Tuesday, March 29

I actually have a post this morning except Blogger ate it. If not, I'll have evidence. Basically, all I did was proved I studied sparingly. And set an exam question for myself, to show my lack of knowledge on my work. It was something like this.

"China was under lots of pressure to revalue their currency. However, they made a stand that they would to bow to the pressure. Discuss."

T_T, and I was telling my friends all about this. Saying if they asked about this, I'm going to be dead. Guess they want me dead. Real exam question worth of 20 marks. >>

"The Chinese government has been facing pressure from the Amercians and the Europeans to revalue the Chinese yuan. The Chinese authorities have said that they will move to a more flexible exchange rate, but they will not be rushed, because the country's financial system would not be able to cope with the fluctuations in the exchange rate. One of the options that is open to the Chinese government is to follow an arrangement that is similar to Singapore's.

Explain the benefits to China if it follows Singapore's exchange rate system."

Seriously, WTH... And it happens every semester. Our group would sit and vomit out all that we study and share. Then, I would ask a totally lame question that stump everyone. Everyone except me would check for the answer. Then it appears, everyone would know except me.

Because I don't think it would appear, that it's just a lame question I use to irritate. Gina... Note to self: Stop thinking up questions, I would only kill myself. T_T
Just finished reading through my IEF notes once, and I'm already back online. T_T

Strong will, isn't it? Of course, I'm saying I'm just breaking for a while, it's back to the notes. We'll see how it goes...

Seriously, I hope IEF is not going to be too tough as in "China is under persist pressure to revalue their curreny. However, they made a stand to be swayed under the pressure. Discuss." I would die. Ok, I'll be WTF-ing for half an hour, THEN die.

OMG...Best, now instead of studying, I'm setting my own question...

Saturday, March 26

Yesterday was a damn pathetic day for me, or should I say I was damn pathetic yesterday.

My mum did not leave any money for us before she left to open up her shop. And I have no money on me too, not even ONE DOLLAR. Normally, I would be able to not eat up till she returns home. However, I got hunger for no reason. And we have nothing to eat at home. The maggie noodles have ants in them.

OT: Our house have a serious ant problem. They even learned how to swim. Sometimes they are able to get to food placed on top of bowl of water.

Well, except for mandarin oranges. I ate two. Truth to be told, they did nothing to fill my hungry stomach. So, my elder sister woke up to get ready for her day out. She has no money either, so she packed and left for my mum's shop. Did ask if I want to go there, but I got lazy at the thought of bathing and preparing to leave my bed...

Seriously, I'm going to die of hunger/laziness one day.

So, I waited and waited till 7pm plus. Could not stand it anymore. Bath and called my mum to tell her I'm coming down. Think she heard the hunger in me or sometime. LOL So she told me to take a taxi down since I'm so hunger. Then, I told her about my financial state. The horror. In the end, she told my younger sister (who was with her) to wait for me with money to pay for the taxi.

When I reached, she got food for me. And all throughout the night, she was going "how can you end up being so poor that you don't even have $1?!"

So, people, note. I am poor. Donate please.

Thursday, March 24

Okay, I've finished my FMGT paper this morning. I did shit for the last question, and it holds the most weightage. 35 MARKS. I'll be lucky if I get at least 3 marks for it. Seriously, the entire Net Present Value table was not even draw out, and it's worth 16 marks for it. Let's not even talk about the theory questions.

Not a single word written.

Well, I thought the rest of the four questions are easy. Hope that I did ok, even good, for them. I'm telling you, they supposedly give 2 and 3 right out from past exams questions to lure us into a false sense of security. Yours truly ended up playing a fool and working slowly for them, thinking the rest are alike.

They are alike, questions 5 appeared in past exam before too! Just made us forget that it is a bloody tedious question. dotdotdot

A cute thing happen today at KFC. Was eating, half the place is full of Jurong Secondary's students. Out of nowhere, this dog happened, and went walking around. It's a rather big dog, coming up to my knees. It looks so cute, all furs and sad eyes. LOL It walked right into a crowd of Jurong students. Hahaha, of course, there are people seated at the nearing table.

Note: Guys are actually more fearful of the dog than the girls. The girls are the ones going up to the dog and patting it on the head. Boys are the ones who pulled up their legs and looking to the counter to see if the KFC team is going to do anything about the dog. HAhahha

Oh course, there is still that ONE girl who ducks and went all over the place to avoid it. I think the dog sensed it too, and kind of followed her around for a while. Bully, so not all cute dogs are nice dogs. HAhahaha

Of course, the dog lead the manager on a merry stroll of the place before it got chased out. It was ducking under tables and u-turning all over the place. It think it was trying to get back into the place as there are some guys pointing down outside the entrance for a while.

When I leave, it was sitting outside the door, looking oh so pitiful. Hahahha, it's the eyes. Anyway, it looks like someone own it too, gentle with the girls that patted it, and it was wearing a collar too.

Saturday, March 19

People should be glad I "appears offline" so much these days, I would freeze people to death with my lameness and handwrite art otherwise. To prove my note...

As I was kind of waiting for angela's to reply my email all day, I drew her this when I was talking to her a minute back.

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

Note: that two connected rectangular thing with a string is a laptop. TELL ME IT LOOKS LIKE A LAPTOP! Angela thought it was a kite. T_T

I was very offended, and could not stand the insult. SO...

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

And just in case, she don't get it again. Another scenario :

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

Hahaha....crack conversations there...it was like that all along. Even worse now that I use the handwrite functions. Before, I just break out into drama speeches and lines. LOL

Wednesday, March 16

I am in school now with 2 hours of free time due to my own stupidity. T_T

My IEF class starts at 11am, and I thought it was 9am. Normally, I come to school on Wednesday because of the 9am HRM lecture. Why I say it's stupidity is because this is the lecture I skip out on most often and was often late for.

Due to this, it should seem that I would remember, right? No...I have to pick this day to be punctual. WTF...

Okay, so now I am in the freaking library posting this...Would go surf LJ later if this PC allows me to...

Beating my head on the table,

Monday, March 14

Blogger ate my post. But I shall persist...so now, in image form!!

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

Not my fault ok...

Thursday, March 10

Took my Japanese tests today - both reading and writing. I think I did OK for them. Am now thinking of taking up the enrichment class next semester.

I wanted to take it right from the start in semester 1, but the bad/boring experience of the CC class I took with my mother (okaasan) and younger sister (imotou) put me off.

$150 for it. Erm, was actually only "considering" it because of a fear of heavy 3rd year workload. Still, think I will take it up in the end. Would tell my mum later.

And to get money from her to buy my BLAW textbook. Jingyun wants hers back at the end of the semester. I want to highlight when I study.../random.

Saturday, March 5

There was a Chingay parade outside our blocks just now. Towards the end, I was wanting to go down to watch it but my younger sister didn't want to accompany me. Sad... Well, I stood outside my house and watched from the corridor for a while.

Normally, I would not go for this kind of things because of the heat. And all that people pressing against you. But it was pretty windy today, and from what I can see from my view now, it was not as crowded as I expected it to be.

Well well, after that extremely hot week before, we experience almost a full week of rain this week. So comfy...almost wanted to laze at home for the entire week.

Please, dear god, space them out more evenly, will you? 2 days of blazing sun, then a merciful day of rain. How about that? I would die less often this way...