Friday, June 24

is my day eventful or what?

Okay, showered and waiting for my hair to dry that tad bit first...Entry.

Okay, writing this on the MRT now, will transfer onto blog later.

What an eventful day today is! (Note: Sarcasm, thanks. I'm dying or am dead but likely will die a unemployed fellow.)

Closed at Marina Square alone today for the first time. I've never done closing before with supervision. Why? Because today was only my third day at work!

The people just keep coming and coming. I don't even have the time to get out and pull down the shutter. A colleague has to come and help me out at the last bit. Bless him, it was his day off, and his friend waited for him outside. Hahaha, maybe he've seen the crazed look in my eyes.)

The people are hypocrites, pretending to be polite yet still asking to try ice-cream. We can try right? They let us tried before. Thanks! And there's this freaking lady who asked to see if there's a vacancy here. I was serving this couple with at least 3 sales count at the back. Was polite and all, asked her to just take a card at the counter and called and check.

"Oh, you don't know. Where is the office. The number is correct one?" blah blah for another 1 minute. I was already ignoring her at this point, but she insisted on having my attention. "Miss miss, can I borrow your phone? Do you have a phone here?"


In the end, I closed without counting the cash in the cashier. (Tried but was in a panic all the way. Keep counting in doubles. 2, 4, 6, 8, 10. WTF) Not wearing my watch as it was wet when I washed the splutters. The other workers besides me are knocking on the separating glass panel and waving goodbye to me! Depressing and made me panicked even more, OK!? I was like smiling and waving back to them with an EVEN MORE crazed look in my eyes. Really felt like crying, was thinking I would miss the last train. Obviously, I didn't break down and cried. I just started acting as crazed as I felt, mumbling like Shinji.

Well, my god, i'll miss the train. Haha, and I'm still determined to surf net at home. My god, should I take a taxi home? Err...wrong again, how much is this roll of coins. Hahaha, I should call Baba and ask him to drive me home. No, he will beat me to death. er...or I just sound very pitiful lor, should work right? What the heck am I talking about? Or mumbling about? I am pitiful. I'm Shinji. TACHIBANA~ Shit, sing for what, you stupid woman, now you need to count all over again. Hahaha, there's no end. will they lock the gates? I'll wander here like in an Enid Byton's story. Hahaha, will call home...wake mum up. Mi ya, I'm sleeping here liao.

Called Sofia, and she said must do everything else, the money can leave there. Throw all the money back. Though I did counted out the sales, but don't feel like tackling the float and I think my counting cannot be trusted hahaha.

Maybe Sunday would be better.(Think positive!) Not closing alone then, the same colleague would close with me. Hahaha, he must be damn scared of me now. "Oh shit, I'm closing with that stupid girl. I'll die." Never mind, even if he don't say it out loud, I'll know. I'll also ask him to THINK POSITIVE! If it gets too bad, he can kill me positively! So convenient, have freezer there. Just throw the body inside. Hahaha, too bad, not that convenient after all. Luckily for me, and unluckily for him, there's 3 cameras.

Night now, and may that freaking lady not get a job. Die without a full body too. (Ya, and all these cursing is going to make my life so much better, Retribution, here you come!?

Monday, June 20

the Nth boring post of the boring happenings in my boring life

I'm bored. Did my Japanese homework. It sure says something about my commitment level when I finished my Japanese homework first instead of the TD tutorial that is due tomorrow. And it's the tutorial that the tutor would randomly called in to check.

Got a pouch to replace my frog. Naruto (Itachi) pouch, wanted to get something else of other anime. After all, I do not fangirl over Naruto ONLY. Then, went over to Ochard with Angela and my younger sister. Ate Crystal Jade's ramen. We order Hot Sauce Ramen and Five Spices Beef Ramen. The 5 Spices one was okay.

sian sian...I still have TD, CM and HRMS tutorials to do. IR is presentation week now. And the EPM draft...

Thursday, June 16



Ahhh...My Naruto's frog is gone, I think I have about $20 in it. And that frog cost me $16!!

I should have lost it in school. Either in Atrium or BLK 56 in IS class. Filed a report but I doubt I will get it back. *sniffs* Though, I'm still going to go SSIC tomorrow to see if they miraculously have my frog...

Damn, now I'm thinking of getting an PMK coin purse ($8.90) at Sunshine Plaza on Saturday or going back to Lucky Plaza. $16... Ya, I know Comics Connection sell the frog at $9+, but have you looked at the conditions of it? Eyes not on properly most of the time, half falling off with OBVIOUS! EXCESS! glue in sight...

On a second note, I've finally went through a blood donation experience. After the joke when I got turn away at the checkup when they realized I'm 17 without a Parent's Consent Form.

It's okay, not painful at all, maybe because of the painkillers they injected me with beforehand. The souvenirs that they gave me are dumb.

ONE PIECE anime box FIVE. Marketing strategy: Give me something in the middle, so I would have to buy 1,2,3 and 4 to get the proper backstory.

CLEO May issue.

A misleading pink rabbit from TY. Misleading meaning it looks soft like those beany type but it's actually hard.

And this traveling bag, now I have 3 traveling bags. One for CLEO, another from Be Delicious! Launch, and now this from the Blood Donation Drive. How many traveling bags does one need!?


Tuesday, June 14

my first day at work

My right hand aches...owwWW

They did not provide sufficient training. The real galeto(ice cream) is SO MUCH different from mush potato. For one, it's damn HARD! And the different sort of packaging...

And I don't know how to count money. >.< Counted two things, sales and er...something else, got them both wrong. T_T

I would have a very strong right arm by the end of this job.

Monday, June 13

(proven once again) i can sleep anywhere

Hahaha, damn proud of myself now. Did what I'm supposed to do or planned to do for today. Finished my Japanese homework, TD tutorial for tomorrow, and even my IR and CM tutorials for Wednesday!

Yeah, okay, not really finished but did what I think is enough! Only CM is really half done, really. Yes, now I can go practice/trains at Tiong Bahru in clear conscience tomorrow. I do not have to worry about rushing my tutorials tomorrow! Only need to research for IB.

I really don't like my IB tutor by the way. She do not get what I'm saying at all! I asked if the 7 slides is a fixed guideline. And she went on and on about how I should not be angry (which I am, only not about what she's talking about. T_T), and clear everything with her. "Trial and Error, besides it's not graded."

Okay, so well, if it's not graded, let's do nothing for it! Ha! See what happens to me then...Now, I think all my tutorial mates think I'm a petty kid who can't get over being one-upped by another. Seriously though, I do not think some of their points are relevant.


Went to the Yes!933 concert with JY, Angela and SH. I slept asleep in the middle of it, sitting on the floor waiting for JJ to come out. JY insisted on staying for his performance. Couldn't care either way, but it was way too hot! He's a real crowd-winner! The people are really screaming for him!

Though honestly, I cannot agree with the "OMG! He's so handsome!" from the girls right behind me... Erm, sorry. But his eyes are way too small and high up on his face. Looks a bit toot really. I would agree with you hands down that's he is talented and his songs are nice. Because I can't play a single instrument. But...handsome?


The sound system was very bad! The minute I woke up (proven for the umpteen times, I sleep anywhere and through everything), the female singer's voice rang in my ears! Like eerrrRRR....a resounding eerrrRRR at that!

We couldn't really hear what everyone was singing. FIR, random people in the middle and JJ. We did not stay for Energy. Like who cares about them!? LOL, luckily not JY or Angela, or we would have to stay on longer.

And I bet the screams would be louder than that for JJ. Because Energy is no more soon!

Thursday, June 9 me go like a train! no a plane! SUPERMAN!

I'm in WISP class now, presentation is up next as soon as all the people show...

Our group is up first, hopes every group ends early so we can go home and SLEEP!

Monday, June 6

who is that creeping through the door?

A post after so long! Tada, I'm back~

In all meanings of those words. ~From Sentosa, yesterday, with Fishes from a day on the beach. Only YiXian and Angela managed to get tanned, the rest of us are just red and perhaps ONE shade darker.

OUCH, my shoulders arch so much. All red, and I carried my laptop bag to school today for a presentation. Don't get me started on another tangent now, later... I asked about 5 people, and they all said they noticed no change except for the pink in my cheeks. DOTS

It was a fun day all in all. We were just people watching mainly, with a section of jokes-telling. Most of the time, our eyes are drawn to this small bright striking red tights running around. And the body-building club. LOL

Took lots of pictures, some on Angela's digicam and others on the waterproof instant camera, which is so /ADVANCED/ there's no clicking sound. We have to make sure YiXian will wash them out for us.

Presentation today: WTF! Our group is the only group listening to the tutor last week, BAD THING TO DO! She said she wanted just 5 slides or so. We did that, and she commented. "We need to quantify our results or statements, show us pictures and stuff." And so our presentation seems so bad among all the class's presentation.

WHY? Because they did not keep to the 5 slides guidelines! And she was like "Very good. See? If you show a map, you need to say nothing else. More convincing isn't it?"

Seriously, WTF.