Friday, April 24

maybe next time...


Hong Kong 14May - 19 May
买东西吃东西! 买东西吃东西! 买东西吃东西! Hahahaha


Saturday, April 18

one minute - go!

Fallen into the Bejeweled Blitz craze. Not having that good a score for this round, still stuck in the 60K+.

I really don't know how the people in my group get above 100K+....People keep telling me it's by luck, heng-sway, but how come they always heng heng each round can get above 150K. Like XiaoHui, last round was 150,000 and this round, currently she's at the top again with 171000. While I am sway sway stuck at 60K+ LOL, I think it's just because I am not observant enough, I always notice those I can remove at the last two seconds.

And. WTF!!! %^*(%FR! Why is Bejewled lagging so badly on my netbook!? I must go to my PC to play. My PC is now my download centre...The netbook is supposed to be for fun.... >_>

Just finished my midnight, going to watch movie later with my sister at 9PM. Should I nap a while first? And I need to mug for my theory test later....

I need to go use my S$40 voucher too....before MAY14. Should I go thailand in MAY? Heard from my mother that the situation is rather bad in Thailand now...Rioting, which I won't know about seeing that I do not read the news. The most recent thing I know about from Thailand is that Italian man case which was forwarded by Angela...

Hai...I am so out of touch with the world. Ok, in touch with Korean music sense. But other than has been proven once and again, I am so shallow. Rambling now, but it amuses me that people are now into the Wonder Girls' Nobody craze now in Singapore. That was the hit song in Korea LAST YEAR. Hahahahaha, people are listening to it now : " addictive"


Super Junior - Sorry Sorry *fangirls*
Davichi - 8282
2PM - Again & Again (newly release like two days ago? And now it's on repeat mode on my winamp)

i should go sleep....clearly not in the right state of mind now....not that i really ever have a RIGHT state of mind.....