Tuesday, September 28

Seriously yo, I can't put my laptop on the kitchen table.

There will be ants underneath my laptop after! GROSS! They will crawl into my E drive tray....And all those little holes at the bottom of my laptop! Ewww...

Then, when I shift my laptop into my sister's room table. The ants disappear! I mean, do ants nests in the wood of table? Then, what forces them out? The slow humming of my laptop starting or the heat of the laptop?

Because they don't appear the first time round, they will definitely appear the second time. Like for example, I placed it there last night to do my stuff, and everything was fine and dandy. Then, just now when I switched on my laptop when I came home, they were there beneath!

And now they are gone again! Sick. Now, I am forced to shift again in my sister's room. On the table or laying on the floor. Anything is better than the sight of ants beneath my laptop again...

Monday, September 27

Finished one module today - Marketing (PMKT). Presented in formal wear, all my points were jumbled up in my head. At one point, I even went "OH Yeah!". -.- real cute.

Wore heels, they were paining me the entire time I was in school. Ended up doing my part bare-footed. Which kind of defeats the purpose of me wearing heels to school. And I have to repeat this stunt on Friday for ECD. Then, I HAVE to wear them, for it's a really formal thing with pretend investors and all that crap.

Came home and went into the bathroom straight to wash the wax off my head. I have it caked on my hair. Damn irritating, my hair is sticky and looks dry. Have to wash it 3 times before I felt the wax was completely off.

Now, I think I'll sleep off my headache. The headache that have been pestering me for 2 weeks and insist upon returning at the most inappropriate time. -_______________-

Friday, September 24

I am damn tired right now. In EC tutorial now, waiting for the tutor to get to my group.

Really damn tired, eyes are so heavy. Getting heavier by the second too.

Tuesday, September 21

Haven't been posting much here recently. I have been insanely busy this past week. Was always rushing for project works. Hopefully, it would come to an end soon.

Went to Hard Rock Cafe last Friday with Angela and YiXian. Those two were, at one point, demanding that we be swore sisters. So, ya we did an informal thingy which involves cheers with ice tea and coke. LOL, the thing was fun and really cool. The lead singers have such nice voices. We only stayed for two sets through. YiXian wanted to go back to study. (HA! Like she did studied much in the end.) Well, we did kind of agreed to go back and listen to one entire performance when we are less tied down with school work.

Now, I only need to write the 700 words assignment, which I realized is a lot harder than I thought it would be. I just don't know how to string all my words into coherent sentences...

I need to finish editing of ECD report too. Getting together tomorrow in the morning to settle everything...

One thing through, I have a sore throat. What bad timing. I have one PQS presentation on Thursday, another two EC and ECD on Friday. Following Monday, would be the PMKT one. Wonder how bad my voice would get then, as it's already painful for me to sallow....

Die liao....I am going to sound so much like a frog.....

Friday, September 17

It is 3 am in the morning, and I just spent half an hour shaving my legs...Hahaha, am I bimbotic or what?! Well, at least I recongize that this is no move of a sane person, so hey! There's hope for me.

Partially is because I don't want go over to Angela's house later today with hairy legs...Hahaha, would be like disgusting. Knowing me, I would draw attention to my legs myself and spend half the night over them. LOL Really looking forward to it. Studying and crapping through the night. xP

This way, I can take a bus home on Saturday afternoon without feeling like the world noticed I have hairy legs. Okay, so I am damn bimbotic after all.

Well, recapture on what happened today. Took my AAA test 2, like before, I didn't get to finish it. However I managed to wrote something for all questions. Well, I do think I would pass this time, but low 50s...Really borderlining it. I mean, for all my test so far, it's this kind of borderline passes....Except for EC...

There's must be something wrong with our tutors. One full Balance Sheet, full Statement of Change, full Income Statement/ Profit and Loss Apporiation, one partial Balance Sheet, and like how many journal entries?

What are we all Maths geniuses who do not need to think about the answers and are able to answer with inhumane speed?? THEY ARE MAD. M.A.D. MAD.

Got a look at Jasmine's today. Her hand is not so bad, well maybe worse than I think. Because I only took a look at her lower arms. But her lower back is full of bandages. Ouch, I would cry and whine over it if I was her. Imagining the skin stretching and tugging each time you took a step, sat down or stood up. I think I just might just lay in bed and demand to be feed and bathe till they healed. LOL. Scary.

So, Jasmine if you see this, take care dude.

Monday, September 13

Finally that monster of a report is done.

Damn proud of myself, manage to squeeze so much crap out of myself. Of course, it may not be some fabulous crap but hey! 10 pages of crap is a lot, thank you very much.

Now, to tackle the rest. I'll die a few hundred times before this semester is over.

Saturday, September 11

Haha i trying to post using my phone blah blah.

Friday, September 10

I Am Trying to Break Your Heart by Wilco

I am an American aquarium drinker
I assassin down the avenue
I'm running out in the big city blinking
What was I thinking when i let go of you?

Let's forget about the tongue-tied lightning
Let's undress just like cross-eyed strangers
This is not a joke so please stop smiling
What was I thinking when i said it didn't hurt?

I want to glide through those brown eyes dreaming
Take from the inside, lady gold on tight
You so right when you said i been drinking
What was i thinking when we said goodnight?

I want to hold you in the bible-black pre-dawn
You're quite a quiet domino, bury me not
Take off your bandaid because i don't believe in touchdowns
What was i thinking when we said hello?

I always thought that if i held you tightly
You'd always love me like you did back then
Then i fell asleep & the city kept blinking
What was I thinking when i let you back in?

I am trying to break your heart
I am trying to break your heart
Used to be lying when i said it wasn't easy
I am trying to break your heart

Disposable Dixie cup drinking
I assassin down the avenue
I'm running out in the big city blinking
What was I thinking when i let go of you?

Tuesday, September 7

Have not updated in quite a while. I have been rotting at home for the past days. Reading Naruto fanfics, instead of working on my PQS report like I'm supposed to. So now instead of passing the end product to my members yesterday, I pushed it to next Monday. -.-

Well, I did the background, it was surprisingly fast. Hopefully I would continue like this and get it done before Monday. Woke up this Monday trying to do my AAA. Guessed I got scared by my common test results. I only did two questions, but this time I didn't do the rest because I am actually puzzled by the materials. Look simple enough, only I don't know how to derive at the sums....

Hate it when that happens, would actually prefer it when I don't attempt the questions because of my laziness. Well, at least I got my PMKT marketing mix done. Haha, now I don't have to pull crap out of my ass to contribute to the discussion. Yeah! -.- But I do not understand the email Ronald sent me for ECD, luckily Alina didn't too. So I'm not the only one. Cool.

I only have 15 minutes left of online time....Guess I would read fanfics instead of LJs then. LOL
My god, the decisions I have to make in life....

Thursday, September 2

I am in PQS class right now, this is really shitty. None of the students are really listening to her. She made us bring our laptop yet didn't tell us to do the online survey.

My results thus far is really very bad. For AAA, I got 51/100. I'm actually happy for this as I expected to fail in the first place as I didn't do my last question. However, I'm pretty upset about my OM, 25/50. JUST PASSED?!

I mean, wtf?! I know I would not do well yet still this is still too much....so I'm now screwed. Have to work really hard for my exams now and pray that our group assignment would score quite/really well...