Sunday, December 31

My last post for the year 2006

Because Angela suggested it and I have not make a entry in a long while…

Well, update on my life…My life in 2006

January – March
My last months in school. Hectic, hectic, hectic…Not much to say as I was never an active member of the campus life. Just remembered going through hell for my HPM project.

April – May
Got a job at the far far east side of the little island. Decided it was too much trouble traveling the distance for a admin job that I do not like and see no challenge in. Quit.

June – September
Tried to learn driving and wrote my application for a scholarship to Japan. I failed my basic driving theory test for three times. Passed on the fourth try. Submitted my application. Went for the written papers, got through to the second stage – the interview. Starting dreaming about life in Japan. An exciting part of my otherwise-so-far-so-boring life as a international student in Japan learning about photography/fashion/hotel management.

October – December
After much nagging and scolding from my parents, finally secured a temporary job as a receptionist. Quite a good job for a temporary assignment. I get to read books, all I need to do is answer phone calls and serve some tea. Need to work on my balancing numerous teacups on tray act.

31 December 2006
My hopes as a international student in Japan came crashing down on me on 22nd December. Nope, I did not get the scholarship. Well, even when I told myself not to hope too much, there is still a huge sense of disappointment. Not just the studying in Japan bit, but the hope lost of sponsored study what I was truly interested in. For me to study those in Singapore is too much of a financial burden.

My life in 2007…hopefully
After ending my receptionist assignment on 5th January, I would be able to secure a permanent job soon, maybe in one or two months. Hopefully not a desk-bound job, but well I have learnt to not pin much hope on anything. “No sense of disappointment if nothing is expected” Right? To hold that job for at least one year, if not two. Finally getting on with learning to drive. My Dad was just asking today, when was I going to drive him around. And hopefully something more exciting will happen in my life than answering complaint calls that are none of my blooming business.

Wednesday, December 27

[Lyrics] Ayaka - Blue Days

Ayaka - Blue Days
(Romanization + Translation credited to

Itsumono you ni hitori kaeri
Kagi wo sashi DOA wo akeru to
“Okaeri” to kimi ga
Demukaete kureru nante
Awai kitai idaite

Kizutsuku no wo osore
Itsumo me wo somuke nigete kita kedo
Machi de kimi no kaori kanjiru tabi
Shirazu ni furimuita jibun ga iru

Miete nai kotae ga aru to sureba
Kiete nai kimi no yasashii ude to
“Suki da yo” hoho ni sotto KISU wo shite
Eien wo chikai atta ano yoru

Ooki na KYANBASU ni futari
Hikari no tsubu chiribametesa
Takusan keikaku tateta koto wa
Mou zenbu okonau koto mo nakute

Isogashii amari ni sora wo
Itsu no ma ni ka minaku natteta
Miageta hoshizora
Te ga todoki sou de namida ga tomara nai no

Miete nai kotae ga aru to sureba
Kiete nai kimi to mukaeta asa to
“Suki da yo” mune ni sotto daki yosete
Eien wo chikai atta ano hibi

Ano toki miokutta senaka
Koe kara shi tomereba yokatta no?
Kurai koukai bakari
Ikudo to naku kake megutteku no

Miete nai kotae ga aru to sureba
Kiete nai
Mado no sukima kara mieru taiyou
Watashi no furueru kata atatamete me wo tojite
Kiduke nakatta kotae mitsuketa

Just like I always I come back alone
inserting the key and opening the door
“Welcome” you say
greeting me with the obligatory
faint embrace

Because I’m afraid of pain
I always turn away my eyes and run
But everytime I smell your scent
I unconsciously turn myself around

If I asume that there’s an answer that can’t be seen
I’ll asume that the warmth of your arms won’t fade
“I love you” you say, and softly kiss my cheek
That night, we promises each other eternity

Drops of light scatter on
our big empty canvas
So many things we always planned to do
but we’ve put none of our plans to action

If we get too buzy with life
one day we’ll no longer even see the sky
As I look up at the starry sky and stretch
out my hand, I can’t stop my tears from flowing

If I asume that there’s an answer that can’t be seen
I’ll asume that my mornings with you won’t fade
“I love you” you say, and softly cuddle with me
That day, we promises each other eternity

Should I be happy, that when I walked away I
stopped when your voice went coarse as you called me?
Regret is nothing but darkness
and every time I turn away from it

If I asume that there’s an answer that can’t be seen
I’ll asume that it won’t fade
Through an open window, I see the sun
and I close my eyes as it warms my shivering shoulders
And without noticing it, I found my answer