Thursday, September 17

I am a pink bimbo....

Hahahaha, went for YX's convocation ceremony just now. Her ceremony ended in just half an hour. LOL, guessed it was a small batch. I was in shades of pink from head to toes, light pink makeup, pink dress and my pink wedges. yes, finally wore the shoes on the streets after more than 3 months since I got them.

And I finally fixed my CPU. Got Angela to accompany me to SIM LIM Square. According to the person, it was just a fan/ventilator and RAM problem. All he did was vacuumed the CPU and rubbed a soft eraser over the metal connector of the RAM slide. LOL 30 dollars. Not bad, was expecting that I need hardware changes that will cost more. ....And I still had my MAY schedule up on my desktop. That's how long I let my PC sat there without use.

Well, going to collect it back tomorrow, since I do not want to carry my CPU around in Orchard. Going to get my dad to drive me to sim lim to pick it up, before he goes for the dinner. I will have my download centre back! LOL should I still leave it on 24/7?

Thursday, September 10

Counting down

I am going to be off~~ 2 hours plus more...La Cha Ta~~

Chalet chalet...hahahaha. Then midnight followed by YX's convo...