Sunday, October 18

[Lyrics] Fame 2009 - Try

Asher Book - Try

If I walk, would you run
If I stop, would you come
If I say you’re the one, would you believe me
If I ask you to stay, would you show me the way
Tell me what to say so you don’t leave me

The world is catching up to you
while you're running away to chase your dream
It's time for us to make a move
cause we are asking one another to change
And maybe I'm not ready

But I'll try for your love
I can hide up above
I will try for your love
We’ve been hiding enough

If I sing you a song, would you sing along
Or wait till I'm gone , oh how we push and pull
If I give you my heart, would you just play the part
Or tell me it’s the start of something beautiful

Am I catching up to you
while you're running away to chase your dreams
It's time for us to face the truth
Cause we are coming to each other to change
And maybe I'm not ready


I will try for your love
I can hide up above

If I walk, would you run
If I stop, would you come
If I say you’re the one, would you believe me


[Lyrics] Fame 2009 - Fame

Naturi Naughton- Fame


Baby look at me, and tell me what you see
You ain't seen the best of me yet
Give me time I'll make you forget the rest

I got more in me, and you can set it free
I can catch the moon in my hands
Don't you know who I am

Remeber my name (Fame)
I'm gonna live forever
I'm gonna learn how to fly (High)
I feel it coming together
People will see me and cry (Fame)
I'm gonna make it to heaven
Light up the sky like a flame (Fame)
I'm gonna live forever, baby remember my name


Baby hold me tight, cause you can make it right
You can shoot me straight to the top
Give me love and take all I've got to give

Baby I'll be tough, too much is not enough
I'll grab your heart til it breaks
Ooo I got what it takes




Saturday, October 10

i hate YOU...

I am so mean. Now known as the bully in my workplace now. LOL I was going to pm one of my closest buddies at work telling her how much I hate one of my colleagues, who just plains irritates me. Being that blind fool that I am, I typed and entered the message without checking the recipient. Ended up pm-ing the individual whom I am complaining about. *headdesk*

I HATE ****!

Of course being the sensitive and innocent person that he is, he was deeply shocked and hurt by the direct hit of my hatred in his face. starting emo-ing, feelings all over his face. HIS friends saw and led him out. I was informed by my fellow colleagues he did not take it too well, was even in tears. He was in no mood to work after that, and then he took half-day leave and left for home. Of course, so our manager need to coach us. Mainly me, the creator of office disharmony and discord.


Manager : Do you mean that you wrote? Do you hate him "to the core"?
Me : ...
Me : Well, I don't hate him that I will stab him, but yes, I hate him and I will not talk to him if there is no need.

Of course, me being the senior at work, and him the newbie and all of us being in the same team as fellow colleagues, there are instances when we will need to work/consult with each other. Of course, duh. I can be PROFESSIONAL on that. work is fine, no big deal. just do not expect me to joke and chat with him. Somehow, from the way the my coaching session went, the team leads seems to be under the impression that I will turn a deaf ear even if he ask me a direct question on work. DOTS

Not feeling much regret over that matter, since it is my true sentiment. As I said, I won't stab him but... It also kind of amuses me how the rest of team feels about it. so secondary school, let's arrange a parents' meeting... Hahahaha...

On the side now, my CPU is fixed as mentioned before. Just that the churning sound still persist. No idea what's wrong with it...just take it as it comes...In love with the new Bejeweled Blitz. Hahahaha, I love the last hurrah function. Ended up having my highest score due to that. LOL Also playing Farmville now. Got the login credentials from both my sisters to play their account, I think my elder sister account will be the easliest to level up. Many of her friends are damn enthusatic about the same, should be rather easy to get gift in her account. LOL One farmville manic here, and another Resturant City in the other room. LOL


How I am making use of my Desktop and netbook now. Now that I have gotten used to the peace and quiet from my netbook, I don't think I want my CPU to turn through the net. So the download stuff will still stay in my netbook. Gogobox, I love you~~ Hahahaha

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Monday, October 5

I have hot pink toe-nails

Hahahaha, finally one of those off-day that I actually stepped out of my house, instead of rotting at home like I usually do. 我是宅女...Went for my appointment at Bella, got my screen-protector and cover for my new phone, got my new bag, watched Fame and did pedicure. Hahahaha, so frivolous...LOL


Friday, October 2

new phone

new phone~~ after the big mess with singtel over me trying to change my delivery address. just glad the delivery was not late.

only able to play and charge my phone on sunday. on afternoon shift today & tomorrow. don't want to let it charge for too long...or maybe i should just let it charge now...returning at midnight...12 hours, is it too long? forgotten how long i need to charge a gadget before usage...