Monday, May 23

you may be special. but i am more special than you (naruto joke)

First read the lastest post from here then read this.

A blog entry that leads to the capture of the murder. What bothers people most about it is that the entry screams of normalcy. The poster spoke about his japanese class - he's just a student worrying about his academics. Same as many of us.

Reading about death always make me to think how I want to die, morbid topic that I like to talk about. Many don't take me seriously. When I go, I want to go with a bang. The bang could just be a same unknown-to-the-world kind of bang. As in only known to those who know of me, it may be sad for me, it may be selfish of me, but I wishes to be remembered.

So, not freak accidents where people would remember how things happened but not who died. not acts that would put IMPACT! on politics. or mass accidents, though that should fall under freak accidents as well.

I also want no pain, being a coward. so I'm yet to think up of my perfect way to go.

That aside, I'm returning to school tomorrow. Exchanged back my textbooks with JingYun. Talked to her for a good hour. She had a great time at her attachment (insurance agency) and learned ACTUAL stuff. I'm so envious. I learnt NOTHING at mine. NOTHING.

semi-angsty: we thought then that we would be together forever, close. that forever closeness is no longer now. while the shared thought of forever-ness is will be held in fond memory, it also lead me to question. question all the forever-ness of the rest. does forever really exist?

That was only half-serious. I seems to be living a boring life, isn't it? Lacking the turmoils of the ususal teenager. /sarcasm

Wednesday, May 18

hahahaha *evil laughter*

School is starting next week, I need to get my stuff in order. Blah. Cheap shirts. Bored now, nothing to do. Will have to organize the stuff on my laptop. There's only 1.5GB left on my C Drive, and that's my drive for school.

Need to clear about 2GB worth of manga into my D Drive. T_T

Monday, May 16

[LYRICS] Trinity Blood - Broken Wings

I know this will not remain
However it's beautiful
Your eyes, hands and your warm smile
They're my treasure
It's hard to forget
I wish there was a solution
Don't spend your time in confusion
I'll turn back now and spread
My broken wings
Still strong enough to cross the ocean with
My broken wings
How far should I go drifting in the rain
Higher and higher in the light
My broken wings
Still strong enough to cross the ocean with
My broken wings
How far should I go drifting in the rain
I crossed the sky just keep on

sora kara ocitekuru no wa are wa ame dewa nakute
(the thing falling from the sky is not rain)


Friday, May 13

My younger sister actually think the new line of LV bags with the freaking grapes is nice. o_O Okay, she think it's cute. Quote and un-quote.

It's an brown leather auntie bag with GRAPES on them. How cute can they be!? I'm never going to trust her taste again.

Thursday, May 12

blah...nothing to do now. would work on translating but i just don't feel like doing so at the moment. want to know when i am taking my japanese class next semester.

i need new books to read. or new manga. or new anime. watching trinity blood at the moment. finished downloading episode two, yet to watch.

i think the next fishes' outing should be successful. all replied positively. would send out sms to confirm with them. when to meet or /where/ to meet would be decided later in the week.

though should be the usual. harbor front at mid morning. water sports aka piggybacks in the sea. bonding games aka eagle catch chicks. hassle-free food aka tibits.

should be fun. typing without caps is fun. hahaha, lame.

Wednesday, May 11

oh the drama!

damn, now I wish I'm more watchful of journals and stuff.

Monday, May 9

Mothers' Day's today. Went to eat the hawker center in front of my mother's shop. Veggie (which I ate like 2 leaves), frogs' legs, steamed fish (which I started demanding for 2 hours before), tofu and crab.

My younger sister kept waiting and waiting before she started on the crab craw on her plate, claiming it's too hot. Of course, she had to wait with her palms entangled in front of her. Jokes started cracking ...

"Dear Crab, you have died a glorious death. I pray you would enjoy your next life." Blah blah. We had a crude version, poetic/ dramatic version and many different versions of the crab's afterlife. Was fun...

Damn difficult to eat while crapping and dismemberment of crabs at the same time. But fun.

Ya, so now I am waiting for my download to finish. I need to find other things to do online other than reading fanfics and surfing LJ (for fanfics too).

Friday, May 6

Had chili Crab (with buns) for dinner just now. Was messy and stuff, but it was at home so it's okay.

I have many food that I actually enjoy eating but would not order outside because it would be messy. Or it would stink up my hands. Like if I'm given a choice of having MacDonalds or KFC outside, I would pick MacDonalds.

I don't eat Zinger outside because the chili I placed in the burger would ALWAYS drip out. Disgusting, can you say? And people thought I am only /NOT/ picky about fastfood. LOL

Am going to choose my IS tomorrow. The IS choices are boring this time around, which I supposed is a double Lucky~(Sengoku of PoT). We only have two IS modules for the entire third year, and one is prescribed.

Can you imagine having to make 3 boring choices out of boring choices. What? Pick the least boring? stupid, boring, stupid AND boring. MMmm...Guess it's either stupid or boring then.

Hope I wake up in time to do the enrollment. I'm always waking up around 11am these night. Well, it is without setting alarm so I guess I should be fine.

Thinking of coloring my hair back to black so I don't need to see two colors on my head, and would not have to worry about it. However, quite a number of people told me I look better in colored hair.

Well, I still another 2 weeks plus to worry about it. Going to the saloon with YX next Thursday morning for her hair appointment. Not that I am going to color over there, so expensive... Ask my mother next time if I remember...