Wednesday, November 21

I want my flat tummy back...

I look like I'm pregnant now, weight has been 5okg and over for the last two months. To think I finally got my weight back to a more presentable 48 in the beginning of September. Still, eating like crazy. Just had maggie noodles just now at this hour. And yesterday our family went to eat ramen at Cuppage at 10PM. Hai, definitely need to curb this unhealthy habit of eating in late night.

Just paid my mobile bill, balance in my account is now slightly higher than 700, and this is after I borrowed 300 from my sister to keep my balance above the credit limit. Hai, just could not resist getting that SHINHWA's dvd. The money I spent on fandom...

Did OT for 2 hrs today, worked till 11PM. Learned my lesson, no more OT after 9PM! There's nothing you can do for customer! Out of 3 callbacks I did, 2 scolded and nagged at me for more than 10mins. I definitely did not hit my call target today! Argh....and our service level is like shit as well.

Oh well, seriously I really want to see how they die come June'08.

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