Monday, September 29

Ok...haha...exactly one week since my previous entry. WHAT did YOU expect?! I'm a poor spineless student studying in Singapore who is still depending on my parents for board and food. How interesting a life do you expect me to have?! Anyway, just finished my BSTA tutorial. The one I'm supposed to hand in tomorrow. Still pondering if I should do this week's tutorial now...hmph...

Well, another apathetic entry is not what's on my agenda today. One interesting thing that happened last night was using my sister's mike to record our (meaning the three daughters of the Tan family) voices. Seeing that I am such a generous soul, I have decided to put mine up for the entertainment of those out there. Go on, have a good laugh at it. Well, I will be the first to admit it sounds hideous. Those who heard me sing before should know I normally do not sound like that. I sound better, don't tell me I'm in self-denial. I DO sound better. By how much, will be a thing based on who you are and who you are comparing me to.

Ok, enjoy it, all you masochistic fools out there. Well, as soon as I get my sister to get it up. I repeat, I normally sound better.

Click To Hear Me Sing

Monday, September 22

You represent... angst.
You represent... angst.
You have an extremely cynical outlook on just about
everything. It's okay to sulk and be
depressed, but life is short, and you only get
one. It's only what you make it, and only you
can make it improve.

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This is such a hellish weekend. Spent my entire day worrying over CIP presentation...Essential materials is with one of my group mates, and she happens to choose this time to disappear off the face of this planet. Slept at 4.30 last night. What for? The same bloody irritant named CIP.

I don't think I have been this hardworking since the night I mugged for my Geography 'O' paper II. Even then, I was asleep by 1am. Ya, I'm insomniac, so you would think it doesn't matters one way or another? Wrong, precious. It makes me value my sleep even more. Oh well, hopes she got my sms and send me those materials by tomorrow morning. If not, i will need to drag my laptop all the way to school and up and down the hills and valleys of bA. Blk 72 then BLK 50.

Oh what brillant ray of sunlight I am. The sky are so...... nicely darkended. Just a nice cool chill. Hey, did I mention I'm having my NAFA test next friday? Ya, one week to get in shape for the run...-_-''' I haven't been running since sec3, i don't run well then I don't run well now, didn't even run the required rounds then. Oh well, life is a piece of shit. Or is it bucket-full of shit??

Sunday, September 21

I've heard all these stories, the tales of the many lifetimes a soul traverses.

They say sometimes a love can be so strong it crosses from one lifetime to another. Perhaps my love can guide me to him in the next lifetime. I dare not think I might have a love that is deep enough, but one can always hope.

I can always hope.

Tuesday, September 16

What a wasted day this is...okay, maybe not totally but still wasted. Woke up this morning at 8plus, planned to get online and surf net, seeing how I am supposed to be logging onto MeL at 10am for my CIP e-learning. Haha, I have too much faith in myself, lazed till 9.45am before dragging myself out of bed to log on.

I'm sure many have a very benefiting discussion but it just didn't cut it for me. My group decided to do the discussion today. Okay I agreed too, yet how can you not when you seems to be the only one with no real matter of importance yet don't want to show up. We did no dicussion, 1 showed up late, 1 had to leave early for lecture. Well, not that we have alot of important things and information to share.

Ended up spending 1 hour just chatting with my classmates, only to spend another 1 hour watching anime in the library. TRIGUN, nice lame anime...might consider getting it into my collection. Onto Dancesports, learned bit of Latin ChaCha today. Oh, the treasurer broke the news to us we need to pay $30/month for instuctor's fees. Hmph, seriously reconsidering joining Dancesports. I would really rather spend the money on my animes and comics. Now, I am just dead beat. Seriously not in the mood to do tutorials. Not that I ever was in the mood but at least I still tried.

So, maybe this day is not as wasted as I made it sound. But given a day like this and a day spent lazing at home online, I would pick the latter. Weird but I think I would feel more accomplished that way. Hey onnas, remember to tell me your decision about staying in Dancesports ok?

Friday, September 12

Ladies and gentlemen, today is a fine fine day. I woke up this morning to get ready for my PE class...Like any other person with some freaking sense in him/her, I refused to get up. Of course, I have a good more dose of sense than others ... ...also a healthy fear of the game called volleyball. I still wonders if I did the right thing when I choosed it for my PE class, as my other alternative is fitness conditioning. With each passing lesson, I really feels that I would have fared better in fitness conditioning... after all, who doesn't knows how to run. Even if I hates running, but I CAN run. Anyway, back to my morning at hand, I stayed in bed staring at the ceiling till it was too late. so I remained underneath my cozy blanket till it was 8am. Haha, a very wise decision indeed. It started raining, rather heavily too. I thought my class would be let off easy. Well, they did ended class early but not before running 2.4km, doing sit-ups and 21 push-ups (7 normal, 7 spider and 7 with palm on top of each other) My IS classmate- Siti, told me.

Haha, not a very fair deal is it? Haha, pardon me, I need a few more minutes to gloat. Very wise decision indeed. HAHAHA, are my minutes up yet? Ok, I went to watch Turn Left Turn Right. Nice story, romantic comedy... oh yeah, not to mention the eye candy that is Takeshi Kaneshiro. But I feel that Edmund Chen stole the show with his ridiculous antics, even with that horrible voiceover.

Ah... haven't watched a movie by myself since January, so long that it seems that I have forgotten how nice it is. Have I mention that today is a fine fine day? Oh well, I have a compulsion to mention it again. 2.4km...who cares if I'm marked absent for PE? Hahaha....fine fine day, ladies and gentlemen.

Wednesday, September 10

It's just another stupid day in my likewise stupid life. To the higher power up above, why am I here on earth for? Please please give me a clue, a sign, anything. I believe there must be more meaning to my life than gracing the rest of your common creations with my wonderful presence. I'm sure they, mere beings that they are, can amuse themselves while I seek pleasure and amusement in something more fulfilling than brightening their lives with my smiles.

While I find it an continued insult to my intelligence that there are still some who persist in trying measure my greatness, I am pleased to say that the grade the BSTA tutor give me is...erm... ...acceptable. What grade did i get, you may ask? Well, darling, just a mere 80%. You may think that this is just a fairly good grade, but sweetheart, I have to think about the rest of those who looks at me as an rival. After all, one should always be considerate not to shatter all hopes of others. However naive they may be.

Anyway, this is an part of my sister's blog. "I was in my room singing along to the mp3 playing when my sister" that sister is me, of course, well continuing, "blurted out: "you are really tone deaf." *Rolls eyes* Yes, I am tone deaf~ But do you have to throw the fact straight into my face? Why? Why? Why does god bless me with such good looks and matched with the voice of a beast? Why?!Fine... Not so good looks... Fine Fine.... Just okay looks....OK FINE! Why does god bless me with looks and voice of a beast?!"

-_-'''...erm... Well since she is the one that is going to be doing all the layout and stuff for my blog ( Yes, there IS something that i am bad at. After all, I am not the power up above, i am not omipotent. There is little that I don't know but this "IT stuffs" is one of them), I am going to keep the fact that she is a bit delusional to myself for just a while yet. Looks? What Looks? Opps! I just wrote it, oh well, so be it. If i'm not the one breaking the news to her, someone else will. Hearing it from a close one will make it *just that bit* easier... ...I hope.

Monday, September 8

Ok...Today for OCOM, we did our group presentations. Well, Ms.Fantastic here, ruined it for my group. It's a presentation of 20 mins, each had about 5 mins to talk about our each section...Guess what i did? I finished mine in less than 2mins.-_-''' Which meant that the last person had to talk crap for another 3 mins which is damn near impossible. Sorry guys, I just blanked out at the last min. Okay, so it was not last min but...ya, the phrase works. Well, I wouldn't be surprised if my group did badly cuz of me. (so i suxed at presentation, i'll have you know that I have others talents,k??) shit, i still have OB presentation to go...not to mention, more that our sadistic lecturers and tutors will pile on us later. Will someone just take a axe to me and get it over and done with? It's imhumane to toture a person so...