Wednesday, April 27

Cooking the Maggie Porridge now. Chicken flavor because that's the only flavor my sister got for me. Told her to get the Duck one too, but... Maybe because she don't really like the flavor.

I still have 3 packets. Yeah! Now I don't need to starve at home because I have no money to order food or because I don't like going to the coffee shop in the neighborhood to get food.

Not really eating Maggie mee now, because I found ants in previous packets. So porridge! Because they are sealed tight in tough material!

Hahaha, but they take longer to cook...I miss the maggie mee curry flavor though, haven't have it for a long time. With eggs please.

Maple syrup(or Hotcakes syrup for McDonalds people) with scrambled eggs is good! Seriously, people should try it before they make that WTH face at me...

Sunday, April 24

I think I'm sick.

Feel warm, my throat itches, eyes are burning up. And my back aches, though I don't think that's related, always gets random backaches.

Guess staying at home and ordering MacDonalds every other day is not that great an idea after all.

Shit, my back HURTS. Anyone want to jump on my back and help me crack my bones?

Thursday, April 21

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I got my results. A bit disappointed that I didn't have a single A for my core modules, seeing that I scored okay for my common tests. Well, at least they are better than last semester where most are Ds and Cs.

Rather disappointed in my Japanese too, was hoping for a AD in that. IEF was a good surprise though, my group project was criticized to hell and back.

HRM and FMGT was expected, I did rather badly for the papers.

Have no thoughts for BLAW, rather indifferent about it. Blah. Though I want to see what's the model answer for the paper...

Okay, taking Japanese B next semester. My specialization is Human resource-Tourism. Cool, that's what I wanted. Hope someone familiar ends up same class as me, or I would bond well with next year's classmates...

Wednesday, April 20

Results will be out tomorrow! Don't know what to feel right now. Guess I'll wake up early. This post will be pointless...Have nothing to write about as I am not doing anything meaningful or even FUN or LAME.


Monday, April 18

Back from Angela's house since...7pm? Dead tired now, waiting for some downloads to finish.

Thinking of continuing tomorrow but, meh...I want my anime. Time to start burning those episodes out again...Blah.

I really want more drive space~

Friday, April 15

Hahahaha, I changed my email address long time ago, and edited my MSN contacts THAT long ago.

It has been months, and only now I know the Bennie I have in my contacts in not the Bennie of SMSS, Singapore! Because I did not have the 'a' in the email...


In fact, it's a guy from Netherlands who thought I am from Slovenia. Because he's going to Slovenia in 12 hours' time.

Hahaha, once again, it's been proven that I am bad - very - bad at html stuff. Or should I just say IT stuff.

Wanted to change my blog skin to one of the defaults because I am weary of the pink. and the music. LOL Was playing around, ended up making my profile taking up the entire page, or profile at the link. Finally gave it up after an hour, was killing myself. Self-induced agony, what for?

Scratch scratch scratch. Has been having rashes or something for the past 2 weeks now, appear everything, my palm, my bum, feet, thumb, stomach, back, hand etc. I look like a dirty old man scratching himself at the coffee shop.

Will go see a doctor soon, just don't feel like going by myself...

And I still want a job...or will someone just pay me? For convent oxygen into carbon dioxide? Please? *scratch again*

Monday, April 11

I want a job~


Which, obviously, is not going to happen because I am lazing on my ass. I had enough of calling from the vacations of previous semesters, which is why I am really making the effort of calling up to ask.

I mean, who would hire a person who can't work for more than 5 weeks. I would actually want to get a job that would continues on after the vacation, though there's only waitressing allowed...

Bored, bored, bored. I want money~

Wednesday, April 6

Bored, bored, bored...

I got a loan set from MeL, it's better than my desktop. I still want my own back! All the links, I still cannot live without them.

Calculated accounts for my mum, will leave the credit purchases till night. Finished the cash purchases though. Don't know where to find the total from one supplier. T.T

I feel like re-arranging her files. Can't stand the state they are in, they are making me think I'm double-counting... Habit left over from the temp work's days?

Speaking of which, I still want a job... so lazy to look. And to call up...

Back to the files, however, if I rearrange them, I'll need to match the pink to the white. And I think some of them are lacking the pink. Ahhh!

Angela, is that weekend thing still on?

Babble babble. I have another hour and half to waste before meeting for the class dinner. Babble babble.

Saturday, April 2


They have to release all the doujins I read when I don't have my laptop with me, and reading them on this SHIT piece of junk is a pain in the ass. ONE ENTIRE VOLUME!!

Not that I would not screw my eyes over trying to read anyway... *grumblesgrumbles*

Somehow, no all the icons of blogspot is appearing...

Bastard! and the download is going so so so slowly... I can feel the webs gathering and my hair going white...


Angela, lend me your laptop. *wibberswibbers*