Friday, December 26

MHAhahaha, I don't know what I did to deserve this, but it has been a fantastic day for me! First, I went over to Jurong Point. I got my hands on one comics that I have been hungering over for god knows how long. Then, to Westmall, found the next number to the same series I was talking about before. Can you believe my luck?

I reserved another comics that is pretty much limited. It would cost me about 22 but hey, who cares? Another thing, I got a bear free! And this bear is part of the decorations in Westmall. That is besides the point, but hey, I get to keep a little part of history with me. T_T

Well, it went like this. When we first got to Westmall, they were just beginning to bring down all those bears from the Christmas Tree. My sister and I were making lame jokes about how we can steal one of them without the people noticing. Like attaching string to the arms of the bear and pulling it off behind us. Or just making a dash with the bear and out of the doors. So when we were about to leave, I saw one lady holding on to his huuuuuuuuuuuge furry bear. I thought that she was taking the bear home. So I asked her if I could take one too. Haha, turned out that she was one of the staff. She pointed me to her boss and her boss gave me one! A hairy one. Not furry but hey, beggars can't be choosers right? The bear is yellow and hairy. Maybe about 50 cm long, from ear to feet. Haha, adding to the pillows I got this month....I can really start a collection of cuddly stuff.

Lastly, I went over to Anime House in Bugis. They have all those anime I want! I completed my Hikaru no Go, started on Greed Island. It is the first 8 episodes but the lady said that they are uncertain if they were planning to continue with it. Those animators in Japan. -.- I got a new series, Fruits Basket. Was actually planning to complete another series, but they only have it in separate volumes. I will want for them to release them in a box. Haha.

So...Now, I am very very busy. I have about 5 or 6 different DVD's to watch. Adding to the one English novel and 4 Chinese ones. Not to mention all the other crap that I read online. Oh yea, I am one busy person. Hahaha,can I get anymore smug? Mmm...I do believe I can! Mhahahaha.

Thursday, December 25

Today is Christmas Day. Went to my uncle's house-warming party. It is very near to Sun Plaza. I went there for a walk. Saw something pretty amusing. At the Coffee Bean outlet, the staff presented a dance. First, they made an announcement, which no one could hear. Because it was too soft with a damnable amount of static. They dance to a song of Beyonce. Christmas song, I have no idea what it's called. Very amusing. Many stopped in their shopping to watch.

If only things like that happen all the time, perhaps then, Singapore would have more of the Christmas spirits. Or perhaps we should just pray for a miracle and hope that it will snow.

Saturday, December 20

I went back to St. Margarets' today to work as Changyue said she needs help. Reason being the girls on attachment are not too good. Was there the entire day, I think they caused them, meaning the permanent staffs, lots of trouble. Books were packed the wrong way. Messes were during the packaging. Being very careless with books. Oh yea, they took an hour lunch break too, when we don't have that kind of practice.

Finally, at 3 plus, Changyue couldn't stand it anyway. Wanted to actually send them home, just sending them home. They were actually planning on giving a harsh de-briefing after knock-off. Yea, but happened right then. I was very interested in how it all went. What were said. Sadistic, much? But Angela dragged me away. She was pretty interested too. So we went and did our stuff while listening in. Haha. Well, human nature.

Ya, so they told me that they wanted me to help them out tomorrow, Monday and Tuesday. Tuesday being the all important day, secondary one orientation. I am to be one of those handling the sales of the completed set of textbooks.
Shit, I must learn to count fast again with a calculator. And how to cross cheques and all that. Hell...

Went o YiXian's bbq today. Was pretty good. We sat and they served us. Like whoa... Anyway, the satays are like damn nice. Ate a lot. A LOT. I can't tell what kind of meat it is. Likely to be chicken but it is very, very sweet. Damn NICE!
Anyway, dead beat right now, going to crash now...Still needs to wake up at 5.30am tomorrow. And it's like 1am already...Oh yeah, this is my first post after a change in layout.

Thursday, December 18

I got this off an of the numerous quotes that pops up all over....
Chance or choice?

When we meet the right person to love when we're at the right place at the
right time, that's chance. When you meet someone you're attracted to,
that's not a choice, that's chance. Being caught up in a moment (and
there's a lot of couples who get together because of this) is not a
choice. That's also a chance.

The difference is what happens afterwards. Will you take that infatuation,
that crush, that mind-blowing attraction to the next level? That's when all
sanity goes back, you sit down and contemplate whether you want to turn
this into a concrete relationship or just a fling.

If you decide to love a person, even with his faults, that's not a chance.
That's choice. When you choose to be with a person, no matter what, that's
choice. Even if you know there are many people out there who are more
attractive, smarter, cuter and richer than him or her, and yet, you decide
to love them just the same, that's choice. Infatuation, crushes, attraction
comes to us by chance. But true love that lasts is truly a choice. A choice
that we make. There's a beautiful movie quote that I believe is so true
about this: "Fate brings you together, but it's still up to you to make it
happen." We came to the world not to find someone perfect to love..... BUT
to learn how to love an imperfect person perfectly...

Saturday, December 13

Today, I went to my dad's Family Day. Meaning the me, my 2 sisters and my 2 cousins. He promised them goats and all. However it turned out that we were not able to see all the goats as it was raining. So the people there gave us a tour through the farm. We looked at bees, plants and all those sorts of boring stuff. Stuff that do not move and do not interest my cousins at all.

My two cousins ran amok. They like to shift to the front to look at whatever the guides were showing us. Could be they thought that they might be showing the goats. Anyway, my sister just calmly stood there while I went to the front to keep an eye on them. My sister later told me that I do not actually need to worry, for they would always turn back to look for them. If she had told me that earlier. Perhaps I wouldn't worry as hell, they did all sorts of things before that. Touching the specimen, stepping onto things.

Then, at lunch, I need to serve one of the two cousins. For she seemed unable to properly eat her food. Table too tall, didn't know how to use her utensils properly. I am just damn glad that I was looking after the elder one. She is nicer, actually ate what I told her. The younger one, whom my elder sister was serving, seemed to be damn picky about her food.

Hell, I don't think I have ever been that "motherly" before. Hopefully, I wouldn't need to have a similar experience again.
In no particular order
> * 10 ppl u wanna meet
> 1. Cleopatra
> 2. Me in the future
> 3. The person I'm destined to be with
> 4. Mulan
> 5. Laurell K. Hamilton
> 6. Seiyunn(s) of Gundam Wing
> 7. Seiyunn(s) of Prince of Tennis
> 8. Seiyunn(s) of Slam Dunk
> 9. Konomi Takeshi-sensei (Creator of Prince of Tennis)
> 10. The Creator of SlamDunk
> 9 things you wear almost everyday
> 1. my watch
> 2. anklets
> 3. "molecule" identity
> 4. my cross
> 5. bracelet
> 6. strings on my wrist
> 7. rings
> 8. my glasses
> 9. clothing
> 8 of your favorite food
> 1. chocolate
> 2. sweets
> 3. chicken
> 4. fish
> 5. prawns
> 6. fries
> 7. burgers
> 8. chips
> 7 of your closest friends
> 1. JingYun
> 2. Angela
> 3. YiXian
> 4. Johanna
> 5. HuiPing
> 6. Merc
> 7. ShiFei

> 6 of your fav. shows
> 1. Matrix (all 3 of them)
> 2. Underworld
> 3. Slam Dunk
> 4. Gundam Wing
> 5. Prince of Tennis
> 6. HunterXHunter
> 5 things in my room
> 1. bed
> 2. bags
> 3. comics
> 4. textbooks
> 5. pillows
> 4 things you ate today
> 1. MacDonalds
> 2. Long John Silver
> 3. Peanuts
> 4. Cookies
> 3 things u cannot live with out
> 1. Anime
> 2. Stories
> 3. Food
> 2 books u read recently
> 1. Nora Roberts's Holding the Dream
> 2. Lori Foster's Too Much Temptation
> 1 person u cannot go a day with out mentioning
> 1. Atobe

Friday, December 12

Went Malaysia today with my family. Extended Family as in Mother's side. Did nothing much, bus trips were long.

Went on a boat ride, saw interesting fishes. One thing that struck me as funny was when this boat guide hung this bait for the fish. This fish supposedly could jump straight up and eat the bait. Mmm...It's called "Jump Water Fish". That was the direct translation from the chinese name that guy told us. So everyone waited with bated breath for THE SCENE to happen. Nothing happened for the longest time, then when everyone turned to do something else, the fish took the bait. Luckily, I was still keeping half an eye on the bait so I saw. Haha. How DIVA of the fishes. Refusing to perform the crowd.

Still have no clear idea which state that was. I think it's JB but hey...who knows.

Purpose was to go visit the family of my Aunt's (the newest youngest uncle from my mom's side) family. Their house is freaking big. They had this old building on the right side. Wooden and all. Then, this newly constructed one on the left. My cousins ran through screaming and shouting. There is like at least 7 rooms in there. Like...WHOA...

I didn't get anything, but my mum got a hell lots of snacks. Heck, I am going to get so fat this holidays. All the weight that I lost during my job period is going to pile back on...and more. McDonald's' yesterday, KFC today, Long John Silver tomorrow. And the cycle starts all over again.


Wednesday, December 10

MHAhahaha! I'm damn excited at this moment. I have downloaded the Prince of Tennis musical. It is damn funny. So of the dance moves looks really cool. Some are really strange, but all that adds to the overall "fun" of it. MHahahaha. I have the Prince of Tennis musical on my hands.

They say that they are doing the second one. All this is actually on DVD's. I think I really should consider buying it. This first one and the second one that is to come. Mmm....

Tuesday, December 9

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There must be a hell lot of crappy files in my laptop that no one ever uses. My laptop have been acting weird this few days. Winamp not working properly, Explorer failing to load. And those .avi files giving all sorts of other crap. So I did one Norton scan on the entire shitty thing. The last time I did it, it took less than 45mins. This time, it took 332:56 mins. 123713 files were scanned. What the heck are all these files?! Ya, I know, me being a IT idiot would not even begin to comprehend even if Bill Gates gave me an one-to-one tutorial. But what the fuck! That was entirely too long and a hell lot of too many files!

It was so damn freaking long. My sister and I decided to play all sorts of games with a set of poker cards without the aces, waiting for it to finish. Games like Happy Family, Memory, and snap. Even she cannot stand the wait and decided to go to sleep. The freaking thing only finished at 4am this morning. I was like staring at it the entire freaking time. Doing abso-freaking-lutely nothing. I don't have any novels with me because they are in other room. I can't enter the room for fear of waking up my mother. I can do nothing so as not to slow the speed down even more. Bast it all to kingdom come and back.

Note to self: If ever I wanted to do another scan again, delete all freaking rubbish in the internet temporary folder first. Half of the time was spent in there. I saw freaking weird files names in there. Batman, and spiderman. WTF?!

Saturday, December 6

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Friday, December 5

Take the Spirit Quiz and visit Castle Diqueria.

Thursday, December 4

Deck the Halls
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This is going to be one damn long entry. I got my results today. Hurray, failed none. Which means I don't have to retake any modules.

Whoa! I got a B for this! I'm like so bloody surprised. Expected to fail this one. Had been groaning about this in entries prior to the examinations. The tutor was like you know shit about PBL 3, in more polite words of course. So hey, I passed. With a considerable good grade too. I am so not going to question this, and just count my blessings.

Microeconomics - D+
This is one of the subjects I am pretty disappointed with. Granted, I understand with the shit I wrote for my final paper, plus not finishing the last question which cost me at least 20 marks, I am not going to get that fantastic a grade for this. However, I still expect a minimum C for this. Oh well. I think I'll get over it.

Right about now. (-.-)

This is another subject that I was pleasantly surprised with. Added nothing much of constructive value to the discussions, messing up all my presentations, I would have thought my CA grade would be a joke. The final paper for this is only a small 20%. So I was expecting a C or D for this. Hey, they want to give me a B, it is no skin off my back.

Well, this grade is of what I expected. Having done the paper in a rush, as I entered the hall late, with a pounding headache too. I know I am not going to get much out of this then. Thus, I was expecting this B. However, before the paper, I was pretty set on an A for this. Even an AD. I think I did pretty well for both my CA papers. The tutor was this onna who you would expect pretty high participation grades from. So ya, that was before the paper. Oh well, at least I got an B out of this.

OB - B+
Haha, I think anyone in my tutorial group would be shocked if they get anything above a C+ out of this. The tutor was one shithead who insisted with arguing with us over the points of context. Without telling us our mistakes. Kept comparing us with another tutorial group of his, telling us our context is not up to par. Oh whatever. He really had us shitting ourselves over this.

LMS - B+
Sports & Wellness - PX
Haha. I passed my Sports & Wellness. Guess my sister is right. As long as your attendance is there, they will pass you. Guess it is really true. I passed, still knowing nuts about volleyball. Hahaha.
LMS- I think I enjoyed this class. Passing it was pretty easy. Having fun and all. Hope my next IS modules would be like this.

Ok, that's the end of the results report.

Went Suntec City today to have our lunch. Our referring to me, my mother, 2 sisters, aunt, grandmother and 4 cousins. It was a buffet-style kind of thing. We ordered, they served. Only for the desserts, you have to get off your butts and walk around yourselves for. It was pretty nice. Had shark-fins. Yaya, protect the wildlife. I know, but hey the sharks are already killed and there for me. I'll go do my protesting some other day. I'll not serve shark- fins at my wedding in the future, if ever I am going to marry. For now, I'll just assume that the fins they got are taken from the those that are rear to be our food. Shark farm? I'm sure there is just a thing.

The food is decent. I puked twice. Hurray. I am now convinced I cannot eat a lot at a go. Instead, I would eat a little frequently. So hey, those of you who are used to going out with me hear this. Let me eat when I say I want to!! Having your food coming out again through your nose is SO not nice...

After this, we went to the Jurong East Swimming Complex. Had a lot of fun there. The wave thing is pretty cool. Except that I did not waddle too deep in. Not one of them want to go in. Not too fun bobbing along alone, is it? I went on the slides. 3 times. Once because my sister and mum want to see. Did they bring me there for entertainment? I still don't understand. What is so funny about it. They were laughing away when I cam out of the slides. It boggles the mind. Oh well. Did not get a tan luckily. The shade is up today. Cloud cover. 'O' levels geography, anyone? Hate to have uneven skin tones again when I just even out so recently. Lucky me.

Wednesday, December 3

MHAHAHAHAhahaha! Prince of Tennis episode 98 is out today on Anime-Otakus! Have been checking the site out daily this past week. Imagine my joy when I saw that it was out! Made just a din that my younger sister came out of the kitchen to see what was wrong. She had declared me insane. Heck, not like she was fangirling over the series too.

I knew what is the episodes all about of course. There are people out there with spoilers and screencaps left and right. I can't wait till they got all these fillers episodes done with and go on to the training with Hyotei. However that is like episode 109 or so. I think if a term of pregnancy would happen faster. Patience, patience, patience is a virtue. If I keep telling myself that, I might almost believe it.

Tuesday, December 2

Monday, December 1

you are darkslategray

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Your outlook on life is dark. You're generally a pessimist and everyone knows it; you're the one the come to when they don't want the sunshine blown around, they just want to straight truth. You can miss good things in life if you make up your mind too early though.
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