Monday, June 22

Mid Year Review

Hahahaha, reviewing of my vague plans for 2009

My repayment of my CPF Education Loan is really coming along nicely. Balance of 1218.92, if I do not increase my CPF repayment payment, it will be fully paid up by end of this year, since I have finished my IPP on my OCBC card, maybe I should increase the amount....Finish it it within the next 3 months? LOL

Driving....Hai, since yet to call my instructor.... (edit: hahaha, called . 01 JULY 10AM)

Degree....They said I can just go study now...The ops team will really try to plan around your schedule....

Money money....Should I? If I really go study now, means I will really still be here for at least the next 2 years minimum....

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Monday, June 15

guess it's time

guess it's time for me to throw in the towel. really have no patience left. if a customer calls in at this hour, it would means that he is sincerely trying to understand the situation. means you are bored out of your mind, and hoping for some free entertainment over a toll-free hot line.

one escalation, other on the way...this is the worst midnight shift I ever had, feeling angry all the time. the customer could be pleasant, asking a simple enquiry, and i will still not be happy. the mood is just ... and hdpm wants to send a PFR list at this hour? 2.30AM Like hello, wtf am I supposed to do with it, enter into crms? I thought that was assigned by officers, if I enter when I am not supposed to, does it mean that I am eyeing the referrals.

angry angry angry. it's really the end of the road.


Monday, June 8

counting down to 0800

Hahaha, midnight shift is my time to fangirl. always, a girl smiling crazily away can be spotted. there is just something to be said about those boys. hai~~

they are having an Asia tour again soon. Likely Bangkok is likely to be one of their stops, seeing the way Thailand is crazed over the Korean pop star? Should I spend just to fly there and watch a concert? Do I even have that kind of money? Furthermore, the concerts dates are never really made known. Even if I set my heart on it, I will not have enough time to save/take leave. HAI~ My life is so hard...


Money makes the world go round. Money money money. money can fulfill this fangirl's dream to drool 10 feet away from her boys. *HER* boys, entitlement issue here.

oh well.

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