Friday, March 30

- tagged -

And just as I was reading all those weird things of the people I stalk on Livejournal.

These are the rules: Each player of this game starts out by giving 6 weird things about themselves. People who get tagged need to write in a blog of their own 6 weird things as well as state the rules clearly. In the end, you need to choose 6 peoples to be tagged and list their names. After you do that, leave them each a comment letting them know you tagged them and to read your blog!

1) I sing the Elmo song or make funny/weird noises at random times.

2) I check my download compulsively. I even screen-cap it together with the clock each time i check so that I can tell how far it has moved along since the last check. And it has not moved a single MB since afternoon. Here's the last screen-cap since I restarted it at 8pm.
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3) I have the back of a old woman. I'm aching all over, and twisting and turning no longer gives me the satisfying cracking sound accompanied by the sense of relief. I need to go for a massage where they would step all over me and possibly break my bones. That should help.

4) I cannot stand cold air blowing straight onto my skin. At this moment, I am sitting under a blue blanket with only my head and fingers exposed. Yesterday, I was wearing jacket, long pants over my usual shirt and shorts.

5) I cannot stand hot/stuffy weather too. I force my younger sister to switch off the air-con in the afternoon (which she hates me for) and I would switch on the fan. Switch it off again in 5 minutes, and switch it on again in another five minutes. Is it any wonder why the remote control is sitting permanently on my desk?

6) I arrange the food on my plate, or in a fastfood restaurant, things on my tray. The drink have to be at the top right-hand corner, and the side-orders have to the left. Won't start eating till they are arranged, and when I am done, the serviette and sauce packaging has to be kept away, preferably hidden from sight.

I one. The only other known reader of my blog other than Angela would be SeeYan. She don't keep a blog. Maybe we should go back to doing this in emails. We would get so much more replies that way.

Tuesday, March 27

Sims2 Account Number Two

Well,I am actually just wasting time. My clubbox download needs another half an hour to complete. My sister (elder) is really addicted to the game. "I wanna play Sims" Singing that in my ear... And she's playing it the normal way...

Normal way - NOT how I am playing it definitely. Creating a family of four, just to kill them off. Experimenting which is the fastest way to off a sim. First - Trap it in a swimming pool. Swim to death, exhaustion/drowning. Second - Trap in a empty room. Third - Room with fire grill. Fourth - Room with fire grill, armed with fire alarm.

Findings - The fireman cannot enter out of nowhere, unlike a doctor. If your room is big enough, the sim would just fall to the ground in exhaustion. To kill him/her faster, just give it enough room to stand not sleep. Fire is easiest/quickest way. A sim that died in fire is red in colour. A sim that died in water drips water. Most irritating trait is that it would drip water all over.

Really, being my sim sucks. I made one lives alone (in hope I'll be able to control it better), have no social life. It's visited by the social bunny twice within the span of three days...Well, still I like building better. I'm able to spend hours building the house happily, and I would get sick of living out the sim's life in less than an hour.

Well from tomorrow or should I say today, my younger sister would be the one playing it. Really need to work on the accounts thing for my mother. DOTS. Yet to start on it one bit...

Monday, March 19

My List

Since I do not want a list at the side...

  • Paying off my parents's CPF
  • BA (Hons) Fine Art : Painting and Drawing/BA (Hons) Fashion Design
  • Ability to understand/speak Japanese and Korean
  • A smaller nose (smaller noses for my future children too)
  • Skinny thighs
  • Bringing my weight down to 47Kg or 46Kg
  • Samsung U700
  • Adidas Jacket - Franz Beckenbauer Track Top
  • A gigantic teddy bear
  • Nintendo DS Lite
"A want is something you would like to have. It's not absolutely necessary, but it would be a good thing to have." Economics. Said nothing about being realistic.



Once again, I sucks at playing Sims. All I'm interested (and able to play) is the building part. DOTS. At first, I'm modeling the house too big. After like 5 minutes of playing and my younger sister going "I told you so", I scaled it down. LOL

Well, I like the building part. Luxury house. I cheat, give them the best. I do not believe in starting with your normal amount, work, earn and upgrade. I mean, it's a game anyway. Why suffer and go through the tedious process? We have enough of that in real life.

Hahaha, I do not like controlling the sims at all. They moved too slowly. Even without free will of their own, I do not really see them doing what I want them too. "They won't stop till you told them too." LOL Okay~~ Whatever.

I need to find names....For residential areas. I'll build then get my sister to play. Or I'll trap and kill off the sims. Hahahaha...Still need to work on my game plan. Hehehe

Wednesday, March 14

Introducing My New Love - SarangHooEh


Ignore those bundles of wires and random stuff. The space just look clustered because everything is black in colour. Included are my mp3 charger and random fan remote. Didn't clear them away before I took the picture.

Sarang Hoo Eh, which literally translates into Love After. Exactly what it is to me, so naming it that... LOL, so ya, I'm back online. All thanks to Angela's brother - Chris, who help me to fix this up, even come over to my house yesterday to reinstall the OS.

Whahaha....I will rebuild my reign of terror!

Saturday, March 10

This cannot be more difficult for me...

My laptop really has gone over to the other side now...The screen went blank on me, or should I say the lights has gone out of it. Quite literally too.

It's like I can still sense it, but it is in the deep dark blackness. Tried reaching out to it, but I guess it would be in vain. Would send out a flare to seek magical assistance to revive it, but it would be a hard and long struggle on both of us. I really should not prolong its pain. I really hate to let go, but I have to. Nothing can replace my love for it...

R.I.P, s10005098.
You will be sorely missed.
April 2002 - March 2007

Okay, translation. My laptop screen really went blank on it, or maybe the bulbs lighting up the screen has blown. I really have no idea, IT mechanics deludes me. Really, I can see it, behind the darkness. However, nothing is readable. I cannot even trace the mouse arrow accurately. So, ya. Attempting to repair it would not be wise, both in sense and cents. Oh, the wonderful years. However, I really need to seek a replacement soon. Or I might have withdrawal symptoms.

In fact, I'm using my sister's laptop now...A minute away from the wonders of the world wide web would really kill me...

Friday, March 9

I need to mourn

My laptop is really dying on me...It won't stops jumping...Why oh why?

Mourning is in the simplest sense synonymous with grief over the death of someone. The word is also used to describe a cultural complex of behaviours in which the bereaved participate or are expected to participate. Customs vary between different cultures and evolve over time, though many core behaviors remain constant.

Wearing dark, sombre clothes is one practice followed in many countries, though other forms of dress are also seen. Those most affected by the loss of a loved one often observe a period of grieving, marked by withdrawal from social events and quiet, respectful behavior. People may also follow certain religious traditions for such occasions.

Mourning may also apply to the death of, or anniversary of the passing of, an important individual like a local leader, monarch, religious figure etc. State mourning may occur on such an occasion. In recent years some traditions have given way to less strict practices, though many customs and traditions continue to be followed.

Would JY kill me if I'm a no-show??

Tuesday, March 6

My laptop is receiving much abuse from me lately...

I think my laptop is seeking retirement...There's something wrong with my laptop...Well, there has always been something wrong with my laptop but now it's getting more serious today...

My screen keeps flashing/trembling as if it's experiencing an internal earthquake. Not like my sister's laptop disco lights that flashes on and off, but more of like a TV that has bad reception. I can still continue doing whatever I want. However, I would only give myself a headache that way...

It just trembles suddenly then stops suddenly. Sometimes hammering at it (the keyboard or the screen itself) helps, some times it just make it trembles more violently.

...Dots. No! I cannot retire it now! I have no money to~~~

Monday, March 5

english police...dots

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Useless and hateful conversation

ME: u have anything in mind for what u want as ur gift or not?
JY: i want bmw sports car
ME: kk, u want the paper type?
ME: but i think ur mother would throw me out of her house for giving u that,
ME: whaha
JY: wei wei
JY: u forever can twist things want
JY: dun wan
JY: seriously la
JY: i dun really know
ME: kk....u want bmw sports car, wait till i marry a tycoon in my next life, i'll give
JY: u...
ME: erm....clothes? accessories? make-up? lol
JY: i dun wan make up
JY: i hardly use them
ME: kk...

It's now 1.38AM on a Monday morning.

We have shiny new watches. LOL We meaning the females meaning everyone in my family except for my father. He got a $660 voucher from City Chain at his retirement dinner. So ya, shiny shiny new watches. This is the first time I actually own a watch that cost more that $ $20. So ya, treating it with care and wearing it only for outings/dinners.

Mine is a CITIZEN metal striped with a pastel orange face. Pastel orange(that is a bit pinkish) face with little hearts in one small corner. My elder sister expressed her surprise that I got it. Said it didn't seems like a watch I would get.

Younger sister's a DKNY bronzed stripped one. It's actually very nice. A nice dark rusted bronze. It's very slim with long rectangular face. And the way the bronzed metal clips are joined together in a unique pattern.

Elder sister's TITUS metal stripped with a dark blue/black face. Very simple classic design, recommended by the sale assistant. She did not go along with us to shop so we have to ask for recommendations. We were a bit clueless on what sorts of design to get for her seeing that she hardly wears a watch in the first place.

My mother's TITUS leather-stripped with a 3D face. It's interesting how the face slopes down inwards. It comes with two stripes - white and brown.

Well, so ya...I really wanted a guy's watch. Those with big faces. My parents think the one I got is too big as it is...And I happen to think it's tiny or average sized. Why oh why?

It's now 2.00AM, and I was planning to watch Letter from Iwo Jima at 10.30AM in Westmall. Caught Flags of Our Fathers myself at Westmall myself a few months back too. Expressing my earnest displeasure at GV not showing the shows I want to catch. Not the first time it happens too. Should be going out on Wednesday with Angela to get JY's birthday gift...What are we to get for JY? I sincerely have no idea...