Saturday, December 29

the post badly disguised as a re-cap of 2007

Was going to do a re-cap of my life in 2007 month by month, or even quarterly by quarterly. Bit lazy and not that much happenings to warrant it anyway.

Put my laptop to sleep, got a desktop. New phone too. Celebrated many coming-of-age, including my own. Trip to Phuket with trio. Found a job, meet with many new people. Just kind of ironic I am doing what I am doing now seeing I vehemently try not to talk on the phone before. Well, not like I will be continuing with it much longer with how things are going now. Barring all irritating issues/people side, found many new crappy people to talk to. The one highlight of the job i guess.

Besides coming-of-age celebrations, attended two wedding, one of my officer at work and another of my friend.

Us in 2007.

Us in 2004.

Ignoring Ronald at the back, we did most of our project work together, having a good pace together. Kind of jarring that Jasmine got married. Knew that they have been planning it for quite while. However, to attend a wedding of my peer...hai, what am I doing?

LOL, that reminds me of the question Michelle put to me when we had dinner together yesterday. Are you actually not dating anyone because you are insecure about your flaws? LOL. We were talking about unsightly thighs before.

Hai. What can I say? That was more than a bit OT.

Anyway, hopes for the new year?

1) Lost weight, an never ending battle.
2) Overseas trip anywhere. Preferably Japan / Korea.
3) Have money dropped onto me out of the blue
4) Failing the above, earn more money the hard way.
5) Have money thrown at me out of the blue.
6) More money. Money makes the world go round.

Good luck to me then.

Friday, December 28

all i can say is dots

Was looking at Angela's look back on the her year of 2007,wondering if I should do one. Checked on my archive to see if I have any done on previous years.I did for the year 2006. Last year. In the paragraph about my life in 2007.

"My life in 2007…hopefully
After ending my receptionist assignment on 5th January, I would be able to secure a permanent job soon, maybe in one or two months. Hopefully not a desk-bound job, but well I have learnt to not pin much hope on anything. “No sense of disappointment if nothing is expected” Right? To hold that job for at least one year, if not two. Finally getting on with learning to drive. My Dad was just asking today, when was I going to drive him around. And hopefully something more exciting will happen in my life than answering complaint calls that are none of my blooming business."

answering complaint calls that are none of my blooming business

dot dot dot

what am i doing now? irony is a bitch. hai... Sometimes I looked back and still cannot believe I've signed up for this willingly. Really.

Oh well, let's see if I can do a recap.


Friday, December 14

Santa Claus is coming to town

Writing out my Christmas cards, or at least part of them...

And I'm meeting Angela tomorrow. Hope I can wake up!

Wednesday, December 12


Hahahaha, today ended on a damn fine note!

Started out as a damn sucky day for me. First call in the morning, need to do returned cheque waiver for customer. Customers always assume so much. What's the point of the telephone number at the back of the cheque? So that we would call you when we know there's not enough funds in your account? "Other bank are doing this." Wait long long also don't have. How many cheques are being processed each day?

Second call - This customer who got his card retained in the ATM last night. Kicked damn big fuss last night, as he has no money. Because he only has one account here in Singapore, guess which is the lucky bank that has his account? So got his call, spent fifteen minutes of him telling me that we are incompetent and that he spent most of his time last night using the f word on the night-shifters.

Few calls later - Problematic customer. Wanted a urgent card issued for his personal line of credit account. Stupid SOC went to did an urgent card for his CHP account. We already said want to help him by re-doing and COURIER the bloody cards to him seeing that it's an error on our part. Still not happy. Hai. One hour on his matter, in the end still not solved. Escalated to my officer. At this point I really wanted to just say I 'm not feeling well and take MC to go home.

Last call before lunch, ANOTHER returned cheque waiver. Because of miscommunication between customer with credit card call centre. DOTS.Came back from lunch at 3.30PM, took call while writing up the waiver request. And my officer told me at 4.20PM that he would let me off early by one and half hours at 5PM!


Since October, staff are enjoying 2 hours time-off on each Wednesday. Of course, we are not that privileged at the call centre. Only selected people each time, and you may not even get the full time-off. Or no one get to go when the service level is bad, which is how it has been for the past month. Was always staring enviously at the the back of the selected staff when they walked off. Wah...

Seriously, damn happy when my officer told me. LOL It's like my mood got lightened suddenly. On my toes at 4.59PM, praying not call come in the last minute. Was thinking I cannot be that "suai" to get lengthy call in the last minute. So hahaha, logged out on the dot, quickly doing the small admin things. Grinning at anyone who looked my way.

WHAHAHA. Oh, this has to be the first happy post I have about work. LOL


Wednesday, December 5

i cannot CANNOT go shopping with JY!!

I cannot go shopping/go out with JY! Money is spent like nobody's business, and I was just saying a day back that I don't shop.... JY is complaining as well, went shopping at Far East twice with another friend, returned home empty-handed, once she goes with me, she would have something to buy. Same goes for the last round, the trip before I went to Phuket.

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Hahaha, the bag is a bag I got for my sister. Obviously I'll make her pay me back. Still! $208.80!! Most frivolous and preposterous spending has to be on the fedora that I got simply because I now have the sun shining in on me because of my change in seat. It's now conveniently sitting in my locker at work. If I'm not thick-skinned enough to wear a fedora at work, I'll just bring it home to rot!

Shoes...well, I'm always getting new shoes, no surprises there....Not really regretting my purchases but I know I would die this month, 3 weeks of afternoon shift = cab fares killing me.

Balance is my account is now at 1497.47. Subtracting away the 300 for my CPF and insurance payments and 500 for minimum balance... How am I to live on 700 for the rest of the month, and it's only the fifth day into the month...


LOL, cam whoring away in the bus, turned out blurred most of the time. Didn't take too many either, girl at the back must be damn irritated with the red light and the flashes. Guy in front with the hand/camera next to his head. LOL

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JY - The woman who I should not go shopping with...

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SHOES!! I can never have too many pairs, but I would only wear those selected few. New shoes for causal wear/afternoon shift at work. The maroon belongs to JY. LOL, I can match black easier than red, even if it's a dark dark red.

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Bag in question, that my sis has to pay me back for. LOL, we were taking too many photos at the shop to msm to my sister that the salesgirl got worried that we are stealing/copying her products/ideas. "Excuse me, are you getting a gift for your friend?" How diplomatic.


Monday, December 3

Career Paths

"huh......... haha ehhh y she so nice"

is that kinda wanting to admit that u may like him as well....


i dun understand, got trace of tt meh


i get it



u must explain why "that girl" so nice, would give him a chance

i super tio stunned lor

obviously the logical answer is "may be the girl also like him"?

cuz he suddenly so blunt


omg, sandy u can be a psychiatrist liao

so qian! throw this kinda qns to u

u wanna say jian isit

of cuz. cuz i am SANDY.


ya lor

i can be psychiatrist not chinese teacher

haha, correct