Wednesday, February 23

Have not posted a entry for a long time, will attempt to now. Don't know where to start though...

Erm...I'll just post pictures.

-Tuesday = Yesterday-
Angela and YiXian got me to Chinatown to show me where I can buy Naruto's froggie wallet. It's really cute, $15. Would agree it's quite expensive but it's really cute! Well, paid higher price for more useless stuff before, so not really feeling the pinch here.

I was waving it around, making lame moves with it the entire time. LOL
In fact, I was doing lame stuff during the entire trip. I don't know, when the three of us get together, we are always lamer than we usually are.

And we ate at this "MaLan" restaurant. I like the food we ate. The dumplings, the mango thingy, porridge and erm...the other dumpling that just DRIPS of juice. Though the skin for the dumplings, both types, are a bit too thick for my taste. I want to go eat dim sum again...

I saw JY when I got to school this morning. Erm...doing project till late on Saturday, that's why she can't make it. Angela, it's that up late = no rest = not enthu = no fun argument.

T_T Got commented on my top for the IEF presentation. Yo, I would not be flashing my belly at you if you did not demand for something red. And I can't raise my pants, it's is my ONLY black pants and I don't fancy spending another $40 for a new pair.

I need more collar-ed tops. In many colors. I need to dig this top out that I did not wear for 2 years, and it's old...Got it when I was like in secondary 2. Will buy more next semester. No point buying now when there is only two presentations left.

CMA test... Ok, I think it's pretty easy, just don't know if I got it correct. Though I presented my theory question's marks to here on a golden platter. I circled around the thing like no one's business, gave up in the end because I want to leave early.

So ya....Can anyone tell I'm rambling and rambling without a thought to the sequence of things?

Oh yea, can I just say how I hate ChinFatt's and IngAnn's way of gathering their class participation parts?

Yes, I would give it to you that your economics are damn strong and you give a damn about the currents affairs, but can you guys just stop snorting during the Q&A? You may think the other are stupid or not thinking ahead enough like you, but whatever. RESPECT, thank you. You can just raise objections but looking down to your shoes, shaking your head and snorting. WTF

Oh yea, only attacking the groups that you guys are not in, and keeping mum when either one of your group is presenting? T_T Also, when the tutor said to end it, you just HAVE TO raise other question. Of which, you answer it yourself in the end. Bright, real bright.

Tuesday, February 15

Bored, bored, bored....I don't feel like doing my BLAW tutorial. I just wasted ...3 minutes drawing a cake in Angela's window...

I shall blog...about the new shower head in the master bedroom toilet. It has 4 settings, and one of it just shocked my nerve awake this morning. I am awake, but you know how one's body just jumped and goose-bumped all over in reaction to something...ya...

So, this setting is the one that gives out very very fine it spray everywhere...My dad set it to that, so i turn it on...and got SPRAYED awake. Might play with this but wouldn't use it for actuall showering. I can't feel the water at all, and I just don't feel I'm washed clean without the water...

So i spent like 15 mins playing with the shower head this morning. The second one is the message one, which i predict I will spend many further shower time just sitting under...It shoots water forcefully out of three holes. With speed, so ya...massage~~

Another is the usual....small spray straight down...BORING

the under is...erm...circular and out in a bigger diameter. I don't know but the water just seems hotter out of this setting. I don't like it.

Friday, February 11

Told Alina I'm not going to school tomorrow, though I'm still having second thoughts about it.

Because of the possibility that my HRM paper would be returned in class tomorrow. Really wanted to know how I scored for it. However, I took a look at my tutorial...

I just do not feel like doing it. I mean, heck, I don't even know what it is talking about. For just a theory module, I expect to at least be able to BS through it...But nope, not able to do so for this. Most would think this would make a very good reason for me to go for tutorial instead. That's me, besides I keep think about the 2 times I am allowed to miss class. I actually kind of feel that it's a duty to myself to utilize that 2 times. Lame...but true. LOL

So, ya, feeling too lazy to go print out the relevant lecture and tutorial to go to school. Hopefully, my tutor is a slow marker and would return the papers next week. Or I'll ask SeeYan to go seek out the tutor again next week.

Tuesday, February 8

It's CNY Eve today...

Got back my IEF results yesterday. Got 75.5 for it, pretty delighted with it actually because I thought I did shit for the General Knowledge section. The marks was actually 68.5, but it turned out my tutor has forgotten to add in the marks for one section. So, addition of 7 marks!


Erm, stayed back till 7pm yesterday too for a make-up BLAW lecture. Shouldn't have anyway, since I ended up falling asleep. It's Company law, so the lecturer was explaining the set up of a company, which we learnt in ECD. zzZZZZ Ending up sleeping till the end of the lecture, just in time to listen on the winding up process of a company. See what I mean when I said I shouldn't have stayed on for it?? bus (154) broke down yesterday too. No biggie. Don't know what is the big fuss all about...Most of the other passengers are calling up their friends to tell them all about it... How the bus crawled along, the failure to tap their EZ-link card. "So funnie..."


Monday, February 7

I am bored...Too early to start preparing for my 3pm lecture...Still wondering how much would I score for my IEF paper.

Things to do:
FMGT E-learning
BLAW E-learning
HRM E-learning
CMA E-learning
HRM Project

Oh shit, I think I am supposed to give CMA to SeeYan by today or tomorrow...Better do the rest of the elearning first and get it out of the way.

Better start on it now...

Wednesday, February 2

My laptop is back home for the moment, they will call it in again when the parts have arrived.

It would take about one week to fix, they said. Watch me cry then... ...Though no one would know because I would not be able to go online!!

Would actually blog about watching Shall We Dance and my bit of New Year's shopping, but BLAGH...heck, too lazy.

Feeling damn lazy and tired now...Will study for BLAW tomorrow, and maybe a bit on CMA. But hey, since when have I ever done anything I planned? Especially school stuff...