Tuesday, August 30

My life is a blur...

...Really, my life is a blur. Or was a blur the past weeks. It was just weeks of rushing to keep up with deadlines. So, there was nothing to blog on...or that is just my excuse.

Today, I went to work at Tiong Bahru (late by 15 minutes) only to discover I am not even needed to go. They just forgotten to inform me. LOL, okay so I came home to rot.

Empty panic this morning, my phone alarm refused to sound, which was why I was late. Damn, thought my phone was spoilt, only to find out later that I have accidentally reset the timing from AM to PM. So I was operating 12 hours behind everyone. I guess I should be glad it happened today instead of tomorrow when I have a HRMS test worth at least 20% of my final grade. ^_^

Will study and create the empty shell of a database later. So sleepy now, surfing on for a while first...will sleep later...

Saturday, August 20

summer festival~

Went to the Summer Festival at the Japanese School today. Was ok, I guess. I really AM a perv...I keep telling my sister about any marginally good-looking guys I spot. "Look, there! In front, wearing shorts, blue spots."

We had quite a amusing time trying to find who are the real Japanese wearing the yukata. If we hear someone speaking Japanese, we'll go "Ok, real Japanese..."I also want to wear a yukata...


Don't know they provide yukata rental because their banner says "Yukata Wearing"...dots, try "Yukata Rental" next time.

Was fun all in all, planning to go again next year, just need to find out when...Seeing I would have graduated from NP...

And my birthday is over in just less than 15 minutes...

Monday, August 15

cut and paste

cut and paste: I'm bored...

can my posts be any more boring? they are really cut and paste... Need some excitement in my life, drama suspense....blah...I'll even settle for the ordinary teenage angst.

OH, everyone hates me~ No one cares~ I'll jump from 2 m down and hope to die...

Seriously. Where did all their angst come from? I need some too.

In IB class now, our group's presentation is over and done with, and waiting for the last group to finish. I'm such a good and respectful classmate, I'm so obviously listening to what they are talking about...

Tuesday, August 9

I'm so thick-skinned

another one of our usual crappy conversation but i was too lazy to edit it. But there's the result, oh ya, spam is not encouraged but well...(why did i highlight it for?)

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Sunday, August 7

god spare me...

Was dispatched to Guthrie House to work today. It was quite ok, except for the two persons that ruined my entire day there. First, there was this co-worker. She has been working there for quite a while. The hell, I so wanted to give her a kick to the butt by the end of the day. She kept sighing every single time I asked her anything. Even when she's totally free. I cannot imagine the face she will have if I don't ask her and do anything the wrong way.

For God's sakes! This is first time I am working there. And previously, I only sell ice-cream. There's no need for me to help take orders for drinks and additional stuff like food and such.

And there's pair of mother-daughter who came in at 11pm. We are considered closed at this time, and was not obliged to serve her. However, seeing that there are still people sitting around, I served her. She wanted a double cup of ice-cream. So, I started scooping the first flavor for her.
And the thing goes like:

"Did you take the wrong cup? I wanted a double."
"No, ma'am. This is the double cup, we ran out of the old cup. Don't worry, I will top it up over the top for you."
*Rolled her eyes* "Fine, then I just want this cup only of yoggi"
"Oh, but it's the same in the end, I will top it up for you!"
"Never mind, just put it full of yoggi"
*Finished scooping and got it over to her, her daughter piped up, she wanted a single of whatever. So, I showed her the SINGLE cup and checked if this is the one she wanted.*

Fuck, the mother then went "Oh, you should have told me. I am so disgusted by the way you guys sell your ice-cream. You should have told me. I am a regular here, I came here many times, and I have never met such a incident as different cup."

And she just kept repeating that throughout the entire time I accepted her money for the ice-cream. Tried telling her that I did explained to her about it. But she just speak louder and OVER me. Well, lady, if you are just a regular, and came THAT many times, you will know about the cup change. I've been working for two months now, and I am using these cup since I started! And next time, please wear a sign "I am an anal-retentive ass." THEN, people would know to explain very single thing to you.

The hell, whenever I think back and remember that face she made. I should have taken the nearest thing and smack her with it. And the co-worker was just doing her own bloody business all this time...

Argh...Forget, just hope they don't need to ask me to help out there anymore...

Tuesday, August 2

Japanese boys BEWARE~ *evil laughter*

Because this can serve as a reminder to people that my birthday is coming...20th August, in case anyone wants to pretend they don't know the date. Yes, National Day will come sooner, but hey, who cares about National Day? *snorts* definitely not me...so Angela sent me an sms "hey, remember to keep 20th this month free for yx and me. dun work tat day k :)" i immediately went online (just a click actually, was just MIA like always)

sandy | hey....
angela| ..
angela| haha
sandy | i'm going to a jap festival at changi on 20leh....
sandy | hahahah
sandy | sunday?
angela| why have u been like listening to i still by BSB since yesterdaY
angela| sat night?
angela| then ton at my place
sandy | ya...the thing starts at 6pm actually
angela| hmm k
angela| OH?
angela| meaning waD
angela| LOL!
sandy | i was hoping it was really going to be japan festival with cute jap boys walking around in yukata...
sandy | we go out on sunday?
angela| haha k
angela| no prob
angela| ^^
sandy | kk, thanks...
angela| btw, yx is not free to meet within this 2 weeks
angela| coz she's having exams
sandy | kk...then good lor...21th
angela| kk
angela| cool
sandy | ^^
sandy | actually i was a bit not interested in the festival already liao cuz it's in changi...
sandy | but my sister want to go...LOL

angela| ok
angela| haha
angela| go then
angela| LOL
angela| make sure she treats u to a meal on tt day!
angela| haha
sandy | yalor, because of the festival, confirm not eating out liao...
sandy | my family always eat out on birthdays, and events days...

angela| uh huh
angela| haha
angela| some other day perhaps
angela| can make up de mah
angela| say on fridya
angela| haha
sandy |hahaha....later my mother would...
sandy | like so big shot, birthday meal still must arrange...then dun eat lor

sandy | *insert crying smiley here*

angela| hahahahhaa
angela| cry ba
angela| since ur sis wans u to acc her
sandy | i'll go molest some jap boys to make up for my loss *evil laughter like a old pervert's*
sandy | LOL
angela| ...
angela| omgomgomg
angela| on the loose..
angela| crazeeeee
sandy | ok lar...dun think i'll have the guts to molest, so i'll just STALK them instead
angela| LOL!

[Later when angela's going away...like always, our "gtg" is never really "gtg"]

angela| bye im off to study, drink coke light and munch on strawberry yan yan
angela| =)
sandy | byebye...
angela| i love multi tasking
angela| hahaha..
sandy | i intend to post our coversation up
angela| ...
sandy | remind ppl my birthday what...
angela| hmm
sandy | hahaha.
angela| -.-
angela| bye stupid stubborn woman
angela| hahaha
sandy | oh ya, gift from thai is different from bday gift
sandy | byebye

angela| no!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
angela| no way.........................................
sandy | hahahaha
angela| crao
sandy | ^^
angela| crap
angela| u didn't get mine either
angela| so it's off
angela| hahahah
sandy | cuz u get yx gift also mah...
angela| kk
sandy | LOL sandy | ^^
angela| LOL!
angela| tell u wad
angela| dun get each other gift this yr
angela| but next yr's one must be real big
angela| coz it's 20th
sandy | i can be satisfied with a bubble tea
angela| hahaha
sandy | dun worry...
angela| LOL!
sandy | hahahhaa
angela| k
sandy | not greedy unlike someone
angela| who
angela| hahahahha
sandy | who, i also dunno...
sandy | must ask her to read my blog now...
sandy | subtle (not that subtle either) on her
sandy | hahaha

angela| ...
angela| hmph
sandy | kk...i go edit now...

So ya, Angela, the watch from Thai will be taken as what it is, a souvenir from Thailand, you must present ANOTHER gift to me with a tag dancing "For your birthday. Because you are worth it."

Oh a second note, I dropped my phone today while gettting out of a taxi! AHHH! THE HORROR!! On the road too. that rough tar road. there's deep scratches on my phone now. When it has been oh~so~pretty for the past year. Ahh, my heart breaks. I can practically feel the re-sale value drop like that with a echoing drop. like the horrible sound I made the monment the phone hit the ground. That resounding AHHH!!! That sound was that made people stared at me like I am a idiot for screaming on the road alone. (Because, of course I choose to drop my phone. and to drop it in school at such a time where MANY people is walking up into 73)