Wednesday, December 31

time is ticking...

The time right now is 11.36PM as I starts, it's another 24 minutes to the new year. 2009. Don't think I really want to do a recap on my days before. Can't really drag up the mood to think back., I am really just a bit lazy.

Personal life...same, as the 21 years back. When will my doe-eyed prince charming show up? Hahaha.

Work...low morale all round. LOL Well, thankfully I do have people for me to complain to, nag at...My vulgarities are getting from bad to worst. People used to get shocked just at me saying TMD, and I am now practically calling every next two caller a fu*cking b*tch. LOL

Hahahaha, the future is it has been for the past months. Shitty schedule now, for the afternoon shifter and midnight shifter. The afternoon-shifter knock-up at 11.30PM, midnight-shifter starts at 11.30PM. Pray tell, if the midnight-shifter is late, do the afternoon-shifter still sign off on the dot?

Hai...My Perth post. LOL...Guess I am really giving up on it. Oops. Heheh. Not even thinking of Batam post. Though it was very enjoyable. Hopefully, we can get a chance to do that once again.

Hopes for the new year? Hai....many things that I want to get done, just don't know when I should act on them. chance I get, go sign up for my Theory test. Get my license. LOL...

Then course...Hai....

Well....nothing much to expect. No resolution...Plans never work well for me, better for me to take it as it comes. Vowed never to get a job answering the phone, and look at me now. Bad planner. LOL.

Hopefully, JY's graduation trip to Taiwan/HongKong do happen, need to get my passport done too.

It's now 11.58PM Happy Freaking New Year then. 2009...


Tuesday, December 16

Merry Freaking Christmas...


13NOV - 15NOV Batam trip with Janice and Eve back in Novemeber. Hahaha, just a placeholder, since I am probably never going to post about it. Still not done yet with my Perth. >__< I only have less than fifteen days left!