Saturday, January 31

I lost my entire post from before. WTF?! It was this damn long post. Never mind, I am writing this out in Notepad right now. I am determined to post about my day. Well, my day being yesterday. So, this was what was in my head before, essentially.

Okay, I'll skip over the reason why I did not blog yesterday. One long paragraph. Just that everyone was asleep when I came home. Sister's door was locked, I could not get to my laptop. Could not blog.

There, shorter. Now about yesterday, I watched two movies with my younger sister. Not exactly a movie-spree. Seeing, we could not get the two movie scheduled one after another. Had an hour break in between.

First mover, Peter Pan. It was a nice enough movie. I don't really know if the romantic undertones existed in the story itself, I don't really like it. All that about the power of the kiss, Wendy's hidden kiss. From my memories of childhood stories, Peter Pan was one of those stories all about adventure and excitement. Yeah, so perhaps I don't like it as it go against my memories. The boy playing Peter Pan was quite the pretty boy. You can see it being hype up that bit. Close-up of the boy's face with the translucent curtains blowing across his face. Him, half hidden in shadows, as he whispered in Wendy's ear. Then, him smirking away at every chance he gets. I know, Peter Pan was supposed to be confident brat. Leader of the Lost Boys, but this...

Then, the second movie. The Last Samurai. The scenes, the scores. The actors. The actors were all so good. Very charismatic. Draws you into the movie. The humor itself wad blended in very well. Nathan, leader character, calling his guard Bob. As "Bob" did not tell him his name, even refusing to speak to him. Nathan explaining away his stoic ways. "I know why you are pissed. That is because they made you wear a skirt." The leader of the rebellion was one cute character. Cute as in witty, funny. Very omni-potent.

Him and his sons. I think they do not take to dying well. Do they? The younger, could take shots. Stood up later to let his father escape to safety. Went charging at the enemies, two swords raised. The elder, could take a shot through his back, that came out through his gut. Then, stood and fight refusing help. Went on to ride a horse into battle without any apparent pain. Then, there was the leader. And Nathan himself. I shall not even go into that.

Last Samurai is a very good show. Like whoa. Feel like going to watch it again. Haha. Now, I can post this entry. Haha. Oh, the cleverness of me. That was a line from Peter Pan by the way.

Thursday, January 29

I am seated in canteen 1 at this moment. The idiotic SeeYan told me to do this. "Describe the weather", she said. is raining now. It have been raining constantly for the past week. so..blah blah blah....

Done. Happy Now?

Seeyan tell me to go to paradise since she is so kind. so i no need go to hell lol.......................... From the stupid woman again.......................Sandy..............

Obviously, that was by her. Why would I call myself stupid, when I know it was not the case?

Wednesday, January 28

Skipped the one class of this semester. It is a lecture though. Wondering if this is the first of many to come. High possibility that it is.

Was thinking of going to take a look at the Chinese Dance with Jingyun today. Chinese dance?! Yeah, you can tell I am THAT bored. Well, however I wanted to skip my lecture, that did not work out. Even if I went, I don't really think I was that interested in it.

Is there an CCA that is for me out there? Being not of sports, and can get me the points YET would interest me?

Sunday, January 25

Many people think that I am lame. Here is proof of someone higher up than me. I put my status to offline in MSN to prevent her from giving me crap. I can understand the urge in annoying people in MSN, I do that myself on a regular basis. However, this...Take a look at my younger sister's idiocy.

From : candy tan
Sent : Saturday, January 24, 2004 5:03:11 PM
To :


i wanna sleep liao

u don let mi chat with you so no goodnite kiss for you.........



Oh yea, my elder sister did that to me before. Once again, I have proof that I am the only sane among us three.

Watched Cheaper by the Dozen today. Pretty good, very lighthearted. Mmm...I like the ending NG cuts the most. Seem like the boy twins were pretty hard to film XD. I can't think of any other good scenes right now, sleepy as I am. However, it was a pretty good show/ comedy.

Then, went Swensens with Angela. They took pretty long to serve us our ice-creams. I ate Gold Rush, which is coffee and chocolate ice-creams with toppings. Angela ate Celebrity Brownie, which is two brownies with ice-cream. Not really sure what flavor it is. Tried a bit of her brownie, it was okay except it was a bit too hard for me. I like brownies that are soft.

Now that I think about, I only seem to eat Swensens when it is raining. Jurong Point, now Woodlands. I remember once more, don't know with who or where. But it was raining too. Sleeping now. Dad is going to drag me out of bed early tomorrow with Mum refereeing. Need to do tutorials too.

Tuesday, January 20

I need to be school tomorrow, or should I say today, by 0830. I am still here blogging. Well, it was hardly my choice. Planned to finished my POA tutorial today, then go to sleep straight after. However, I made this mistake of adding one more zero to one of the numbers. Shit me.

Then, I changed the figures, in the process putting another figure into brackets, it did not balance in the end. Finally, I went through the figures one at a time. Found it. Lucky I did my Balance Sheet and Income Sheet at the end. If not my Transaction Analysis would be one whole string of shit.

Did not go to school today, spent most of my morning and early afternoon reading. Then, just as I was about to start on the above mentioned tutorial, my sister got me involved in clearing out our wardrobe. Then, did my research on BCA. Damn glad I at least did that earlier on just now. Then, when I wanted to do the tutorial, I found out my entire family wanted to go to the market. OF COURSE, I choose to go along.

Which is why I finished this late. Now, tell me, am I the Queen of Procrastination or what? Or what. I am the GODDESS.

Saturday, January 17

You have wings of STEEL. No one's really
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Watched School of Rock. Pretty funny, the beginning was pretty boring, all about how that guy was in such deep shit that he was swimming there. Then, he became a teacher, wasted a couple of days with "recess". He discovered the kids are good in music, and then the fun begins. It was damn funny.

There was two kid there who look very cute. One is the drummer that also looks like Draco Malfoy in Harry Potter the Movies. The other was the one with killer guitar skills. The one that I find funny is the "fancypants". Just look at the way he was being all critical on dressing. Then, there are the three girls with the voices. Wow.

I got the first set of my New Year's clothing. Jeans, which I'm having tailored as I'm freaking short, that I'll be collecting on Monday. A top, pink because I don't like the red. Now, all I need is a pair of black pants and one more top. Then, I'll be done. Shoes...We'll see.

Got the PoTC vcd. Will watching during the weekend. I having a POA lecture tomorrow. My younger sister will be following me to school. She will be stoning there, waiting for me to finish my lecture to proceed on to Coronation Plaza. Shit, I think my WCOM group is discussing stuff afterwards. Well, shouldn't be too much of a problem. Just fixing a new topic, as the decided one is bad. We already had a few others in mind then, should not take too long.

Thursday, January 15

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Two lame things that happened today.

First is a joke that my Marcoeconomics lecturer told to begin his unemployment lecture. Well, I had a three hours lecture today for economics. It was actually four but we finished it fast. It was on GNP, GDP and unemployment. God, it was boring. Boring as in it is damn long. The lecturer was citing too much examples. There were the jokes, but seriously, do we need six examples? Fell asleep ten minutes into the lecture, I didn't sleep for long though. Thank God, the lecturer told five people off at the end of the lecturer with the mike. Imagine what he would do to me if I slept throughout the entire lecture. Ok, back to the joke...

A new zoo was opening, however they are having a shortage of monkeys. So they put up an advertisement in the papers. "Looking for monkeys" So, this guy being unemployed for a long time, took up the job. He dressed in a monkey suit and hang with the monkeys. Made faces, jumped around and let people feed him peanuts and banana. He was really having quite a good time.

So, he started swinging on a tree, keeping up the appearance of a monkey. However, he lost his grip on the branch and fell into the Lion's pit. Forgetting he was in a monkey suit, obviously in a great deal of fright, he started calling for help. "HELP!" The lion lying there stared at them. Panicking now, his shouts accelerated in volume. "Help! HElp! HELp! HELP!" Then, the lion in front of him opened his mouth, in a very human voice, "Shut Up!"

... ...

Second, my younger sister did the most amusing thing just now. She was talking to me before exiting the room. Ten seconds later, she came into the room AND locking it. "There is a cockroach." ... ...Hello? I can understand about the door closing part. I do that myself, being in total fear of the pest. But a LOCKED door?! Like the insect would come up and locked its feelers against the wood. "Hello, I really like scaring you, but you see, I can't do that behind this LOCKED door. Do you mind opening up?" Sheesh...
1. Copy this whole list into your journal.
2. Bold the things that are true about you.
3. Whatever you don't bold are false

01. When I was younger I made some bad decisions
02. I don't watch much TV these days
03. I love psychodelic mushrooms
04. I love sleeping
05. I have loads of books Do comics count?
06. I once slept in a toilet
07. I love playing video games
08. I adore marijuana
09. I watch porn movies
10. I watch them with my father
11. I like sharks
12. I love spiders, I think they're adorable, especially the ones with bright colours on their backs
13. I was born without hair and I still have no hair
14. I like J. Bush
15. People are cool people who can come up with batshit anime episodes at least...
16. I have changed a lot mentally over the last year
17. I have jacuzzi and a Porsche
18. I have a lot to learn
19. I carry my knife everywhere with myself
20. I'm really really smart
21. I've never broken someone's bones
22. I have a secret
23. I hate snow
24. I drink only milk
25. Punk rock rules
26. I hate Bill Gates!
27. I love Chinese food Seeing that this is Singapore, I don't think it's really possible to hate chinese food
28. I would hate to be famous
29. I am not a morning person
30. I wear glasses/lenses
31. I don't need glasses, except sunglasses
32. I have potential so all teachers throughout my educational life say
33. I'm pure Japanese
34. My legs are two different sizes
35. I have a twin
36. I wear a padded bra
37. I can ramble on about absolutely nothing
38. I'm left-handed
39. I hate llamas, but I'm one of them
40. I don't like horror movies don't really have the stomach for them...
41. I suck at climbing, but I love it anyway
42. People hate me usually
43. I love pop music why not?
44. I hardly ever go to bed before midnight ...the norm's past 12
45. I hate parking fines
46. I know national anthem of my country by heart Just stopping to sing them for the last year doesn't make one forget what they have being singing their entire life daily
47. I know more than two languages
48. I spend too much time on the computer
49. I often want to throw out the computer in a window
50. I live on a ground floor
51. I don't like chocolate
52. I'd like to be more original
53. I've lied
54. Cocks are my favorite birds
55. I want to conquer the world
56. I wonder what happens when you die ...oh yes, I've thought hard about this one before, ask anyone.
57. I've read all books about Harry Potter and i'm proud of it!
58. Eat your dog!
59. I love to exercise.
60. I hate chemistry with a passion ask my lab partners, bet they will tell you i was a pain.
61. I love to write
62. I like changes
63. I hate going to class i perfer lectures, you can sleep in them -.-
64. I am afraid to die not before prince of tennis ends!
65. I hate dish washing ...but it ain't as bad as ironing! I detest ironing!
66. My hair is long, brown, and incredibly curly
67. My nails are nine inch long
68. My favorite color is black and red...
69. I like to sleep on the floor
70. I am hopeless at cooking
71. I sucked my thumb when I was little. more of biting than sucking, i think
72. I should be doing somehting else rather than writing this sleeping or doing my PBL research
73. I am online a lot i just appears offline
74. I hate government just some of the policies....especially about educational ones
75. I don't have a girlfriend/boyfriend
76. I'm too nice for my own good
77. I love to read
78. I don't trust newspapers
79. I like debating
80. I live in a vagon
81. I clean my room once a month
82. I'm scared of american fast food
83. I have a third eye
84. I love Mozambique
85. I don't trust any religion. why make such a big deal of it? God is God. No your God and my God.
86. I used to play with barbies tearing off their heads, cutting their hair....violent? who me?
87. I wanted to be a super hero when I was little. power rangers....oh the shame....
88. I like listening to wind chimes
89. I'm very disorganized...
90. My hair is long and straight
91. I earn a lot
92. I don't like spicy food
93. I keep a diary isn't this it?
94. I can't do cartwheels i can put my leg over my head, now how many times have i said that?
95. I am very lazy
96. I'm sarcastic ...cynical too...
97. I think my hair is annoying
98. I'm very sensitive certain things i guess
99. I love being "ab-normal"
100. My left eye is violet and my right eye is a light blue
Today, I met the most atrocious bus-driver.

We, JingYun and I, were taking the bus 154 home today. When the bus neared my stop, I made to get off. JingYun hindered my movement for a split of a second. Thus, I hurried my way down the second storey. I was wearing flip-flop slippers, so one could imagine the ruckus I was making. The bus was slowly starting its move already, so I hurriedly pressed the bell. The bus was barely 5 cm off its initial place. It stopped, the bus driver looked at me and pondered for a second, before tell me "I was too slow" in Chinese! He started the bus again and drove off, not letting me alight!

WHAT A FUCKER! It was so obvious he did it on purpose! What?! Did he get a kick out of that! I told my mum about this, she asked me if I got the license plate of the bus. Then I can complain about the driver. She even said that some people are just "guai lan" like that. She normally frown about language like this, it being rather crude and all. Seriously, what a bastard.

Monday, January 12

Damn sleepy right now. Waiting for my download of anime to complete now. It's at 93% at this moment. How to get the last 4 episodes down if no one can leave their laptops on for the night.

Here is Greenwood is an anime that sucks for me. Just because the art is bad. Fat guys, with compact build. The humor is there however. My sister actually told me to download it because she finds it funny. 97% now.

I just might be able to sleep 15 minutes from now. I would leave my laptop on but I need to bring it to school tommorow. This sucks big time. 98% now.


Saturday, January 10

What Kind of Thinker are You?

I am a Linguistic thinker. Tend to think in words, and like to use language to express complex ideas. Are sensitive to the sounds and rhythms of words as well as their meanings.

I am also a Logical-Mathematical thinker. Like to understand patterns and relationships between objects or actions. Try to understand the world in terms of causes and effects. Are good at thinking critically, and solving problems creatively.

Ok, I have finally got through my first week. This is damn boring week. I have some pretty quirky lecturers this semester.

Off the top of my head, there is my POA lecturer. She is going to be my tutor too. I think she would be a pretty good one. Damn sarcastic, but hey, at least that would keep me awake. Hopefully, if only to see how she shoot us down. However I think she is one who would leave her class to suffer all alone. She told us straight off, if we do not follow her format. She would take away our points. And it will be all our own fault. Maybe she is like my secondary E.Maths teacher. You know means you know. You don't know, go read your textbook. Still don't understand? Just take a guess then. (-.-)

Then, there is my WCOM lecturer. She speaks as if she is talking to a hall of people that possess vocabularies of Primary 1 students. Speaks really slowly, must explain to us the meaning of every single damn word on her slides. There is more about her freaking attitude that I do not like. Salbiah was getting the same feeling too. I just pray that I would not get her as my tutor. Oh, you mean I should know if she's my tutor? By her name? Who the freaking hell would want to know her name! I don't think she even introduce herself!

BCA lecturer: She seems pretty fun. She was greeting people who came in late with "Good Evening", "Happy New Year" and all that crap. I would not know about her lecturing style seeing we did not do any lecture. She just went through the schedule. Well, her speech was populated with dialects and singlish. Could be her normal way of speaking or trying to be that tad more friendly. Which would be cool.

BMGT: She is an Indian lady. She seems very stern to me. That kind would tolerate no nonsense from no one. Well, I think I fared pretty well in her first lecture. Did not fall asleep. Which could mean that it was interesting enough. Yet I don't remember a single thing out of it, so...

MAEC: I think the lecturer was interesting enough, though the lecture was boring as hell. It was all stuff that we learnt at the very start of last semester. Which means it is the very basic. At breaktime, Alina even went up and asked him to speak faster and end earlier. That is like WOW...Alina is a very conscientious student who strive for the very best in studies. Even she cannot stand it...WOW again. The lecturer himself, was pretty good. Tried to inject the lecture with humor, tell us stories. Crack jokes on the current happenings. I think he is somewhat like Mr Pon from last semester.

Then, there are my IS tutors.

CATS: He is a bit of a joke. Carried two huu~ge luggage into class. Waved his arms around to express a point. He have enough energy and spirit for the entire class. Did drawings on what creativity meant to me. Can someone spell boring for me? B-O-R-I-N-G.

IAC: That tutor have a very effeminate way of speaking. I think he is from aboard. That accent of his is damn strong. Effeminate way of behaving too. Wonders if he was the "gay" tutor JingYun and JJ was talking about before. Mmm...

Well, next time I have IAC after CATS, I am going home. I don't think I stoned very well today. Finished my novel and all that. However, my mood was just not that. I think I would come home. Surf net or sleep. An hour and half is better than my boredom over in the library.

Tuesday, January 6

Apparently, there is something wrong with my blog. If you can see this entry, please tag something in my tagbox.

Monday, January 5

Yeah! I have finally watched LOTR! Mhahaha, the show is damn good. EPIC! EPIC!
Legolas is damn cute, Aragorn is a hunk. A dirty hunk for most of the film but still. My god, I am fangirling over actual human beings this time! Not anime characters, there is hope after all.

Well, besides the eye-candy, I truly enjoyed RoTK. The interaction between the characters. Elf and dwarf. Grandalf and the hobbits. Like him hitting Pippin with his staff when Pippin stupidly offered his service to the Steward. Him encouraging him at before the battle. There is all the battle scenes too. Damn good imageries. My eyes were going all over the place to absorb all. The flying mutant. The ugly warriors. All the music, going full out majestic at one moment, then hauntingly sweet the next. I'm like Woah... Not to mention the tune Pippin sang for the Steward. Haunting voice with scenes of the forsaken son ridding to battle. Aww... There is also the damn heroic Sam. I think he still the hero of the entire thing. Serving Frodo, going after Frodo after all that Frodo did. Seriously, all Frodo did was angst, looks weak and dead on his feet. See people in his mind. Oh yea, have part of his finger bitten off. Well, he should have destroyed the ring when he had the chance. Sam was begging him all the time. No...He had to give in to the greed. Let the power overcome his will. Stupid prat.

Now I am going to consider getting the film. Oh, the soundtrack too. Mmm...they should be marketing them as a set not too long after. Damn nice. Damn nice.

Thursday, January 1

Yea, the new year has arrived! blah blah...You can tell I am so interested in this.

The only thing that has been that tad bit amusing this past hour and 25 minutes is that my neighbor's have found new ways to usher in the new year. The past year, they only hooted and whistled.

This year, they added pouring water down from their homes. Not to mention the nice addition of drums. Obviously, they enjoyed the police's presence at their past year's bash so much, they wanted to send them an invitation again. Well, I didn't take note if the police came or not just now. It's all calmed now. I am not as free as I was last year. Hopefully, next year, I can get back to standing at the window till their bash end, if only to see if it ended with the police's help or not.

Ok, to a fantastic year ahead! Happy New Year.