Tuesday, February 10

disturbing people while they are asleep


lol....forgotten that I am not the only one who is a light sleeper and do not silence their phone while sleeping...

hahahaha, woke angela up with an sms just now... well, text jy and michelle as well. likely won't receive a reply from them till 3PM plus? ...and that would be like time when I am sleeping.

... does that means I am creating trouble for myself, disturbing my own sweet dreams?

顺我者生不如死,逆我者不得好死 ... so egoistic. i like...whahaha


Friday, February 6

about number 2 from memo...

My comment in 70:

I seems to like the original version better, the characters seems more alive to me. I do agree with what the others says as well, the edited version has more structure & flow....well, both is good too....anyway I can purchase the book off you, I don't live in China...Singapore...Always has been a fan of your work~ *_*

Netizen-A in 71:


Netizen-B in 72:




Hai...this is why even though Google and Wikipedia are my best friends, the edit function is my saviour. I can never catch my typo+grammar errors till I publish whatever I want post. Even in the preview mode, all will seem OK to me. As soon as I publish, I will be able to catch them.

There is no point even replying to them...what do I even reply if I do? "Hihi, netizen-B, nice to meet you. I AM a Singaporean, that that I am a Singaporean with bad grammar"?


Copied from Facebook

Rules: Once you've been tagged, you are supposed to write a note with 25 random things, facts, habits, or goals about you. At the end, choose 25 people to be tagged. You have to tag the person who tagged you. If I tagged you, it's because I want to know more about you!

01. I have not done one of this memo in a long time.

02. I recently got mistaken for a PRC-Chinese living in Singapore, because I did not vet for my grammar errors before I posted in this Chinese's blog.

03. I am very ashamed because of No.2.

04. Because Hello? 中国人! ? %#@! (nationalistic comment = bad)

05. It also means my English is getting worse by the day.

06. My life is so dismally empty now, that I have problems writing out 25 things about myself.

07. Just had a small gathering with my secondary sch classmates, and recently friend-ed by a couple of my primary sch classmates, lol...

08. I am easily amused by the most random of things.

09. It's 2.55PM in the afternoon, my last meal is 3 fried chicken wings at 10PM last night.

10. I want to go to Jurong Point to return my rented books, but I am too lazy to move.

11. I have 31.6GB worth of stuff in my hard-drive that I have yet to watch.

12. There is another 5GB worth of Man VS. Wild sitting in my old MP3 player.

13. That is un-watched too. I have another 5GB on queue now waiting to get downloaded.

14. Just realized I am sharing my downloading habit a bit too freely.

15. I want to watch Underworld: Rise of the Lycans.

16. I really need to get off my ass to go to Jurong Point, so I can return my books and watch Underworld.

17. I resolute to complete getting my driving license this year, but I am still dragging my feet.

18. I think it's completely due to the fact that I took four times before I passed my basic theory test.

19. I passed my basic theory test two years ago, and stopped there. Need to pick it up again.

20. I feel like dying my hair a bright red.

21. I am wondering if I can get fired due to it.

22. Fact: I was born 20/08/1986.

23. Habit: The first time I do when I wake up is checked my hand-phone for the time, then again with the watch on my hand.

24. Goal: Get a driving license by 31/12/2009.

25. I have written out 21 randoms thing, one fact, habit and goal in about one hour plus. Done.