Monday, October 27

My boys.


spamming angela's with pictures and youtube clips of my boys... being clever by not naming names, but using nicknames. Our msn chat turned NC16 very early on, and carried on with more of my spamming.

spammed with most of Donghae aka Pretty Boy and Eunhyuk aka Average-looker but damn good dancer. LOL

Everyone should watch and drool with me....1:47 *swoons*

I am in LOVE. 0=0=0, LOVE=LUST=LOVE. same thing.


Wednesday, October 8

Busy busy bee...

Just a few more days and it would have a month since I last post. Well, other than lyrics post. LOL

F1 race in Singapore. Don't really understand the hype about it. LOL Janice buying day-pass to watch, even buying those logo-shirts to match the atmosphere at the event. LOL Even a customer in Dubai asked me about it. "You guys are having the F1 race in Singapore now right? So how it is? Did you managed to catch the race?" LOL Granted he's a Singaporean, but to ask me about it in great interest over a international call. LOL


The four-thousand dollars view. My dad won the a pair of $4K tickets. Not that I went with him, he was served beer/food/etc. Able to have hot girls poured him beer. LOL He was able to watch them do the servicing of the cars. right in front of him. LOL He didn't take any pictures of the hot girls. I was hoping that there would be some. So I can see if they are prettier, or only just about the same standard as those girls in our IT shows. Our family were all saying that we would rather take the $8K in cash. We can then get ourselves a new TV. LOL


Doing my midnights shift these two weeks. Just did four nights with Meryl. Watched Love & Marriage on her recommendation. LOL Knew about the show, that it's enjoying rather good ratings in Korea itself. That the lead actor is rather good looking with abs of steel. Did not think to watch it other than that though....

LOL, the show is really quite enjoyable. Watched what was uploaded on mysoju then downloaded episode 8 & 9. Hahaha,so I caught up to the lastest now. Will just go download the earlier episodes so I can burn a copy out to watch again in further.

Hahaha, went to watch movies with Michelle last Tuesday. Her treat using her UOB smart points. LOL Painted Skin and My Best Friend's Girl. Rather like Painted Skin. Even suggested to Eve that we can watch it today. AGAIN for me. LOL As for My Best Friend's Girl...well, if you have nothing else that you can watch LOL.


Got her to take NeoPrint with me, since I have not taken any in long long while. LOL Wearing green that day, so funny tricks happened with the green backdrop. I would be wearing all black, as above. Purple or White. Hahaha. You can really tell neither of us knew what to really do. LOL. Same poses for all the four shorts. Hahaha...


Went back to office today. Was just supposed to meet Eve to go watch a movie/shopping. Ended up adding the finishing touches on the signage board with her and XiaoHui since we thought today was the deadline. LOL. Rather pleased with our end results. In the end, they did not do the judging today. DOTS. Did not inform us at all.

We went to Har Par Villa instead. The "10 Courts of Hell (18 Levels of Hell)" do not seems as scary as I remember it to be.Don't know if it's just childhood memories making it seems scarier than it is, or it is because of the change of layout. I remember going through the place on a boat ride, with lights dimming in and out, goans and moans played out over the speaks. And my mum whispering away in my ear, "See, this is what will happen to you if you lie" -.- Nightmares for week.


Went shopping again in VCY's Giant again after dinner. This would be the third time we did shopping in VCY together. We never fail to return to Comtech without tugging big bags with us. Got new cushions, topped up our instant noodles supply. Bathroom speakers! Our last speakers are long gone. And this is waterproof, so I do not need to wrap towel around my MP3 player to prevent water vapor from condensing on it. LOL Erm, the sound is quite ok if you don't turn it on loud. Sounds very unclear then. LOL Still have not gotten a replacement mug. I think I need to go look into Coffee Bean to take a look at their mugs. LOL


Wednesday, October 1

[Lyrics] Painted Skin - Hua Xin

画皮 - 画心