Saturday, August 23

星星眼~so pretty~so good~

Caught the ending of China's routine, followed by Japan, Spain and then Russia. Going to watch the entire thing again on Channel 5 later at 5.30PM

Apparently this is the first time Japan did not medal in Olympics history...I thought Spain's routine is already pretty damn good. Russia is even better! o_O


So flexible~~ Spinning as she was lowered into the water again.

So good so good, it's so difficult to capture any of their jumps. So fast. They took gold. Apparently again for the x-th time... Accordingly to the commenter, Russia taught synchronized swimming as a sport in school. o_O Why do we not have such cool sports in our school. LOL


All of the swimmers look a bit like aliens because of the things they put on their noses. LOL The bottom pic is of the Japan team. LOL Love the face of the girl on the left. Their routine quite graceful despite the face.

They are actually playing Spice Girls' Viva Forever at the National Aquatics Centre while waiting out for podium to be set up etc. dots.



Hahaha, because they are showing cycling live, synchronized swimming is pushed back to 5.30PM on Channel 5, less of a rush to go home now~ I can even take a bus home if I want to... LOL

They are still showing it on HDTV at 3PM. Let's see how, knowing me, I would still be cabbing home....

It would be the end (Closing Ceremony at 8PM) tomorrow. Hehehe, want to see how China waste their resources again then.


Tuesday, August 19

Driving (M 3m SF)


Don't seems as spectacular as the synchronized driving....and I am sleepy...fell asleep at 5am, and woke up at 9am...

Couldn't fall back asleep, now I am having a headache again...Hai...

Can the divers get amazing just about now??? I'm dozing off now...


Monday, August 18

Entertaining him entertaining myself

Long hair short hair?
I don't have hair.
What colour is your underpants?
I'm not wear any.
How old are you?
I'm eighty-eight.
Can I hug you?
I don't think so.
I love you.
Thank you.
Do you want to hug me?
No, I don't want.
Do you love me?
No I don't.
You are so sexy.
Thank you.
Can you speak Chinese?
No I can't. I'm Malay.
Can I hug your underwear?
I told you just now, I'm not wearing any.
You are naked?
Yes, I am naked.
Can I hug your swimsuit?
I'm not wearing a swimsuit.
Can I hug your bra?
I told you I'm not wearing any.
You are naked?
You are so sexy.
Thank you.
I love you.
Thank you.
Can you speak softer?
Can you speak softer?
I can't. I'm old already. It's natural to speak loudly.
I love you *whisper*
Thank you.
I love you*whisper even more softly*
Hello? Sir, can you speak up? I'm old, can't hear very well.

Did not quite manage to dead-pan my way through these conversations this time, was stumbling over words, laughing to myself. Had three calls with him, mainly him telling me that he loves me, and want to hug random articles of my clothing - underpants, bra, swimsuit (what??) ... Well, how sad is it that this is the most interesting call I have in a while. Shit cases all these while. Hai...

Call me more often~~Extension ***5! 要找我哦~~ I would try to sound like those Taiwan/Japan sex hot-line for you next time. DOTS


Sunday, August 17

mail from aboard


LOL I got a card from YX. She said that it's confirmed that she will be returning on 9 July 2009. Looks like we may be spending Angela's birthday at the airport next year too. LOL

Friday, August 15

headache ...part two

bloody hell....

I was late for work...simply because the headache got unbearable at 9.30AM...took pills and went to nap....The nap lasted till 1.40PM. shit shit am ALREADY late for work. the little drummers still partying away in my head. Should have just taken that as a sign and report MC for that day. Decided that I would be nice and not sabotage any poor souls. Called in, said I am late and am rushing down.

Instinct! Should have trusted it.

Just not a good day. Spent my lunch hour at my desk, trying to clear all the redundant LNs. Ate one garlic bread, one of eve's digestive biscuit for the entire day. No mood to eat at all. Well at least my body should be eating into all those excessive fats in my body. Too many calls, too many follow up, callbacks... Well, I guess I should say just sorting through my thousand and two LNs is a pain. Irritating customers - a guaranteed part of any bad day. Adel called many of my follow-up customers, just need to sort through the LNs from her, OIC and SOC. One huge blessing there. Thanks thanks! LOL

Coaching - turning a blind eye to it, do not really see how I should be faulted for it. Ok, you want to say I am not proactive enough. "Should not a agent of her vast experience have the boarder perspective to probe/clarify thing out?" Fine have it your way. First to pin-point, never to get anything else done. Was asked if I wanted to speak to her...Don't see how that would have help. Result of coaching: Agent read through LN and have no comment to add. LOL I have given up all hopes. Life is bleak. But we still need to soldier on strongly.

Unhelpful colleagues. I refer to your C833. Throw you the thing. HELLO!? I am OFF for 3 days lor! Let the poor guy called and called again. Let the HDPM people hit my inbox with 'hey, what the shit are you doing? Nothing?" LN, or at least polite LNs that means the same. Check again back with him - may I check with you if you have contacted customer yet? seeing I was off this while.

Paste again. "C833 for your reference."

HDPM's whats' more. shithead. Do you think I don't know how to read c833 on my own? Think I didn't go through them before I LNed you? Or are you just trying to provide me with more solid evidence that you let the poor guy hang there for 3 days, no call-out at all, while HDPM is searching high and low for a person who's OFF this while and HAVE her out-of-office turned on?

Bloody everlasting hell. Merging of the teams, you must be kidding me. Feeling so much like a glass bottle now, every day I get filled to the bottle-neck, barely able to take in more. Still, let's try to get that one last drop in. At the end of the day, you need to step pass the glass doors, turn yourself upside down to empty yourself out to ready yourself for the next day's assault. One day, enough would be enough, the cap comes down, no more I would say. More, more! Violently the bottle would be shook. Rages on till the bottle is hurled against the wall. Or the bottle cannot withstand the shaking, the cape off, the water spills out and rains down on all. Hopefully, it would rain blood. Hopefully, on impact, the bottle would breaks into million pieces and cut into someone. It should always end in blood.

One highlight of the day. I can watch synchronized swimming on 23rd AUG! LOL Xiaohui sent out LN checking when we wanted to claim our two hours off. I managed to take it on 23rd. Without lunch, meaning I knock off at 3PM barring all accidents. Xiaohui was saying that it's not worth it for me to claim it on a Saturday. Still, yeah. synchronized swimming! I need to cab home. to watch on TV. not my PC like I am doing now...still....yeah! LOL

There would be swimming and gymnastics tomorrow or today I should say....LOL

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Thursday, August 14


been having a bloody headache for the past two pills seems to be helping...

slept at 5AM just now, and just could not fall back asleep...and i am on afternoon shift going to die...headache does not help either....

bloody hell...

Tuesday, August 12

My new schedule...


Re-done up now...Kinda sad that I would be missing the synchronized swimming team free routine on the 23rd, I would be stuck at work. And there's no repeat telecast. Sian....


Desktop now at the moment....Grids all over. LOL. Got kinda irritated that I need to keep double-clicking on the picture file, might as well just put it into my wallpaper for the moment....Olympics taking over. Desktop, Blog, even the team song. "Beijing Welcomes You" LOL

Archery at the moment. The Korean support team is so hyper and cheerful. I see the big plush suits during the 2006 world cup. Cam-whores, so eye-catching...Ah-ha! As I type, this family keeps waving at the camera, not paying attention to their own country's archer at all. LOL

There should be lots of repeat of the Athletics...just see which one I would be able to catch...But I want to watch the synchronized free routine...Blah...How do i record?




Wah... the Chinese are damn good...don't see much appeal in the Mexicans though...I really like the Koreans dive for the first two rounds. Very sharp and no splash at all. But that that much after that...Apparently according to the commentors, they are new to the diving scene.


Multi-task, multi-task. re-doing my schedule and watching at the same time....


damn it!

I referred to the wrong schedule and missed gymnastics...argh...

Since I am watching on the steaming site, I should have referred to HD5, instead of channel Five timing....Bloody hell, well at least I can catch Diving now...



Monday, August 11

My viewing schedule


Would try to catch as many of those as i wish I do not need to work...Obviously, not really interested in the Singapore's hopefuls in Sailing and Table-tennis.

Swimming, Diving all the way!


The two guys in question for the mouth open commentary. I believe one of them is Michael Phelps if I am not wrong. Damn good swimmers... I missed Ian Thorpe ...going to try to catch Pieter Van den Hoogenband in swim...


How long can you keep your mouth open?

LOL....The commentary of the Olympics Male Relay Swim.

GOLD for the US! World Record!


Seriously, I agree with the commentary, how long do you intend to keep your mouth open? whahahaha....

Damn fast and exciting. Damn...Glad I did not pass out on bed like I wanted to. Just back from my midnight. Think I would nap with my PC on, with the Olympics as my background music...

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