Saturday, September 17

and i start slaving myself away

My exams are over. Not much happiness out of this as I think I may fail my IB module. All the questions were at least 15 marks each and I wrote only 3/4 page each for all... My mind just went blank and I could think about the points... The rest should be okay...

Results should be out on the 10th, or so says See Yan.

Went with IKEA with my sister yesterday. Found our bed, $599 each. It's more of a sofa (note: not sofa bed) but since we curl up to sleep anymore, we don't really need the length. It would only add the stuff in our room. So we need to start saving up. We will be going back in October to get our cabinet for our comics. It's on offer at $49 in October.

The air-conditioner in my room is spoilt again, dripping water... *sad* Well hope it rains more often now...

Monday, September 12

too much on my plate...

Many things to do now, yet I am still not getting to them. For one, should be studying now, and I'm not. Second, translating as I have already delayed it for a week... REALLY should be studying, seeing that tomorrow is IB paper which I never did attended lecture on, and which the tutorials is always on PBL, not helping to get the information into our heads. *sigh and sign my life away*

I won a yahoo!Auction yesterday, for a comics of course, it is quite exciting. 真是大开眼界. I'm refreshing my page obsessively in the last 10 minutes to see if anyone has outbid me. LOL Interesting.

Two of my papers are done, three to go. It was a rather nice feeling today, I walked out of the exam hall feeling that I have did well. Can't remember the last time I felt this way. Of course, whether I really did well is another question. But ^_^ Nice.

HRMS was a toss-up, there's too much to write... Don't want to reflect back on it anymore, just want the rest of my three papers to be over and done with.

Thursday, September 8

And I am still resisting to I even need to RESIST?

My desktop is now a monastery of PINK. Simply, because I like the wallpaper someone made, and I have a habit of matching my winamp skin to my desktop. So, it's pink enough on its own, AND imagine the pink winamp sitting on the right side of my screen like it usually do. Placing it in middle now, just so you can get how pink it REALLY is...

I got my grade for my Japanese B, a B+. No bad considering I was expecting to fail since I sucked at both my written and oral test. But it is disappointing to realize the actual/real level I am really at. Just the lowest of the lowest: anime-watching level. Is there anything that I do well except for sleeping? Still, I will persist in this....After I leave NgeeAnn that is. The timing for enrichment is really bad, 6pm. When I leave at 8pm, it's already so dark. By the time I reached home at 9 plus, I have no time to do anything really. Will go to a Language School for this, more expensive yes, but at least I can choose the timing.

And I am thinking of taking up yoga now...


For this (and my second last) semester anyway...

Monday, September 5

The sand in the hourglass keeps falling...

...and I have not started on my revision yet. Supposed to be working now at Marina Square, reported in sick. Not sick exactly, but unfit for work.

Developed an serious eyelid infection on my right eye yesterday. It started the day before actually (on Saturday), but the magnitude of it was not that bad. I only feel the pain and tug on my eye only when I rub at it. However, when I woke up yesterday (on Sunday) at 10am, my eye was so swollen that I cannot even open my eye.

Went back to sleep, hoping it would go away. Again, at 11 plus, I finally managed to force my eye open. Into a line. I can really use the o.- to describe my appearance then. So, told my supervisor I cannot work that day as well. She was like " last minute." Er...I didn't exactly ask for this, you know. No one would really wish to feel pain whenever they even BLINK.

Called my Mum, telling her I going down to her shop to get some money to check out the eye. In the end, my Dad ended driving me to the clinic. The doctor took at look at it, and said it was a rather serious case of eyelid inflection. That the pain was caused by the pus inside. So, advised to cut it to drain it.

So, ya...According to my Dad, as soon as the doctor injected my eyelid with the painkiller, the pus actually started flowing out. I actually feel the flow of stuff...but thought it was actually tears at the irritation of the injection.

The pain of the injection was actually quite toe-curling. Okay, maybe it was actually the same as having a normal painkiller injection, but since it was on the eyelid and sensitive place that ya, toe-curling painful. The doctor was actually going "don't tense up, don't tense up. Keep you eye open. Look towards your nose."

Ya...Then, it was not really painful after. I can just feel him using something to scrap at my eyelid. So, it was done, and I was going around with one eye closed for about 20 minutes. When I reached home, I finally forced myself to open my eye. It was numb at that time.

Then, I realized it was actually better to keep my eyes open. It feel heavier and more painful to shut it...So, was leaking excessive pus for the rest of yesterday. Now, still leaking it, but less so. It is actually more feeling it at the corner of the eye, and I need to rub it to get it out... The eye is still swollen but opening, blinking and such is fine.

Can actually work today, since I see fine. But eww...Imagine rubbing at the eyes every 5 minutes...So, ya...hope I don't get an inflection there anymore. I really don't like the injection part...