Friday, June 16

It is now 0208 on the 16th of June. I feel a headache coming on. Yet I can't sleep. Well, I myself am to blame for it. Being such a pig and sleeping from 6PM to 10PM just now. So now I am writing my Japan scholarship applications, I can practically feel my brain leaking out of my ears. Oh dear lord, I feel so shallow. I have no deep resounding reason for them to send me to Japan! What the heck! Photography, fashion, tourism. Yes Japan is the best in Asia. But you can't expect me to write that for everyone. Dots.

Well, okay about my life. I have a job. For two months. I quit. Signed up for basic driving theory test. Am rotting at home. Got my diploma at the graduation ceremony on Tuesday. Took less than 10 pics. Because the number of people milling around made my head spin. Stood in my corner and waited for JY to finish her pics. Went off to Jurong Point for lunch. Wah...So long since I chatted with her. Spent an whole afternoon doing just that. Cool. Came home. So continuing my cultivation of mushrooms. And attempting to write my application. Someone saves me!!

Still can't sleep. Think my writing in block letters seems to resemble that of my father's. Will transfer to my blog tomorrow. Since I have yet to post anything in a month. Not that I have anything to report. Oh yeah. I am now a blackhead. Dots. Blackhead. Hahaha, I am so lame. JY remarked that I have never has a head of black hair since secondary three. Gosh, that's like 2001. Five years...Well, I think I kinda like it. Gives a better contrast to my complexion. Now I know why I look like I have jaundice. It's my brown hair! Let's see how long would this last.

God. Let's hope I have a better go at my application tomorrow. It is now 0229 on the 16th June. Good night.

Tan Wei Wei Sandy