Tuesday, August 21

Phuket Trip / Coming of Age

Phuket Trip

I guess it was a foreboding sign that it rained on the day that we left Singapore for our Phuket trip. It was raining almost the entire trip. In estimation, we saw less than five hours of sunshine.

That didn’t really stop us from having fun though we didn’t get to do lots of activities. Sun-tanning for one, and bungee-jumping for another. Whined about it most of the time, sure, but we had fun, did our shopping despite the rain.

YX was crazy for hot-dogs every single day of the trip. Everywhere we go, she was on the lookout for hot-dogs. We were rolling our eyes at her all the time. It was not like we were in Germany, we were in the land of the tom-yam.

Like I said, we didn’t get any sun, so all we did was to get fairer and fatter. Eating cup noodles/porridges, hot-dogs and banana pancakes. We tried a roadside stall that sold brilliant banana pancake. We were making plans to eat it again on Sunday night, unfortunately we couldn’t find the stall.

Now I can’t wait for our second trip, we were making vague plans about it. Hopefully, JY will be able to join us then.

Coming of Age

Turned 21 yesterday, it was nearing three when I reached home from the airport and my mum’s shop. Watched a bit of the stuff I downloaded before I left on the trip and napped before getting up to prepare for dinner at Crystal Jade.

Passed dough-nuts to JY and came home for a simple cake-ceremony. No song involved. LOL Got my dream Adidas jacket from the fishes gang, a Walt Disney's watch from Angela, and spending money from my family. Now I am wondering if I should go get a Nintendo DS Lite. Angela got me and YX addicted to it. There’s a shop in Funnan that selling it for apparently 235 dollars.


I am supposed to report back to work on Thursday, would laze my hours through to then….



Thursday, August 9

window shopping is not for me...

Went out shopping with JY today, this is the second time I shop without complaining or wanting to sit outside waiting after half an hour!! So I MUST MUST shop with a purpose. The first time I shopped without complaining was with SeeYan and Alina in Poly's second year for our attachment clothes.

And I spent so much! Got a nice dress shirt for work for $47.90, most expensive piece of clothing for me yet. $20- Slip-in shoes for the dress-down days of work. 23.80 - 2 long T-shirt from Zara, $52 - 3 pair of shorts from THIS FASHION, $60.80 - 2 bikinis from Sheer Romance, $5 - for a necklace and belt.

Total: $209.50

I'm totally in shock now! My god! More then what I spent getting three attire from CNY. Still, so much fun, from 1pm- 10pm. From Far East to VivoCity. And YX lied to us, we don't really see much choices for Adidas jacket at Vivocity.

Saturday, August 4

Food List

Friday, August 3


I've fallen sick again. Just as I was telling Angela that we should go do our blood donation again as we are in the pink of health and are go to Phuket soon. Would not be able to donate for quite a well after coming back.

Well, this doctor my mum brought me to is quite good. Normally when I have sore infection, I would only start to get better on the third or fourth day. My throat has already start to hurt less. Okay, good...