Friday, July 30

To Angela/ The Person who was sleeping when he was formatting his link:

I'll link back when my sister have the time. LOL, still have no idea how to do all these kind of stuff. LOL

Going to Jasmine's house tomorrow at 7.30am to prepare the fillings for our pizzas. *drools*

Wednesday, July 28

Yeah! I've got POT 124 on my laptop right now! Happy! Should I go for my lecture? It starts at 1pm, it's now 12.39pm, and I'm still sitting on my bum here.

Think I'll skip it and watch ANIME! I have the choice of KKM, FMA or POT. Hahaha, and I just got encouraged not to by Alina Chen! Like whoa...

"According to Nakajo-sensei's site (Wild Vanilla), Hanazakari no Kimitachi e will end in Hana to Yume 18, which is due on August 20th"

Okay, it's officially ending on my birthday. Like nice present, the series I'm following since 2001 is ending. Since it would be released in Singapore then, at least I would not be depressed then. I mean, yes I've complained about the never ending plot and how it dragged on and on in the sports competition arc. Yet the backstory on Umeda/Akiha yet...*whines*

Damn pathetic, my life. Skipping with joy about anime, whining about manga. But...Oh great life is~

Tuesday, July 27

Am I the only one who have to keep logging in to hi5? That's lame, and not going to make me a fan of it. Obviously.

Just to view Pamela's page from my friend's site, I need to log in twice. TWICE before I can proceed on. Then, to view her pics, TWICE again. Lame.

Tried more than 5 times, giving up now. Xian, not a successful network...

Monday, July 26

That was bloody tiring. Took me and my sister over 2 hours to decide on the songs to write onto the disc. Have a new disc to listen to tomorrow, but yeah bloody tiring.

I don't think I even put that much effort into doing my tutorial. Of course, whenever do I put effort in doing tutorials, but that was beside the point. Still have not done my PMKT yet...

Think I'll do it tomorrow. Oh, think out ideas and P&Cs for ECD project. Is it boring or what, my life as a student. I seriously need to find something interesting to do. Like bungee jump, skinny drippy or murder....

Friday, July 23

taken from my ECProject...

Blah Blah, second try. Might as well. Time: 6.44PM, at the shop now. No internet connection, might as well try to do this. See if I can use the template thing correctly.
Will translate later. Okay, posting now. If it works, good. If not, hey, at least I have an blog entry for later. Okay, saving...
Hehe, it works. Ok, to translating on. Onwards, soldier!

Monday, July 19

Because I am bored, and waiting for my download of FMA 39 to finish. 12 minutes to go. I'm posting extracts of what I just wrote for my PMKT tutorial. Hey, at least I did my tutorial.
Question 1:
"Marketing Intelligence: Find out what competitors offers, then either offer something better or an alternative. Blah Blah, actually I don't really care about gyms. Why am I even trying to answer seriously on a FREAKING question about the bloody GYM?!"
Question 3:
It's about collecting research using contact methods. "Individual - most (example: me) would give more serious answers when cornered alone."
Question 4:
1 month, $$ (sorry. too lazy to think right now, and I have no concept of money -.-) 100 females, 100 males?? Random idea how to do this question"
I think my group mates would be shocked to see this piece of work. Normally, I only wrote one lined answers. Then, they would be resigned should they attempt to read my answers. Vomit blood too. All extracts are exactly from my answers. Even that stupid -.- face. I'm only writing like this because the tutor does not check our work.  Can you say cowardly?

Friday, July 16

Like OMG...
Just went to see a doctor for my ear. I removed the three earrings I have at the top of my right ear. There's these knotty hard things underneath the skin. So ya, pressed and squeezed them, was not particularly painful. Went to have it check out just in case.

Turned out that they are scar tissue. I rarely remove my earrings, was too lazy. Even when there's inflection. Those inflections were also mild, so didn't really care too much. Turned out that when inflection heal, blah blah....Don't really know how to explain what the doctor said. Just that there are knots of scar tissue underneath the skin of my right ear now.

The doctor was stumped when giving me a reference letter. Was considering between sending me to the National Skin Centre or an Ear specialist. For "this is quite a rare case". I quote. Now, I am like morbidly fascinated by what they are going to do to me. Because on one hand, I like knowing about all these cases. AM ONE MYSELF NOW, LIKE OMG! *Dumb* Yet, you know, the fear of whatever they are going to do....pain. The doctor said, he don't know but it's likely they are going to burn the knots off or cut them off. OWW...

Going to the polyclinic tomorrow to get another reference. Because it would be cheaper from a polyclinic than a ...non-affiliated clinic. Like OWW, is it going to be painful...Would I be awake during the burning/cutting? Can you tell that I am REALLY curious about this. LOL

P/S: I don't really like what they did to the entry posting. Ya, sure, doing the effects to the words are so much easier now. But during the spellcheck, they don't highlight the words, I know shit about the word they are checking. And they don't let me select and copy no more. I am now unable to just copy the word to another spellchecker. Since the spellcheck Blogger has sucks...

damn sian now, but wanted to blog as I didn't for the last few days. Felt a bit weird for I post an entry almost daily.

Okay, I have my IS classes today. Watched a movie called a Hard Day Life...or something. It's the black and white movie about a day in the Beatles's life. Was a comedy, but they were speaking in pretty thich accent, very fast, so I didn't really catch the jokes.

Was supposed to take notes but I don't feel like it. I mean, come on, how can I follow the movie if my head's bent half the time?! But now, I realised I've forgotten bit of the plot...

And I'm supposed to write about how the movie tried to attach teenagers....Due in one week...

Sunday, July 11

I'm so bored now, supposed to be doing my work but ya...Since when do I do what I'm supposed to do? Ok, recap on what happened on Friday.

That day, we went out celebrate Angela's birthday. Came home to drop off my laptop. Instead of leaving for the meeting place like I'm supposed to, switched on the laptop and surfed for 20 minutes. Hehe.

Not that it mattered. I'm not the latest. In the end, we gave up waiting to meet AiBing and asked her to meet us at Suntec instead. Ok, she shows up, got Angela's her shoes. That was one major event. To buy a pair of sneakers, we need the opinions of 5 girls. Questions about how difficult/easy to match was asked. Blah Blah.

Then, after quite a while of discussion, we decided to watch Mean Girls. We got the tickets and went down to the basement to meet HuiPing. We got chocolate from Ryoce too. Is that how it's spelt? Not sure, but it taste damn good. Just finished the last piece an hour ago. However, I don;t care for the coco powder over it. Made it bitter on the first taste. After the coco powder melt away, it's all sweetness. Damn good, now my younger sister wants to buy it too. She was asking me when are we going to Suntec to get it. LOL

Back to recap, then the group, including HuiPing now, went to eat tim sum. Bennie and Angela ate prawn noodles, PeiTing ate porridge, and AiBing ate fish noodles? Not sure what it was....and HuiPing and I shared on Tim Sum. Both don't want to eat too much so we called a few dish and shared. Rather good, I should go eat again.

Then, YiXian came and we went for the movie. HuiPing left, she felt it would really end too late. The movie was funny. At the end, we were all making jokes about yellow buses. Bennie and Pam left first, rushing to catch the last train/bus. The 4 remaining decided to but something to drink and chat. That did not happen in the end, but YiXian and I went to stay overnight at Angela's house. Jo was to join but she was not allowed.

So on the way home on the taxi, Jo jumped out of the taxi on the main road to get Pam. She missed her bus and the queue was long where she was. Ya, so we talked at Angela's house. I used her laptop, tried to help her with her pop-ups, to no avail. Then, just when they want to sleep 3am, I asked to go 7eleven for cup noodles. Was a while before we got YiXian moving. LOL

Blah Blah, we ate, came back, overslept. Me and YiXian quickly washed and Angela walked us to the bus-stop. Was stoning all the way. Bored now, not going to continued. I will try to find something more interesting to do now. Thanks.

Saturday, July 10

at angela's house right now. yixian and her are having girls' talk now and i'm...blogging. Hahaha, well i'm listening too.

when i called home, dad want to speak to angela. without fail and to no one's surprise, he asked if we are having guys over. angela said that he sounded really gentle too. lol

ending now.....time to pay full attention.

Friday, July 9

said on wednesday that I need to use my laptop protection bag. Now, I don't have it. Said really clearly that i'm going to need it. And now, what the heck am i supposed to do? I'm going to a lot of heavy walking today. i'm like damn pissed right now.

Wednesday, July 7

sick again. i think this is the first time i'm running a fever for more than 1 day. three days to be exact. throat infection i think. who cares about it.

it's my nose that is bothering me. all hot, blowing hot air out. threatening to drip at any moment. i think i might repeat my behavior in secondary school. bring one box of tissues to school/work.

that is if i go. have two days of mc from the doctor. said that this kind of fever take quite a while to go away. and i didn't go for work on tuesday. well, i see how am i tomorrow.

further more, the air-conditioning in kumon have something against me. can stay in there for more than 3 hours. my nose would start dripping no matter how healthy i am before. it's the dust i think. like before when i work in smss bookshop. few hours in there, my nose starts to run. which got me fired as i have running nose on second last day of work.

wearing socks now. those black white stripped socks i got years back. i have no more comfy long pants to wear. have been wearing the same pair for last 2 days. can u say dirty? it comes up to my knees. waiting for 15 minutes to pass, before i eat and take the rest of my pills. oh and my mum to come back.

Tuesday, July 6

What our house need is not a digital camera, but a video camera. To record the stupid things that my elder sister do. Okay, the three of us love doing lame actions. For example, I'm sure I've told many people about my younger sister singing the QOO commercial song. I, myself, am fond of randomly opening doors to say hi. In a singsong voice, for at least 5 times in a row.

However, what my elder sister did just now really took the cake. A simple question of "yo dude, you want fries?" leaded to her standing in front of me. With her shirt pulled up, revealing her tummy. And her tummy was "talking" to me. Of course, she was using her fingers squeezing the flesh together to imply talking actions...

The conversation went something like...Fries? How can you offer me fries. I'm already this big, if I eat any more, I'll be even bigger. *hands moving away showing a protruding tummy* then it would get bigger and I would end up like this. *bends over, meaning tummy too heavy that even she can't support it*

That was an one-sided conversation, obviously. I was trying not to kill myself with laughter. Then, she went to her room, came out five minutes later, grabbed her breasts and shook them at us. Meaning me and my younger sister. -.-'''

She wins. Obviously, I can't beat that. I have no breasts to shake back at her. An comment I made. If there are really mutants around, and some have the ability to make themselves invisible. They would be rolling around in laughter on our floors. Especially at the antics of the stupid woman - Mandy Tan.

Monday, July 5

List of Anime I have:

Evangelion (jap, buying soon, ended)
Fruits Basket (jap, owned, ended)
Full Metal Alchemist (jap, owned, 37 episodes not finshed)
Gundam Wing (jap, buying soon, ended)
Gravitation (jap, owned, ended)
Hikaru no Go (jap, owned, ended)
HunterXHunter (jap, owned, missing the GL Final OVAs)
Inital D (jap, owned, missing stage 4)
Kare Kano: His and Her Circumstances (jap, owned, ended)
Naruto (jap, owned, still downloading as of 15th Aug 04)
Peacemaker Kurogane (jap, owned, ended)
Prince of Tennis (jap, owned, 119 episodes not finished)
Sailormoon (chinese, so not buying, needs to forget it, ended...i think)
Sister Princess (jap, owned, ended)
SlamDunk (chinese AND japanese, owned, ended)
Spiral ~ Suiri no Kizuna (jap, owned, ended)
Weiss Kreuz (jap, owned, ended)
Whistle! (jap, owned, ended)
Yami no Matsuei~Descendant of the Dark (jap, owned, ended)

Still sitting somewhere/my laptop/my closet not watched:
Escaflowne (jap, SH's~ need to return soon, ended)
GetBackers (jap, owned, ended)
Helsing (jap, owned, missing part 2)
Kiddy Grade (jap, owned, ended)
Trigun (jap, owned, ended)
X (jap, owned, ended)

Greedy Wants:
Chobits (jap, ended)
Inu Yasha (jap, not finished I think)
Voices of a Distant Star (Jap, ended)
Witch Hunter Robin (jap, ended)

Am going to add to this list. Hopefully just shifting up the list, not increasing in length at the bottom.
Sick now. See people, I told you I was dying, don't believe me. Popped some pills just down, wearing track pants. How long has it been since I last put on track pants? Way back in OBS, I think. So, that's like more than 2 years back.

Hoping I would get better by tomorrow or Wednesday. If not, can't really go out for dinner on Friday. Not to mention Wednesday, which is my mother's birthday, haven't thought of what to get for her yet...

Praying I'm able to work tomorrow as you know I already called in sick for twice before. And I've only been working 2 months. Not too good an impression I'm giving. Yet don't really feel like going in. Bored now~ don't want to do my AAA tutorial.

Was raining today. Fell on my ass on the slope down to Blk 72. Not the very public open main road. But the other side, nearer to the examination hall. Damn embarrassing. The road was wet. So imagine those manga scenes, where the character slipped on puddle of water, trying to right himself yet ended up bicycling his legs, and still landed on his butt. Sometimes even flat on his back.

Yep, I fell just like that, and landed on my butt with legs stretched out. Just less bicycling and with a loud FUCK. Like oww, painful can you say? My ass is flat as it is. Did not give much of a cushion. And I don't need it flatter. There's people walking there beside the few of us. Think I gave SeeYan and the guys behind me quite a scare.

Ok, recap on Cosfest 2004. It was fun, seeing people dressed up. There's a lot more of people in what's it called...Lolita?dressing than anime cosplay. Naruto, PoT, FMA, FF, there's also Celestine Zone. Chobits, there's more, only I don't recognize them. Regretted not get a camera there, would probably not ask them to pose anyway. Still.

I spent close to $100 there. For fanart bookmarks, which I would not use, they are very pretty. And pillows again. POT of course. One day, I'm going to bring it to school. Planning now. Maybe Mondays, when I have a 2 hour break.

Friday, July 2

Took down the previous post. Really far too big...Anyway, in other news, found out how to upload the pictures in my phone to my laptop. I can just *gasps* email it to my hotmail account!!

Not going to win any genius prize, is it? To prove that I did it.

Me playing around with my phone when I just got it. Titled "Acting Cute"

Taken yesterday when I was working. Those are shelves of worksheets at the back.