Tuesday, June 26

Jacket and phone~~~

I have found the jacket I'm looking for! Franz Beckenbauer Track Top

This one-to-one replica of the training top and endorsed by Franz Beckenbauer from 1973 features exposed zip pockets on the front, linear adidas and Trefoil embroidery on left chest, 3-Stripes patched on top of the shoulders and sleeves, rib cuffs and waistband.

Franz Beckenbauer is one of the most prolific players to ever play football - his ability to captain his team to victory over and over again led to his fitting nickname: Der Kaiser.

Whatever, all I know is that my idol looks damn fine and cute in that jacket, and I want one. The jacket delightfully simple looking too.

I'm also set now on getting U900 as my new phone! My colleague has one, gift from her bf. Very nice....wah...
Though I'm not very set on her white and sliver combination, maybe I would stick to the original blue? Would see when 10th August comes around and I can renew my contact...

Sunday, June 24

I'm no longer an old retiring person!!

Our internet connection has been restored! For the past few days, I have not touched my PC at all! My sister was using it to watch Prince of Tennis all over again! All I'm doing is flop around, watch a couple episodes with her and fall asleep! 早 睡早 起, the habit of the elderly. Not even typing in word file what happened at work.

I was out with Angela and YX the whole day. Was complaining to Angela about my newly gained habit of sleeping early. I reached home and sat chatting with my sisters while they were having their dinner when my elder sister mentioned we have internet again. Oh the speed as I rushed to my seat in front of my PC.

Now, I don't even know where to start to backtrack and read what I have missed over the two weeks. Forums, emails, fics....

My days without internet...

Title: Backdated One – Why is this happening?!

It has been proven time and time again I am a person who cannot live without the World Wide Web. Something is wrong with our router; the adapter is not feeding power /electricity into the device. Hence, we effectively have no internet connection. Thus I am typing into a word document again, simply because I have nothing to do.

I am reading Chinese fics that I saved onto my PC from before. I can too, watch those episodes of Heroes or Queer as Folk that have sitting smack there. Still, there’s this nagging thought at the side (not back, because I am very bothered by it) that I am having no connection. My clubbox redemption points are once again wasted.

Why… why… why…

I took two calls today as a trial for tomorrow. I don’t know if I am lucky or unlucky that both calls that I took are related to accounts held overseas. Meaning I am unable to assist. Meaning I do not have to even touch the system at all. Of course, that means I also have no idea how to advice. My mentor had to feed me every line.

Opps. I am not supposed to just put the customer on hold. Have to ask for permission first. *sighs* …. Hopefully I would get better. I have to get better. Oh yes, I did not bring my notes back. I think even if I had brought my notes back, I wouldn’t have touched it.

Here I am worrying about my own level of incompetence, when I have the perfect opportunity to migrate it seeing that I do not have anything to distract me from brushing up on my product knowledge.

Once again, why… why… why…


Title: Backdated Two – I have nothing to do!! Internet!!

Oh god….I keep giving wrong information! My mentor has to guide me along, almost every other steps! He kept making this super duper pekchek face!! You can really read the “Oh god! What is she saying!” straight off of his face.

My first call took about 30 minutes long. My voice quivered like hell according to my mentor. And the customer was very nice. Kept putting him on hold, and he waited patiently while my mentor was explaining to me. “Oh, you don’t have to apologize.”

The rest of the day was pretty much as followed. Panicked, gave wrong information, not tactful, stumbling worse over Chinese phone-calls. Why does the term “Di San Zhe” sounds so much more severe than “third party”? Blah, and my product knowledge is not good at all. (I am still not brining my notes home, promising myself to do it over the weekend.) I am not even doing my procedures properly. I did my verbal verification in a mess, not asking enough questions or accepting answers while looking at the WRONG screen.

Hai, hope tomorrow will be slightly better. A lot better would be great, but I would settle for slightly. I still have no internet connection! Why!!

I need to de-stress!!