Tuesday, February 19


Finally....I am posting a entry again, instead of lyrics post.
Finally....I receive the photos from the St.James event.
Finally....I see light at the end of my tunnel....

Or not really, rumored to have a chance at getting a extension because their cheap labour is struggling and not making it. *snorts* Which I think may not be the case seeing that we are really getting fewer calls over on our end. Thinking about what I want to do now, thinking of options.

If not renewing, the interview, selling yourself starts. HATE
If they offered, I must then think about if I want to extend or not.
If I agree, I get to put off the hateful process longer.
If I don't, I will need do the hateful process sooner than later.

The office seems bigger that before. Many have left. The first of my batch (well, my batch only has three). Looking back, I would have thought I was the only who would have left the earliest.


When would be the day where money would just drop out of the sky on me, so I can just quit and rot my life away at home? I really should start buying lottery.