Tuesday, October 30

Occupational Disease

Called in to Starhub Call Center just now, spoke to Veron to terminate my Starhub line. Hahaha, got the name so if anything happens..."I spoke to Veron on 31st October" Things that we learn.

OMG. After I hung up, my younger sister was like why did you asked for her name. ..."And why are you speaking to her in that sickening manner. I wonder if the person feel like slapping you."

...Dots. Is this what you call 职业病?

Hahaha, since I canceled my line, obviously I got a new line! New line means new PHONE! U700, another item off my list! Thanks to Angela, who accompanied me to Takashimaya to get the phone. Charging it now, only going to play with it tomorrow after I get home from work! Need to start sending the notifications out before the 3rd November, and need to memorize new number all over again...

Wednesday, October 24

Slacking at home

Got MC for 1.5days. Went into work yesterday with a very bad throat. Voice was almost gone, everyone was commenting on it. People from back-end, customers and colleagues. Voice got more and more scratchy two 3 hours into it and I took MC.

Got the doctor to give me one more day so that I can make it better. Because seriously, half a day is no rest at all. Good thinking on my part, seeing how my voice is still that of a frog now.

Got counseled/coached by my manager on what happened with the officer before. Whatever, told her my point of voice. Blah blah seriously, whatever.


Monday, October 22

I hate talking to officers

Please do not give me attitude about not wanting to call customer about when it's so obviously an escalated call.

"But the customer obviously do not want to speak to me anyway."
"That's because you should have assisted her in the first place."

Do not give me attitude when I just made the slightest noise about it's past my working hours.

"Ok? So now you don't want to call her back?"
"Ok,no, I'll call her back."
"Never mind, forget it, I'll call her back."

Since you can give me so many suggestions on handling this customer, why not you talk to her? When the customer so obviously wanted to speak to supervisors/management.

"Just put me through to the manager,do not make me loss my temper"
"You should have assisted her in the first place, should not have told the customer to call back tomorrow, that will irritate the customer, should have taken down her details."

Hello, when I first picked the call, the call was intended for every tom and harry but me.

When I lost the customer's call and she called in again, she asked to speak to the manager. Since when am I the manager? Asking my colleague to transfer the call back to me?

"For applications, there's no escalation."


So do not give me attitude about not wanting to call customer back, when you are the one not even willing to talk to customer. If I am to handle difficult customer, I should be getting your pay.

Since all you want to do is to approve issuance of urgent card and pin instructions. Grunt work. Do not see why you should command a higher pay for grunt work.


Sunday, October 21

[Lyrics] Hoshimura Mai - Sakura Biyori

Hoshimura Mai - Sakura Biyori
(Romanization + Translation credited to www.animelyrics.tv)

Jyuuroku de kimi to ai
Hyakunen no koi wo shita ne
Hirahira to maiochiru
Sakura no hanabira no shita de

Aitakute kakenuketa
Hi no ataru kyuu na sakamichi ya
Kouen no sumi futari no kage wa
Ima mo kawaranu mama

Kimi to boku to "sakura biyori"
Kaze ni yurete maimodoru
Marude nagai yume kara sameta you ni
Miageta saki wa momoiro no sora

Suki deshita suki deshita
Egao saki someta kimi ga
Boku dake ga shitte ita
Migigawa yawaraka na ibasho

Sakura no shita no yakusoku
'Rainen mo koko ni koyou' tte
Nandomo tashikameatta kedo
Ima mo hatasenu mama

Kimi to boku to "sakura biyori"
Kaze ni sotto yomigaeru
Kimi mo ima dokoka de miteru no kanaa
Ano hi to onaji momoiro no sora

Oikaketa hibi no naka ni
Kizamareta ashiato wa
Nani yori mo kakegae no
Nai takaramono

Kimi to boku to "sakura biyori"
Kaze ni yurete maimodoru
Tomedonai omoi ga afuredashite
Namida ga komiageta

Kimi to boku to "sakura biyori"
Kaze ni yurete maimodoru
Mada minu mirai wo mune ni daite
Miageta saki wa momoiro no sora

I met you at age 16 and fell into a hundred-year love
Under these cherry blossoms that fall slowly

The steep hill I ran through wanting to see you and
Our shadows in the corner of the park remains unchanged

You, me, and the cherry blossom weather
Returns after being swayed by the wind
As if I woke up from a long dream,
The sky I looked up at is pink

I loved you, I loved you who created a colorful smile
That soft spot to the right that only I knew about

A promise made beneath the cherry blossom
'Let's come here again next year'
We made sure many times but it's still unfulfilled

You, me, and the cherry blossom weather
Is recreated softly in the wind
Are you looking at it from somewhere?
That same pink sky from that day

The footsteps left in the days I chased after
Are treasures more important then anything else

You, me, and the cherry blossom weather
Returns after being swayed by the wind
The unstoppable feelings overflow and tears build up

You, me, and the cherry blossom weather
Returns after being swayed by the wind
With the unseen future held in my chest,
I look ahead and see the pink sky