Tuesday, July 17

Fucked Up Customer

Not in this case, more like fucked up colleague.

Seriously, this guys lacks the basic knowledge and ability to inspire trust. Putting on conference call, and being all high and mighty to your fellow colleague in front of the customer/when the customer is still on line? wtf...

Okay, I have this fucked up colleague from the Internet banking side who I wanted him to guide a CM along for doing a internal transfer from her current account to her home-loan repayment account. Made me double-confirmed with customer many times it would be a a single transfer for the current repayment due. Then have me put us (him, customer and me) on conference. He then proceeds to explain to customer what a Smartmortgage homeloan is. After all that, making the customer thinks that she holds a smartmortgage loan, spoke to me as I was keeping quiet all these while.

"Sandy, are you still there? Please brush up on your product knowledge, I am just reading from my notes."


Dude, what notes are you referring to, we never did have notes on Smartmortgage. And the customer do not even holds a smartmortgage loan!! Her repayment account is a normal savings account, which means it's a not smartmortgage account. I personally never kicked you off your bloody high horse because I do not want to start a argument in hearing of customer!

Bloody hell, I just let it be, and if the customers come back demanding to know something. I am not going to explain.


Monday, July 9

So full of character~~

Or as Toongyeng said. Emo-ing. I really look like a pale figure of a ghost standing next to them. So I would just put up pics that I am happy about.

Angela's Birthday Party!!

Food is nice, I think almost everyone had a second helping. 4 or 5 éclairs each, except for Toongyeng who showed up too late.

Talk to my hand!!

Popping balloons. Me with my heels and yx with a pin. It was so loud that Angela's dog shit itself.

Friday, July 6

I really understand now...

我 终于 懂 了...

what they say, one call can really ruin your day. and this is my last call of the day. my last call of the day, and i ended up doing investigation for 45minutes, only for the call to be escalated up. My officer did not have a very good time either.

Seriously, it makes you think of the "what if". If this is handled by someone else other than me, would it have ended nicer? quicker? Not needing for escalating up.

Not to mention, I am the slowest of my batch. Till now, my calls are still averaging at 50plus. The daily call target is 85. Yes, no of the other are hitting 85 now, but still higher than what I took.

When would these all get better?


Sunday, July 1

Super gulp, my stomach is super full

Just went to the 7eleven with my younger sister.

Work tomorrow....I'm starting to dread Monday like nothing else. Not just because it's a start of a new week, more of it is Monday when all the hellish calls comes in and there are 7 people on queue. Work at the speed of light