Wednesday, September 26

random rubbish from my secondary school days

I found this piece of writing that I think was done in lower secondary. Never knew I was this passive aggressive. I think I must have written it to get some comments out of the teacher, or to get myself thrown out from enrichment. Posting it here for keepsake, since I am bound to lose the original piece of paper one of these days....


Great legs, flat stomach, big boobs and nice butt. This is obviously NOT the picture of me, I am a total lamer, and I rejoice in that. I don’t tell great jokes. I say the wrong things at the wrong time. I have no goals in my life, I eat weird food, dress funny. Basically a loser in every way. I do what the teachers want, even if I find it lame. I complain a lot, drink coke, hate myself.

To be a bimbo, great legs and all, I rather not. My writings make no sense. I write just because the teacher asks me to. I hate enrichment. Would do what I can to get out of it. Obviously, I did not succeed. Hate homework, try not to do them if I can. Hate school. Wasting my strength to write something that I don’t even understand. I’m going to repeat this line till the teacher asks me to stop. I want to go home, and sleep, eat, surf the net, read and just basically get out of school. Two minutes and decreasing. I seriously do not know why I’m doing this. Fine, I’m just going to stop here.