Tuesday, August 25

sick sick...

was supposed to work morning, then meet up with eve/janice/june for dinner. in the end, took mc.
hai~ soon, they will be asking me to submit a doctor's letter explaining my poor state of health, which is lame. If I took 5 MC over many months, how is the doctor going to explain it? Not everyone has strong immunity system. T__T

Hope my flu clear up soon. Hate this burning sensensation in my nose...I would very much prefer the dripping nose. Both will be irritating, but at least, with the dripping nose, you can wipe it and be comfortable for at least a few seconds till it drips again. Lesser of the two evils, I guess.

Numbers of PC in our house has increased! My younger sis got a new DELL laptop. So that made it 4 laptop and 1 currently spoilt desktop at home. Going to fix it soon...



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