Tuesday, December 28

Hey. Finally making a post about it. Not going to post any pics up though. I have over ... hundred of them, nearing 200 in fact. They are stolen from all over the place. No Digi-cam at all...


Even if I post them up, no one would understand the jokes. Crack pairings...xD Really Fun though.

Friday, December 24

My right eye hurt now...I don't know if it's because lack of sleep or the contacts I wore for the entire day yesterday. Think it's the lack of sleep though, my left eye is fine.

Yeah...Yesterday was fun. Had practice for the PoT cosplay at Mae's house. Was pretty fun. Hyotei now is IC, we need not do any spastic falling-down thingy now. LOL, we will stand and act like the divas that Hyotei is.

Or the rest would act like divas and primp. I'll yawn/snore/sleep/zen, like a proper Jirou should be. The cosplay would be on Sunday at Expo. Tampines. TAMPINES. I thought it was the one connected at CityLink. That's the Esplanade. Jo and Jingyun almost laughed themselves into their graves when I asked them about it.

-.- What? This is not the first time I show my wonderful sense of direction...

The gathering was fun yesterday. Though it felt more like a Fishes' gathering. We were there since 6.30pm, minimum time was spent interacting with the rest. Mostly, we were making fun of Jingyun's lack of common sense and YX's fats...

I fell asleep in the middle, right there on the floor. And no one woke me up. -.- Hope I didn't snore. LOL Was a pretty good nap though, windy and all that...

Am now stoning waiting for my parents to get home. Am not looking towards the party at all. Awkward conversations with people, asking me about the economy simply because I study business. T_T

Monday, December 20

I am bored. There's nothing for me to do. Crap...

I should be researching for my IEF soon. Not now, but soon. -.-

I want my new glasses soon, this current pair is fogging up like there's no tomorrow.

Thursday, December 16

Realize I haven't posted in a while. Taken this off LJ, there was an orginal list...but ya, more was added to this one. I have done couple or many of these things. So, I AM a girl despite what have been said about me....


My god...the list is long. Gave up on editing it....Read it, it's a good laugh.

Edit: Cut and paste in new window. Because I am stupid and do not how to link it.

Saturday, December 4

Thursday, December 2

My ITP is coming to an end tomorrow. I really need to get started on my report of 1500-2000 words soon. Maybe even right after this. Going off to that M'sia trip does not allow me to drag it on.

Yeah, need to go dig out my passport soon. And ready my stuff for packing. Just things to do...

A funny thing happened to me. People would think of it as embarrassing, but I thought it's pretty funny. On my way home on the train today, I fell asleep as usual. It's no a corner seat so my head was rolling all over the place.

Apparently, my head fell onto this girl's shoulder who was seating beside me. She tapped me on my shoulder and woke me up. Then, she whispered to me in chinese. "If you want to sleep next time, it's better for you to cross your legs. It's not elegant/nice to leave your legs open."


The word she used was "ya guan". This seems especially funny to me as she was this young female dressed in a simple top and pants. While I am the one quite formally done up with a white collared top and office skirt.

It would be quite understandable if she was this motherly lady in her thirties. LOL I actually got told off a few times before by motherly ladies. "You should not sit on the stairs when you are wearing your uniform. I can see EVERYTHING." Hahaha

However, this is a young woman this time round. I think she can only be a few years older than I am. Though it was rather difficult to gauge as she has this cute baby-face. LOL

Well, tomorrow is my last day of work, and I would be wearing pants. So, no chance of that happening again. LOL