Monday, March 24

1st stage

The cabin crews of British Airways are so poised. o_O That's including both the stewards and stewardesses alike. "Hi, Are you here for the interview?" *smiles* "Now, just follow Angie here, she will lead you to the interview room" *gestures to Angie, smiles and nod at me* Blahblah, small things like that.

And at the end, when I stepped out of the interview room, there's two stewardesses talking directly in front me. One just happened to glance towards me and see me leaving, starting smiling at me, the other one must have read her expression or something, both smiled "Thank you for coming" Woah, impressive!

Won't comment on how I did, messed up on the translating part. Heard some damn impressive chinese from this interviewee undergoing her interview directly behind me. I believe she also has some experience as an cabin crew. Just forgotten to take a peek to see if she's pretty. LOL

Hahaha, this interview more than the SIA one. It's more of a friendly atmosphere, unlike the SIA, hours of waiting, seeing beauties walked by you. Concluding for the thousandth time that there's only more beauties in Singapore than handsome guys.


Tuesday, March 18

JY's bday celebration at Taka

KK, finally resized those photos that Jo sent me, big-assed gigantic. LOL Dinner at Taka, one of those korean BBQ resturant. Food tasted great, but I guess too heaty or something, got a stomachache the next day and reported MC.I only have 4.5days left of MC.

KK, too lazy to post all pics, will just post two. When Angela post them, I'll link. Hahaha. Cake-cutting event. Two side of the table. One side: The planner and the Birthday Girl. The other: The camwhores and Myself.


Thursday, March 6

My rainlendar looks so pretty



"All AL application may not be approved, please do not make any plans first."

Shit you, it's a PERTH trip with the girls, you don't approve, I serve you MC and urgent leave those 9 days. And there will be nothing you can do, because I would be miles away from you. Lalalala~~"

Well, I would need to take 3 days of unpaid leave anyway. And nothing will stop me!! LOL I'm too excited!!

Saturday, March 1

I’m wearing beige-colored panties…

…have hair down to my butt and am eighty-eight years old.

Yes, sir?
Can you speak Chinese?
Yes, I can speak Chinese?
Do you have hair?
Yes, I have hair.
Long hair or short hair?
Long hair, down to my butt, sir.
Do you know how to swim?
Yes, I know how to swim. Dry-swimming. Do you play mahjong, sir?
How old are you?
I am eighty-eight.
What is the color of your panties?
It’s beige.
You are so sexy.
Thank you.
I love you.
Thank you.
Are you wearing clothes?
No, I am not wearing any.
Are you naked?
Yes sir.
Nope, you said you are wearing beige panties.
Oh yes, it’s beige.
You are so sexy.
Thank you.
How do you feel when I kiss you?
I don’t know, I have never gotten kissed by you before.

That’s the gist of it. We were entertaining Brian this morning, as he called damn early this morning at around 6.45AM. I got his first call, which was his usual “fuck you” call.

I promptly informed Eve who was kind of surprised at the timing because Brian normally only calls around 8 to 9 plus. Eve entertained him too for a while, till she got bored and pretended to not be able to hear him. LOL

Then after, I entertained him. Twice, once in Chinese, the other time in English. I think it has been quite a while since someone spoke longer than 30 seconds to him, that in my last few calls with him, he was like “Can you don’t hang up my call?” Despo. Hahaha

LOL. Eve got thirteen of his calls, and me seven. Because I got a normal, quality-content call to attend to in the midst of it. Guess he has call targets to meet as well, after his targeted numbers, he would stop calling. He should always call this early, we will chat with him, no problem. He was even catching me when I said the wrong things. As he repeats his questions, I would give him different answers. Opps, we are not really supposed to entertain him. Well, if he called during the busy times when there are calls in queue, see if anyone speaks more than a word to him beyond “How may I address you.”

Wish that someone would do what male seniors has been said to do. Speaking to him in a high-pitch voice then switching to their normal male voice. LOL I think I would really laugh my head off. LOL