Tuesday, March 31

one of those days


the words that describe my day. really, this is one of those days when i seriously wonder should i just call it a day. i try not to think of these things, it's not in my character to think too deep, too far, how much longer i want to stay on, how much longer i want to endure on. i am so happy being the shallow fangirl.

the lists, the briefing, those few calls that are just f-up. one a day, you just term it a bad day. all in one day... 身心疲惫

i should just go stare more at my boys. that should help...


Sunday, March 29

almost paradise~~

*cues boys over flowers ost* hehehe, I am really a crazy fangirl.

credit : 13infamyss@soompi


Friday, March 20

Cash rich for 5 min, all gone now...

Fancam of Sorry Sorry Rehearsal @ Music Bank [Eunhyuk ver.]

I am just in love with this boy's dancing. Even when he is standing in a crowd of ten over boys, my eyes are drawn to him. *lovestruck* Certainly he is not the looker of the group, in fact his nickname is Monkey, but his stage mannerism...

I really need to earn more money so that I can go fan-stalk them personally in Korea.

Bonus! And all the letter start pouring into the intray. More work for the remaining. Should I add to the flood too? The account balance pleases me a great deal just now. For a whole of five minutes? Then, my bill payments, confirmed confirmed, all gone. When would I ever have savings of 5 digit figure?

Savings only. Hai...I still need to strive on. There is nothing more demoralizing than a small but adequate income.

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Monday, March 16

waste of a prefectly good day

developed gastric flu at 2PM. %^*T#! I knock off at 5.30PM, have been working for more than half a day. I only started developing gastric flu at 2PM.

OK I have decided, Gastric flu is the worst thing to be sick with. I kept vomiting for that hour straight. Wasted all of my lunch, then dry-heaving with all those hateful sour acid coming up.

Saw a doctor, gave me a jab and told me to go home since the jab will make me very sleepy. Again, %^*T#! It's 3 by then, I knock off at 5.30PM, wasted half a day MC like that. And the jab sucks, it still take about half an hour to take effect.

Really need to force myself to sleep if not I will vomit in the cab itself. As it is, vomit again before i reach my house. %^*T#!

Never ever again do I want to get gastric flu, even if I am so sick of work that I just want to lie down to die.


Thursday, March 12

hello there *winks*

my bias, let me show them to you~~


男人就是要長得帥‏, To be a man, foremost, you must be easy on the eyes. My eyes particularly. Whahahaha, of course, the rest of the SuJu members look ravishing, but man, I am in lust with these three. Can't wait for their comeback, in a matter of hours now.


I need to wake up by 6.30AM, and I am still here holding up a bucket for my drool.

Meet-up with Angela and JY tomorrow. The cam-whores, should I plaster make-up on as well? Since it is a birthday celebratory dinner.

I really need to see if I can make an exchange for my contacts lens, can't read shit off the screen. And two boxes are unopened. Hopefully, they will let me make an exchange for it...otherwise that will be a few hundred dollars down the drain. Woe is me...F

iling for tax is scary...how much do I need to pay??

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Saturday, March 7

cue keyboard mesh...



13eyond your imagination...


Sometimes I wish I am a richer fan/mania. That it will not be a pinch to my wallet to spend on albums. The pictorial alone would be worth the money. 13 boys in suits...