Friday, November 26

Am I a bitch to think that it is so unfair that I get spammed like that? I mean, out of so many people, why the heck am I the “lucky” one?

This could be very hurting to Alina, but I really do not care for this. I mean, if the person is so called “seeking revenge” on Alina, why am I being spammed instead? I mean, I have no idea what is going on with Alina and her stalker? Can that person even be termed as a stalker?

Yes, I understand she has her problems too, but….this is …. I cannot describe adequately enough the feeling of anger and helplessness now. Again I repeat, why me? Not to wish this upon the rest, but why me? Not Jasmine, SeeYan or Salbiah? And why ONLY me?

I mean, I am having sms conversations with nameless people. I am cynic enough without help, this is going to make me suspicious of everyone and everything. Now, there are two.

1. The spammer.
2. This person, who supposedly got spammed too.

They could be the same person.

Now, the spammer seems to think I should be at his or her disposal. If he or she feels like it, would internet sms me to get online. Like hell. I thought everything died down when I went online to talk to that piece of shit. Promised to stop giving out my number. Did stopped receiving calls from despos that got my number off the IRC.

Now, he or she wants to meet at PS on 30/11/04. Given me a timing – 8pm. And I am supposed to inform my “partner” who I think is the person no.2. If not, he or she would start spamming person 2’s friends.

And you seriously think I give a fuck? Fine, spam them. I am perfectly willing to share the pain.

If because of this, I need to change my number, it would be fuckingly irritating. I am seriously of the thought that my father would blame it on me. He would probably think that I spread out my numbers myself. Even my elder sister went “I don’t understand why other people don’t have this kind of matter, only you.”

After hearing that, I am unsure if I should tell my mum now. I almost always tell my mum everything. However, her opinions is never really clear. She could be of the same way as my sister or just unconcernedly sympathetic.

No word of comfort or concern. Whatever. If I got “poor thing” instead, I would likely die of shock. However “I don’t understand why other people don’t have this kind of matter, only you.” just insulates that I want this kind of thing.

Furthermore, I would likely need to cancel my plan or play extra? And who would fork this money out for me? My Dad, he would likely ask me to leave with it. Does that mean I need to live with the spam? Then if they think I really want to get rid of my number, they would ask me to fork it out of my own pocket. I get a miserable amount of money for the attachment, sure am hell would not want to pay for shit like this.

Shit that I did not ask for. Shit that I am not even responsible for. But shit that is happening to ME.

Monday, November 22

some fucking idiot is using my email address to chat with guys on IRC.

I am damn pissed right. This could be joke. I am going to be jaded and assumed that it is done by someone I know. Because this guy/gal messaged me this afternoon telling me someone is passing out my handphone number too.

Okay, I can take a joke. But not jokes that would result in guys msn-ing me trying to hit on me. Two were kind enough to help me with the network and nickname. The freakingly dude quited after I confronted her.

Shit, I am damn pissed now. Whoever this is, this "gypsygirl", can you grow up? What the fuck, is this traceable? Because if you are someone I know, you are going to get a beating from me.

Friday, November 19

Hahaha, I'm on leave today! For that time I worked at that Women's Fair on last Sunday.

So I just finished checking my emails and all that stuff. Planned on starting translating later.

By 3 plus, would prepare to go to Anime House to collect that FMA doujin. Then, make my way to westmall. It's my parents' wedding anniversary, so we are eating out.

Yeah. I have survived 4 weeks of ITP. 2 more weeks to go. Then, it's trip to Genting/KL with the trio!! ...And people who are just there for security sake. Hahaha, so mean, they are actually SH and Angela's brother. But who cares. LOL

Monday, November 15

I am bored. And tired.

Got my results in the last week, they are sucky. Just going to note that I HATED my ECD results. Seriously worked our asses off for that module and all we get is a bloody B....

Saturday, November 6

Ok, Blogspot finally allowed me to make a post. Was unable to do so last night.

Well, another week has passed. Second week of my attachment is over and I just need to get through four more weeks. My officer became more friendly and rather playful. Don't know what happened there, but yeah! It's a good change.

Not going to babbler on and on about the stuff I did, but I am more busy. Yes, the stuff I do still do not need for a functioning brain, but they has become more meaningful.

Have decided to go to Genting/KL with the other two of the trio. We will be accompanied by Angela's dad, brother and SH. So, typically, my mum was all "You must be cautious". I think she would actually prefer I just go with Angela and YiXian.

So, yeah, going on a holiday trip. Have plans for this since end of our Secondary School's life, only putting them into actions now. That means I would be missing the first three days of school, praying my IS day would not fall on those days.

And hoping that SeeYan still want to try to get into the same classes, that way we can have company. And I would know what happened should I really be absent the first week. LOL

Am working on Sunday next week. They said it is a roadshow at Taka for SPH magazines. Cool, just hope I am not expected to actually SELL them. Just maybe do counting and recording.

-.- I am so bad at sales.

Watched Princess Diary with my younger sister just now. Funny and nice, but I like the first part better. Still, it's enjoyable. Got shoes, pretty girly sandals for my sister to wear to work, and sports shoes for me. And pair of slippers to get membership. So "auntie" of us.

Blah blah blah la la la. I think that's all. Ending now.