Tuesday, August 31


Haha, had a great day today. Few of us skipped ECD lecture and went off to Bugis. Ronald joined us, surprise surprise. We ate lunch, discussed that TAD bit of our Marketing project and went off shopping.

Haha, I now own the Illustration book of Hisaya Nakajo. She's the author of HanaKimi. Her art is damn pretty....Hahaha, I am rightfully in love with all my artbooks. Pages and pages of eye candy, who would object to that??

Then, they went off shopping, attempted to give Ronald an make-over. We might have scared him for life. LOL They shopped a bit more, and we dispersed. Some went off, and the rest went to sit and relax in Coffee Bean. Shared part of a piece of chocolate cake, nice~ I don't know the name thought, there is no name tag in front of it...

Will wake up tomorrow morning to attempt my AAA. I'm fearful now....

Sunday, August 29

I'm bored, so bored I went and did the powerpoint slides for my ROCK though I need to pass it on Tuesday.

Well, my tests are done. This could be my worst semester yet. Did not try to study at all, all are crammed in at last minute. Previously, at least I would pretend by holding my notes and sliding through them at the oddest times. Guess the results would show. Luckily, all paper after my AAA are not too bad. At least I can bullshit through.

I'm tired now yet I don't want to sleep. Randomly logging in and off everywhere. Might just attempt the "50 things about me" memo on LJ. I even went to download Naruto manga...

Just do not have a distinct interest on doing anything now... Someone come amuse me, PLEASE.

Tuesday, August 24

That was the absolute worst paper I ever did.

Not just ever since I entered Poly. Now that I think about it, it was the worst ever paper I did in my educational life. I think I'm really going to fail this time, or else, pass very VERY marginally. Even if I had said so for previous papers, I'm always of the mindset that I would pass. Yes, marginally too or just below of what I have expected of myself. But still a pass.

Now, I'll be really grateful if I don't fail. I went in, looked at the paper and thought it was ok. I don't know, but I think that Accounts come easily for me. Well, not easy as in I can be an AD student but easy as in I understand the concepts, able to get things correct without much work. Just need to remember the format of my financial statements.

So, was happily doing my MCQs, piece of cake. Done in 5 minutes, then to the long calculations. Did my workings on when I am supposed to have my answer for another sub-question. So, oh shit. Realized it only when I am done. So, went about liquiding off my answers.

Then, my liquid paper ran out on me. This is where I panicked. Was making unnecessary mistakes in my journal entries. Things I would get right on my first try, I wrote them wrong.

Simply because I thought through them again so as not to make any more mistakes. I cannot survive without liquid paper. Then, I let myself get distracted by these cleaners who came to put their brooms.

One thing I hate, is people beside me when I'm writing. Mr Hoo used to do it. Mrs Raj too. And I would paused my writing to wait for them to go away....

So the whole cycle continues, until I am really just...struggling to get to the next part...That panic attack never did go away. So, I wrote nothing except one journal entry for question 4. And that's like 20 marks down the drain. I should also mention that I did crap for question 3.

Oh, shit man. I am so dead.

Saturday, August 21

I am really lazy.

I am bored.

I am bored.

I am very bored.

Did I mention I am bored?

I am laying flat here doing nothing. Before I came here posting, I was compulsively refreshing those fic journals. And now I don't feel like watching Naruto, still have some episodes to go. I am not studying too, can anyone tell?

I was reading people's blogs, reading about them going everywhere and anywhere to study, and meeting everyone and anyone studying too. There's this mad nerves attack, yet I am still not studying. Go me.

I guess I really should finish watching Naruto. THEN, tomorrow I have no excuses not to study. Because obviously I have no intentions of flipping those notes and books. -.-

Friday, August 20

I'm 18 now. Now, I'm legal, I've to take responsibility for what I do.

Have gain a brand new outlook on life, filled with a new kind of wisdom. I understand now that whatever I do affects others too, not just myself. So, now before I make any decisions, comments or critic, I will think it through. For otherwise, I may hurt someone, which would not be my intention.

Similarly, I'm responsible for my own life, thus I should not fuck it up. Abide by the rules, play well with my teammates, attend my lectures/tutorial, finish my tutorials, read newspaper, keep fit.

Can you tell that's crap? Likely, I'll just laze/fuck/drink my life through. Never smoke though, hate the smell. Well, maybe not fuck and drink. Because hey, I hate the bitter taste, and I'm not pretty enough for people to fuck. BUT...definitely will laze my life out.

Wednesday, August 18

...That was easy. I am talking about MYOB, the assignment we had to do for POA. It screwed up my MS Word, but...

After a mild panic, at where I called people to ask question *watches as people die of shock at me asking questions about school voluntarily*, everything went more than smoothly. It did not even take me the 30 minutes Alina said it was likely to take. Finished it in 10 minutes time...

Now waiting for someone, coughsJASMINEcoughs, to uninstall MYOB so that I can uninstall safely with help. I don't even know where the program is saved in. In my owner account or the NPSTD one.... Now fueled by this success, I just might start my studying tomorrow. Have been watching NARUTO these past days.

It's an addiction, download, watch while downloading the next batch, burn watched episodes out to clear space, downloads again. And the cycle continues. Hopefully after the final two batch, I would not be so crazed about it. Was up till 4am this morning watching THEN awaking at 8.45am to restart my download...

All that aside, I cut my hair today. After all the swearing over my last haircut, I think it looks pretty cool. With strips of gold in my hair. My younger sister was saying that I would look very much like a cool Japanese girl if not for my nose. Agreed, my nose is too bad to be one of a cute/cool/fashionable Japanese girl...

This is my first haircut, the full washing and blowing, at a saloon. Well, it was fun if you get someone good at the washing and blowing thing. I washed/blew/straightened twice by two different person. One was very enjoyable, the other almost burned my hair off. She was not shifting the dryer at all....

All these paid my elder sister. She did her rebonding. Next month, my younger sister will be going in to rebond her hair too. Think I'll be going with them if my schedule permits it...Think it's fun to watch the cutting process, not the whole steaming process though. THAT was long...

Saturday, August 14

Someone stole my shoes, the new one I got just months ago. Well, now I will go buy another, try to check if they will become slippery on wet floors. I've posted about falling on my ass at least twice before wearing that pair of shoes.I like those shoes though, excluding the falling on my ass bit. Well, will get one similar to it, light pink too.

That aside, haha, I receive 2 birthday presents liao. LOL First is a pair of ear-rings. They look like grapes with leaves, it's one of those kind of beads kind of ear-rings. Alina told me it's a kind of crystals. Looks cute, does not look like something I'll wear as I think one would have to dress proper or at least neat to match it. Thanks though!

Second is anime DVDs from Weiye of CP. He told me long before he would give me a birthday present as he gave another member of CP gifts too. Told him to give me PoT musical 2, but that cost $500. As it's a limited edition one, lol. Too bad they don't have an normal edition one, I just want one for collection. So, he asked me to choose 5 DVDs instead. After a long debate with my sister, I took Slam Dunk part 1 and Hellsing. I calculated, I got about $100 worth of anime! WHOA....like how long I have to work for that dude...*happy*

Seriously, Slam Dunk is going to be the most expensive set in my collection. After spending over $200 on the Chinese voiced-over version, we are now getting the Japanese version. AND we are going to stop buying the English version of the comics when we already have till book 7. We are going to buy from book 1 all over again, Chinese version!! Because the humor is translated better into Chinese than English. Digging a hole for myself her.

I also finally got GetBackers part 3! Haven't even watch finish part 2 but I feel better having an complete set now. ^^ $70, and I traveled all the way from Paya Lebar to Bugis. Saw an Atobe pillow there. Chibi Atobe. Cute!! $38, saving up for it. Might even save up for the complete set of 3. That would be $90 thought. And I don't space for it liao. I'm already piling up my 3 cushions as it is....-.-'''

Okay, now I'll be updating my anime list. Then unplug the internet connection and watch NARUTO!! Because I do not want an on/off internet connection bothering me.
I'm in the internet cafe right now. First time being in one, waiting for the CP manager to come back. Because we, my sister and I, don't know the other two keepers. Felt uncomfortable staying in there.

Their screen is like damn big. I feel so uncomfortable staring at this hu~uge screen. I have to lean way back before I look at the words. Even then, "it's liks damn big" kind of thoughts are running through my head. The keyboard is the older version, spaced rather apart, so I'm hitting the wrong key or adding additions letters into my words.

My spelling is bad enough as it is. Now, I even have puncuntation mistakes. "/" instead of a correct "." Hoping next time I enter an internet cafe again, it would not be this kind of old ones. And where their computers are not in Chinese, catering to the chinese students here.

And they don't show blogspot's spellcheck function. -.-

Thursday, August 12

Damn sad, I'm reduced to spamming people's blog. Even worse, I'm spaming myself....Actually, this is a pointless post to shift the flag down.



SPAM. Should be enough

Monday, August 9

Happy 39th Birthday, Singapore!!

Ain't I bloody patriotic?

Sunday, August 8

So sad, my sister lost her handphone. So, now the handphone accessories are gone. The accompany Inui piece to my Tezuka before I lost my previous phone, and the accompany FMA chibi Al to my Edward on my current phone.

Bloody sucks, ok? She said she cried when she found out. I asked "honest to god cried?" Ya, she said she was crying, not loud brawling, but tears down the face kind of crying. LOL

True to form, not really over the phone, but over the accessories. Yeah, my sister all right. Like that time, I was kicking that big fuss over my Tezuka. I still feel the loss now. *sniffles*

Saturday, August 7

I've finally clear out my drives. My drives were in a damn pitiful state for the past month. C Drive was just a bit below 1GB and D Drive at about 75MB. That's like sad.

When I was burning all my anime episodes out onto disc, the loading time was damn long. Thankfully, they are back at 3+ GB and 6+ GB now.

I can now look for new anime to download and not having to see that damn irritating pop up asking me to clear my drives again.

Wednesday, August 4

Finally, I went to watch King Arthur. By myself, I missed that. Haven't watched a movie alone in quite a while.

I like it. Ok, maybe it's because of the distaste of House of the Flying Daggers that made it seems extra nice, but I don't think so. I think Tristian, that guy with the hawk, was rather cool-looking.

I really like medieval movies. LoTR, Troy, Last Samurai. And now King Arthur. Ok, maybe Last Samurai was not really medieval. Yet, it is set in another time/ era long before.

Tuesday, August 3

CCA Fiesta has come and gone, without me knowing. The publicity for it is damn bad, no one knows of it.

And Angela and I was thinking of joining Choir, just to have something to do. I think Pamela wanted in on it too. She mentioned that she wanted to join in Yr 1 only that she don't have anyone with her..

So, what are we going to do now?