Friday, September 28


...I'm starting shift work one week earlier than planned...

A colleague is moving from the PTB team to the Premier team, hence one week of training. So I'm starting shift earlier, taking over his shift schedule.

And the first shift I'm on on the 1st of October is the afternoon shift. 1.30Pm to 11PM. Now that I think about it, it's really not that worth it to be able to claim taxi fare. For example, the taxi fare from 1st to the 3rd (damn early in the month) is only submitted at the end of October, and I would only get the fare back one month later at payday of November (last day of the month).

So effectively, I need to wait two months....Hai....Need to go some major calculations to juggle the balance in my account now.

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Monday, September 24

in response

WHORE!! threw away the boarding pass but not the jewelery rite?


so eager to share the story with

Tuesday, September 11

Useless officer...

When we sign up for this line of job, we sign up for shit from customer. Most definitely NOT from our officers. I have this officer who went to tell my manager that I only put my line on ready and available for calls only when she walked over to my side.

WTF!? Bloody hell!

She is only concerned for her service level. I don't ever see her walking over when she is not the one monitoring the service level. Most certainly do not see her looming around the PTB section like a giant bat when she's not monitoring the service level. I was typing the bloody comments in the bloody C833! I was only on INVX mode for less than 30 seconds, and you just happened to walk over when I was finished with the typing.

Kill call, kill call. Fine I'll not type the comments, not do the dispositions and help you kill the calls. So if you cannot track the promo- enquiries or if the next agent cannot find out who's the agent the customer is looking for. THAT is your problem not mine.

Should my work attitude and ethics be questioned, there's no way I am going to keep quiet and meek over it. I wouldn't care if it will make me seems defensive, I would have many people on my side. I am not the only one that has a problem with her.

Side note, I am coming down with a sore throat again.