Friday, January 26

It's now 3.20pm, and the power's back on!!

It's now 10.50 am in the morning. My house is experiencing ANOTHER blackout. Seriously, WTF. 3 blackouts in a week!? Okay, my mum told me about the explosion that happened when they were trying to fix the 2nd blackout before, resulting in injuries in 5 people.

However...when will there be an end to the seemly endless blackouts? And just when my clubbox decides to finally play nice and function at a normal respectful rate of 41kbs when for the past month the speed was less than 0kbs...

Dots. Seriously. Typing this out in notepad because I obviously have no internet connection...What the hell...10.59am now...Have no idea when my laptop's battery will drop dead on me too...*sighs*

Will postpone looking for a job for another week I think. Need to help my mum file and calculate her past year's accounts. Also to help out at the shop as my dad wanted to do springs cleaning at home...

So ya, we'll see how it goes...My dad told my mum he don't want to do cashier's job...His reasoning "If she do not do related work, no company would want to hire her next time." What the...I DO NOT want to sit in an office, excuse me... That just bores me to tears...

So, really, we'll have to see how it goes...11.06am now...

Edit...Called SP Services at 12noon, the operator said it was a scheduled shutdown, we were served notices in our mailbox and at the lift lobby... Is that so? Unable to go down to check the mailbox as our lift do not run on solar power and I don't fancy having the climb eleven flights of stairs back up. dots.

Showering now that the power is back on. Heater~~

Sunday, January 21

And there is light!

We have two blackouts in the span of one day...Well, I couldn't care less about the first blackout, which my sisters told me happened at 3 plus in the morning, and power is only restored after 4. Like I said, I couldn't care less, as I slept through that. They knew because stuffiness woke them up.

Kids these days really have no life without electricity. We have no internet, TV etc etc. Yes, I read, I did try to read. The word to note here would be tried. HOWEVER! It is raining, there's no sunlight to speak of, it is as if it's already 7 in evening when it's only 5 in the afternoon.

We cannot open the windows for a cool afternoon nap as the rains are already hitting against our windows, and nope I don't feel like moping the floor after. I even thought of going down to sit in the rain for a while, missed the fun-times of playing/walking in a downpour when I realized I would not have hot water for a shower later because there's no power for the heater...

Seriously, there's no fun without electricity.

Watch number 274659

I have a new watch! Been wearing my father's Raymond Weil watch for the past one week. His expensive watch that he wears with formal wear for weddings and such.

"That watch is very expensive one leh! You actually wore it out!"
- My mum

Ya, so now I have a new watch. The usual ten dollars watch. My last watch lasted for about 6 six months? Hai...I am just not fated to own watch with a value of more than ten dollars. Can you imagine getting a watch pricing at hundred dollars or more and having the glass surface cracked horribly on you after six months?!

That being said, I went to Vivocity yesterday! With SeeYan, didn't meet up with her for a long while. Talked for a while in Coffee Bean. Did a bit of browsing around, not even covering half of the ground. Got our watches, SeeYan got one very cute one with chinese characters as the numberings.

Had dinner at The Chicken Rice Shop. The food is okay but it's quite value for money! For 16.90 (set B), you get a plate with four Pai Tee, a plate of Bean Sprouts, two plate of chicken (steamed/roasted/braised) , a bowl of fishball soup, individual soup, rice and drinks! I don't mind eating there again...

Well, going new year's shopping with my sisters on Thursday...

Sunday, January 14

the shock and the horror

The cleaning auntie is using another one of my beloved SMSS shorts as a cleaning rag again!! is still so wearable and comfortable, it in no way resembles a cleaning rag!!

Friday, January 12

I can feel depression settling in…

When will the rain stop? Seriously, I am a person for rain. Raining days just make a person lethargic in all the good ways – sleeping in, lazing on the sofa with windows open. The air is naturally cool with a slight breeze. The soft sound of the rain pebbling at the windows. The hazy light blue of sky. I love rainy days.

However there is such something about rainy days that makes you think. Maybe it’s the quiet that comes with rainy days or maybe it’s the coolness that just makes one think without the usual Singapore heat to distract you.

What am I doing with my life? Not to get overly thoughtful, but what am I doing with myself? What kind of job am I to get? Business studies – allows me to do any type of job. Correct, but an admin job that cannot be more mundane…

Seriously, what am I going to do with myself?