! I still have not formatted the songs Angela sent me. Few more lines, and I'm here posting. -.-

I'm hungry, like want a proper meal kind of hungry. Haha, parents are off to Malaysia for a trip. They are coming back tomorrow night, I think. Grandmother called this morning, asking if we have eaten, if my younger sister was able to wake up in time for school. Hahaha.

Still have no mood to study. I know half this shit, it's common sense really. That's why I don't feel the urgency to study. Well, all I need to study is the actual type of systems and names...Blah. Study, study, study. Need to go to KUMON later, from 3.30pm to at least 6pm. Hope she's not going to ask me to come in tomorrow, that's when I would likely to get some actual studying, seeing that the final is on the day after tomorrow.

Need to get more CDs to write out Peace Maker, 24 episodes are all out. Plan to make an conscious effort not to watch all in one shot, leave them for the holidays.

Note to self:
Remind sister to burn out the 4 remaining CDs of Dolphin Bay, need to return to Alina.
Extort money from Candy to buy CDs...well, no need to extort. Ask.

Tuesday, April 27

Shitty things just have to happen to me altogether at once today.

I just has this long rant typed out here, about my download speed. I don't feel like typing it out again, thought I still know what I wrote. Which basically said that it had been crap. Spending TWO ENTIRE DAYS to download two episodes of anime, when for the past month I can download one in under 45 minutes. Just at a time where I discover new anime. Peace Maker, FMA, new HunterXHunter episodes....

It was two paragraphs long, with numbers. So I was going to use my calculator in here to count out some numbers...when I realized it was not there!

So, being the calm person I am, scrolled through my entire programs list looking for it. I always shifted things around here without knowing it. So MS Word could end up somewhere in an unknown folder....blah blah. Then I came to my Games folder, it was bloody empty. I ran a search, found those files still in the system. So, it means that I just deleted those links...

Ended up clicking somewhere, that was asking if I wanted to use this window browser to go somewhere...Help, I think. Blah Blah, window popped up saying I have unsaved post, if I wanted to leave or stay. I clicked STAY, and they still delete my post. BLOODY STUPID MACHINE!

And I still don't know where my Calculator exe is....All because of one small crap thing, the entire thing just accelerated into a whole pile of shit. Which pisses me OFF. I don't need this shit, dude. I'm stupid at this IT/PC stuff, so do not want to mess with it, little tolerance for it. I just use this laptop to watch my anime, surf internet and school stuff. This whole "searching for an program that should have been there all along" thing should not need to happen.

Well, one good thing that happen today is that I finally organized my notes, placed into files. Ready for me to pick up and read. Now, I'm just bloody pissed off.....

Friday, April 23

Changed layout again, done by my sister.

Well, having my first finals paper next Friday. BMGT, I think I'll have to go organize my notes soon. My other two papers are on Tuesday and Thursday the week after. Macroeconomics followed by Accounts. I should actually start on my revision this week, but oh well. The study week starts officially next week after all, and I'm not feeling the tension now. Well, like when did I ever feel tense about papers week before?

I have my vacation job lined up already. Being a KUMON teaching assistant at Jurong Central, Tuesdays and Saturdays. Possibly Thursdays too, if they require help. It's basically just marking of the assignment papers, $5 per hour. More of an admin job than teaching job, really.

Verbal agreement with the person-in-charge that I would continue even after my vacation ends. That way, I can have an steady allowance to sponsor my anime fix. Well, I'll see how it goes, for all I know, it'll get that boring that I would give some lameass excuse and get out of it when school starts...

Tuesday, April 20

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Saturday, April 17

School is coming to an end, for this semester. For the next 2 weeks, it's rotting at home/ study break for me. Then, it's examination week.


We had our CATS skit. I would think that our group was not that bad. Second best in fact, but it was pretty obvious that the tutor did not think much of us. Our skit is basically a parody, of the fairytales. There was a Prince, who was a fan of the Bachelor. He had a mirror, called out to the beautiful ladies in the land, inviting them to his ball. There was Sleeping Beauty, Belle, Cinderella, Snow White and Jasmine. There was three round of eliminations - Catwalk, Talent-time and Q&A. It ended with the Prince choosing the Jasmine, for she is an airhead like he was a himbo.

I was Snow White because I was the fairest, no pun intended, in my group. I was eliminated in the second round, my talent was showing how I eat apples. Here was my longest bit.

Prince: Besides eating apple, what can you do? You are so fair and look like a ghost. I don't fancy waking up at night to your face, I'll be scared to an inch of my life!

Me: Moron, I'm as white as snow and not a ghost! You are one to talk! You look like a pansy, behaves like a sissy. I don't even know why I accepted your invitation in the first place! (Cue excessive eye-rolling, slapped the prince and went away.)


Had my BCA final exam, was pretty all right. Tested on Access and SDLC. Lost 6 marks immediately, because I did not do the parameter query bit and the sum total in the report bit. Well, this final test stand 30% of my final grade. I should be fine anyway because both my PBLs were As. Worked really hard for that two PBLs. If I didn't do as badly as I think I did for this test, I am likely to get an A or even an AD out of this. Well, just have to pray hard now.

Friday, April 16

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Sunday, April 11

Hahaha, I am now officially in possession of a Seigaku shirt. That's the main school of Prince of Tennis! Well, I'm co-owner of the shirt, but MHAHAHAHA! IT"S IN MY HANDS!

And there's a possibility that we can have a character plushie too! Well, if the shop owner approved of selling the plushies as individuals. They actually tried selling it as a set that cost $200. No ones really wants to buy them as a set, they told us that many people asked for one only. So...Let's pray.

Went to Swensen's with my younger sister. She never tried their ice-cream before. I had their Gold Rush, she ate Black Bart. Fries too. Damn good, but damn expensive too. The entire meal cost $17.00. Well, I loved it but I can't really "dine" there too often. My wallet cannot take it.

So, let's pray. I want that plushie. It's a Fuji. If we can't get that, we'll settle for the Inui. I want~ plushie, plushie, plushie.

Thursday, April 8

Today is a happy happy day. Am downloading anime at a damn fast speed. 53 KiB/s, whatever that means, I only know that it's a very good speed. I can actually have one episode completed in under an hour.

Had 5 completed today, one at 89% now. 1 which I started yesterday night, completed maybe at 1 plus? All I know is that I set my alarm to wake up at 2.30 am to check on the process, and it's done. Can you tell I'm determined to get all the episodes done? Even going to the point of waking up for it? Started another straight after. Woke up at 6, almost done. Then, the speed is at 20 plus. So, left it on and completed it by 9. Started the third one, then WHOA! FAST! Under an hour! Continued the next. Showered and wait for 15 minutes and it's done! Under an hour too. HAHAHA

Oh, this is FMA (Full Metal Alchemist). Damn nice, a very sad story plot. I don't know why, I normally don't go for this kind of art, am mainly crazed by POT (Prince of Tennis). *coughAtobeKeigocough* By the way, when is POT 116 coming out?! However, I think the art in FMA is damn attractive. The clothes, even the small-eyed L.Colonel Mustang. SEXY, watch me drools.

Then, I left to watch a movie. My lecture start at 3 today. So I have to get out of the house, if not I would just sit like a zombie in front of my laptop. And people are coming to fix our air-conditioner today. Watched Prince and Me. Was an okay show, a bit lacking in the plot. But yea, haven't watched a movie in a while. Then, went for my lecture. The lecturer was telling us amusing anecdotes from his university life. Damn, my wish to go schooling overseas is stronger now. Too bad I don't have money...

Hahaha, that one finished! Click, click, click! Voila! I'm starting my 7th now! I'm seriously crazed, man. Hahaha, this must be one of my most incoherent post ever. HAHAHA, sorry for crackling like a lunatic. BUT WATCH ME GO HAHAHA XDDDDDD

Will my sister wake up soon?! I have already watched 3 episodes with her! If I continued, I'll need to sit through more with her before watching the others! Damn, I think she has gone deaf from her recent habit of listening to her discman before she sleeps. I tried speaking loudly into her ear TWICE! She ignored me! *Growls*

FMA! FMA! FMA! Will she WAKE UP!

Wednesday, April 7

That WCOM lecture was a bloody waste of time. My tutor told us to go. "tips would be given at the lecture." she said. What utter crap. It's just a summary of our notes, anyone with half a brain cell can do that. And the group of us spent 3 hours stoning away for that?! Our MAEC tutorial ended at noon, and we waited for three hours for that? An half an hour of summary?!

All that aside, we finally drew an end to our projects. Handed in our BMGT project today, I am only left with my CATS skit. At least that's a relief. Well, now all I have to wait for is my exams. Before that, there's a BCA final test of 30%.

Another piece of good new, I did not fail my MAEC test 2. Thought that I would have flunk that one. Did shit for my calculations, just took all numbers given and randomly plus, minus, time and divide. Hey, I got 15/20. That's an B, so it's pretty cool. One mark was lost due to calculation. 13200/4 is 3300 NOT 3330. Well, whatever. At least that's an B, so I'm happy.

I think I should go dig my organizer out, and calculate how much I have now. Later I think.

Saturday, April 3

Are they stupid or what? Hello?! Even if you want to rebel from the norms of our society publicly, I do not appreciate being used as one of those that you are pointing your figurative third fingers at.

Okay, basically, I was on my way home from the KTV session with the group. This pair of girls came on board at the Sommerset station. It's this girl and a butch. Well, if she's a butch. Dresses like a guy, no adam's apple, I think she was pretty cool- looking. Meaning I think she is one of the better looking butch I've seen.

Anyway, I was kind of staring at the Butch's neck as she had on this cool necklace. All curvy and sharp angles. I think the girl noticed and told her. So, both glanced towards me. Pretty embarrassed at being caught staring, I looked away. Then, I saw the Butch kissed the girl on her cheek. Then, they went on to talk in a intimate manner. Butch placing her hand behind the girl, leaned in, basically whispering into her ear. They were looking straight at me while doing that! They continued on till they dropped at City Hall.

I mean come on! Their actions before they saw me looking, spoke of comrade. Joking, slapping each other's back, just like how I behaved with my own friends. They only started all that intimate actions after they saw me looking at them. Dude, you may hate people who are homophobic with all your guts, does not mean I don't. I do not like people who are homophobic too. ~LOVE IS LOVE~ NO MATTER HET, YURI OR YAOI

That was seriously lame. Pretending to be lesbians just to eek people out. Ok, sure, you may eek those who are that narrow-minded. That believe that homosexuality is a sin. However, to me, you are just lame, stupid and immature. If you think your are into homosexual relationship, most probably you are not. Your actions just reek of plain childishness, and you likely just growing through a "experiencing phrase" in which you are going to try anything that is against/outside of norms.

Six words for you. "Grow up and get a life."