Friday, October 13

Good Morning. May I help you?

YX and Angela came over my house for a sleepover over the weekend. It's a belated celebration of Lantern Festival. It was fun... Didn't know I had just a nice playground near my house…

Well, I have finally gotten off my butt and found a job. I sent in my resume to three different job postings last night and got a response today. TOO FAST… I will start on Monday, being a receptionist for a management consulting firm. The assignment is till end of this year.

Well, at least I won't get nagged at by my father anymore. The thing is, I have to wear skirts every Monday to Thursday. Oh god, do I have enough of them? And let's hope they don'’t expect me to have make-up on. Well, we will see how it goes next week then.

Thursday, October 5

How's your luck?

My parents went to a fortune-teller today. The fortune-teller said some rather interesting stuff. Some things that was said about me...

Apparently, me and my younger sister are jinxed against each other. 相衝 LOL When we wed, we cannot be bride-maids for each other. LOL There's something else too, but I have forgotten about it.

And at tea ceremony, we also cannot serve tea to our parents directly, facing them. We have to serve it turned slightly away. There's a bit of jinx there too. Not sure if it's because it's not good for my parents or us, just that it's not be done. It's fine for my elder sister though.

Also, the fortune-teller said I'm having good luck these two years, my parents were told to buy 4-Ds in my name...LOL

There were more said, just that it's about my parents...Quite interesting too....