Sunday, July 31

i need some peanuts too. preferably $600,000 worth of it...

i just went back about ten post to insert titles for them. the further i go, the less serious and more cracky they get...

titles are good. i can insert subtle wiseass cracks at named people and they won't know. because no one EVER pays attentions to titles. unless you own the copyrighted "harry potter and the half-blood prince", which is a sucky title in my opinion, btw.

things to be done
japanese homework
resume writing for EPM
powerpoint revising for IB
TD tutorial
and some other crap

but sleeping now. for about an hour. is my KKM ever going to finish downloading? three hours has passed and only 1.4% more was completed. wtf, it has been downloading for the past 15 hours 44 mins and it's only a 175MB episode, not like it's 3GB SERIES...

Thursday, July 28

i will start using titles from now...

I'm re-downloading Honey & Clover all over again from YouSendIt link people have posted up, even though I have a bittorrent one stopped at 98.4%.

I'M IN SCHOOL NOW, THEY BLOCK MY BITTORRENT!! Ah, the things I do. I have work later school, only getting home at around 11pm. There'll be no time for me to download... MY GOD, I love the speed, I can finish the download in 30 minutes' time! It would take about an hour and half at home usually. Which is way better than bittorrent, which at best 2-4 hours and an entire day at worst.

Am in Canteen 1 waiting for my WISP groupmates to get here. 0809 now, supposed to meet at 0830 anyway. Damn, I hope I don't screw up in the roleplay later, need to ask them about the pronunciation of the names. Schickgruber? I'm not even let out a squeak of the Nazi Party's German name. NOT EVEN TRYING...

Damn, I feel like I have lots of lines, and that requires memory word. Though I think it's a bit ironic and weird, the girl who's spilling history out of her ears in the beginning is speaking in Singlish and have such shallow point of view.

Wednesday, July 27

I'm back~

Okay, my blog is back. In the full sense of words. Back for view and back at Blogger. Was MIA for a while, because my sister's domain expired. Made a number of post while MIA. Hahaha, was really like a diary then, a book diary where you write your thoughts in to keep away from publics' eyes.

Sad to say, they have disappeared into the black hole called INTERNET. Well, not like I posted anything especially different. Usual posts of being bored, dumb, bored...Did I mention bored?

Tons of Project to do now, the Shanghai Educational Trip I planned on going was off/cancelled. Due to lack of response and time conflicts. One more project to do now, two of my modules' project was actually combined into one if I have gone for the trip.

Yeah...So now, RUSH RUSH RUSH. I still do not believe the cheeks of my cohort-mates. Asking to have THEIR deadline postponed too. HELLO!? You have weeks to do it, if you have not done it and need extra time to do it now, it just speaks of poor time management on your part. I do not see a single reason why you get to have your deadlines pushed back too. I mean, if you are the one planning to go on a trip, and me the one staying back. Would you like me to have the same consideration of postponed deadlines as well?

So ya...TD common test result is bad, not what I have expected. Did not fail, but ...Borderline. I actually thought it would be my most well done paper. I fear the results of the rest now. So, ya...Wondering if I should do my tutorials for tomorrow. ..